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Inspired by the Inuyasha Fall Special – "The Woman Who Loved Sesshoumaru".

Summary:  Sesshoumaru reflects on the circumstances of Sara's death.


She wept for me.

It is a human weakness, tears.  I should have been disgusted.  But those tears hadn't been weak, though neither were they strong.

Somehow, they touched me.  I needed to destroy the evil possessing her, and allow her peace in her last moments of life, even if she was human.  Even if this all occurred because of her own failings.

I can still feel the strength those tears gave me, although Toukijin lacked the ability to destroy the mononoke.  Instead it was Tetsusaiga.

Chichi-ue's fang, created to protect humans.

To me it lent its might, and for her it annihilated, allowing her life to be her own in death.  Before I could not hold the blade without a human arm, yet I could then wield it with my single hand.

And again, she wept as she faded into the afterlife, though her tears were those of joy.  She had no regrets in her life, and her deepest wish had been fulfilled.  She holds a memory of me.  I was the one to give her happiness.

Am I weakening?

Or have I become more powerful?

Chichi-ue, you were strongest when the need came to protect Inuyasha's mother.  Was it truly weakness, then, to love a human?

Are humans truly inferior?  Is Rin as disgusting as I believe humans to be?

The burns on my hand tell me no, though the way I live my life says otherwise.  What is the true answer?

It remains to be seen.  For now...

Feel free to continue playing your flute for me, in the afterlife.*


*:  Quoted from the Saiyaman fansub of Inuyasha Fall Special, Episodes 133-134 – "The Woman Who Loved Sesshoumaru".

Chichi-ue:  Father (respectful way of saying it. ^.^)

A/N:  I'm fairly certain some people will smack me because they don't think Sara was crying for Sesshoumaru—but I think she was!  After all, what made her cry was the fact that she'd brought him trouble.  She wasn't crying because she was possessed by ugly things, or that she was going to die (she'd already accepted that earlier).  Hence the "She wept for me"—because she was crying over what she did to him.  Make any sense?

Anyway.  -shrugs-  I loved watching this... Figured I should make a little one-shot of it.  Please tell me what you think.  ^_^