In a dark corridor an elevator rose into sight. The passenger approached the faint light coming from a room down the dimly lit hall. He entered and was greeted by a shadowy figure that looked imposing and evil. This figure stared at the passenger with beady red eyes that seemed to glow.

"Is this all of them?" the shadow asked in a nasally French voice.

"Yes, it is all of them. All six hundred and twenty five." The Russian voiced passenger replied.

A small machine, looking like a futuristic gumball machine and functioning the same way, was placed before the Frenchman.

The French voice was revealed to be a small white hamster-like creature wearing a red cape. His cape was held on by a chest piece with a bright yellow "H". Almost like a superhero. The funniest trait of this character was the fact his imposing stature was due to sitting on a stack of phone books.

"Now will I receive payment for experiments?" the Russian man asked, showing himself to be a huge purple alien with four eyes, two on either side of his head. He wore a white lab coat, as all mad scientists do and had three strands of hair protruding from his head. This was the result of Experiment 177 and its flaw in the calculations that created the creature.

The small hamster looked at the purple alien with his beady red eyes.

"I did not promise you any payment! I promised that you would be allowed to keep your job!" the hamster said evilly.

"But you said if I make Experiments, you would pay me for creations. I thought we were partners." The Russian voiced alien said.

"We are no longer partners! Your services are no longer needed you empty- headed idiot scientist!" the hamster replied.

This angered the Russian alien and he grabbed the machine and stormed off.

"I PERFER TO BE CALLED EVIL GENIUS, YOU LOUSY RODENT!" he yelled from down the corridor.

The hamster ran out the door and yelled back down the hallway.

"You will not walk out on me you purple-fat blob! Give me back my Experiments or you will pay!"

"I am afraid that you will be the one who will be paying, Hamster-wheel!" the Russian alien yelled.

"IT'S HAMSTERVIEL!" the hamster yelled. He regained his composure and continued.

"What will you do Jumba? Unleash your experiments on me! HA!"
Hamsterviel replied with a snort.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I will!" Jumba said angered.

He stormed off further down the hall.

'The best experiment you have can only make sandwiches! How is that going to stop me you pathetic pea-brain scientist!" Hamsterviel asked sarcastically.

"You will see, my furry friend!" Jumba said before he disappeared back down the elevator.

Hamsterviel was left alone to think, standing in the hall.

And thus begins our story.....

Jumba was back in his lab, toiling away. He had to take out Hamsterviel, or else he would take all the credit for the hard work. Jumba couldn't let that little freak take his spotlight. These Experiments were his prized creations and he wasn't about to relinquish credit to no one.

He stood there assessing his arsenal of Experiments.

There was Experiment 002, the living lighting bolt,

Experiment 025, the hair eater that was supposed to eat fuel,

Experiment 620, the time traveler, very destructive,

And finally, the highest Experiment was 625. His abilities included bulletproof skin and bones due to metal fibers, and various other traits for the perfect war machine. It even had an advanced language program so as to talk fluently in any language as if it were second nature.

Unfortunately this Experiment was lazy and good for nothing. Instead of wanting to fight, it wanted to sleep. And its only real talent was making sandwiches.

Sure it was a hit at all the company picnics and scientist conventions, but a laughing stock on the battlefield, if only to feed other fighters.

Jumba had to take all the things that made 625 a war machine, and create something that would actually use these abilities for their intended purpose.

Hamsterviel would never expect it. A totally new Experiment he never seen before, come marching into his lair and destroying everything in its path. Taking out Hamsterviel's operations and hindering his ability to screw Jumba out of a paycheck and take all the credit.

It was the perfect surprise attack.

To top it all off, he could use this Experiment to take the DNA that Hamsterviel has in his lab. This would allow Jumba to steal credit for Hamsterviel's work and make him a laughingstock among the scientific community, even though he was already due to his appearance.

This would work out perfectly.