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Fate wants to know why The Lady is so interested in a certain young blond woman…
Buffy to end, Discworld to The Last Hero


It is said that the gods play games with the fates of men. But what games, and why, and the identities of the actual pawns, and what the game is, and what the rules are - who knows?
Best not to speculate.
Thunder rolled...
It rolled a six.

(Guards! Guards!)

Like Chess, only not…

"I still don't understand your interest in this place." Fate lamented from his position high in the tree; "There is very little magic, almost no game pieces worth playing with, and hardly any other gods to talk to." He looked down, "Then again, we've never decided if you are a god, have we."

The Lady smiled, her emerald eyes fixed on the battle that was taking place below. Her eyes weren't emerald in the normal sense of the word: her eyes where completely emerald-green, to the point where they almost glowed in the darkness. She snapped her fingers, and the branch Fate was sitting on snapped.

Fate hardly had time to register the fact when he hit the ground, or to be exact, a vampire, who hit the ground.

The vampire was, understandably, rather put out by this, as he was about to rip the Slayers head off and play basketball with it. It stood up, intent on inflicting some serious harm on whomever had been sitting on the branch, but instead found himself looking at the wooden stake sticking out of his chest.

He turned into a rather surprised looking pile of dust, and landed on Fate.

"Was that really necessary?" Fate asked, stopping time before the confused blond woman could ask who or what he was.

The Lady pushed off from the branch and floated to the ground, "What you see as lack of interest, I see as a challenge: anyone could play games with the likes of Rincewind or Cohen the Barbarian, but to play and win on this world takes skill." She walked around the blond woman, "This is one of my better pieces from this world: smart, resourceful, brave." She looked at Fate, "All things you lack."

Fate span round, his finger pointing at her accusingly: "Ha! So you admit that Cohen the Barbarian was one of pieces!"

The Lady smiled again, "No, I merely said that anyone could play games with the likes of him. And I will have you know that I have won two very difficult games on this world: one against another god, and one against the first evil to enter this realm."

Fate shook his head, walking away, "I still don't understand you, and I doubt I ever will. Or, that I ever want to. So what else are we going to do here?"

The Lady followed after him, restarting time, "I've always wanted to try something called 'Rollerblading'…"

The End