626 stood up and took in its surroundings. It looked at its "father" and smiled again.

Jumba smiled back and held up a red suit. This suit was skin-tight and forced the experiment to work twice as hard to move its limbs. This is what built its strength, was fighting against the suit.

Jumba zipped the rubber jumper around 626, and it instantly began to move its limbs effortlessly. Even against the suits construction, it could move perfectly.

Pressing a button, Jumba caught 626's attention when a door opened. This led to the testing area where Jumba was to see if everything was perfect. 626 walked slowly into the room, analyzing its new surroundings. In front of it was a table with four laser pistols. 626 instantly knew to pick them up and equipped them like a professional. It took aim and began shooting targets before Jumba could even give the command.

"626 defies all expectations! He is remarkable in his ability to instantly use any object put in front of him." Jumba recorded into the computer.

After decimating all targets in the area, it was time to move to strength test. In front of 626 were two huge space cruisers, one on either end of a plank of wood.

"626," Jumba called through a speaker, "you can lift 3000 times your size. See if you can.."

Before Jumba could finish, 626 already had the cruisers over his head. He stood there, all 4 arms buckling but not giving. In an act of arrogance it began bench-pressing the two ships. Jumba scolded 626, citing that its behavior could get it into trouble.

"Let's move on to intelligence room, shall we?" Jumba said as the next door opened. 626 was already on top of the computer, taking it apart and placing the pieces all over the floor.

"626! You were supposed to program it!" Jumba shouted through the speakers.

626's ears drooped as it picked up the pieces. In a few minuets the computer was back together and functioning. Jumba laughed at this remarkable ability and watched as 626 tipped the computer over after seeing the Windows logo.

"He can even identify abnormalities in programming! He is smarter than I imagined!" Jumba said, praising his little creation.

Next came a "Simon" type game where 626 had to follow the patterns of flashing lights. When they began flashing, 626 flinched at the pain in his eyes. After a few minuets of adjusting, it was able to look at the lights.

"626 can even adjust photosensitive lenses in eyes? I didn't intend that!" Jumba said to himself. He was getting worried. Not only was it exceeding all expectations but it exhibited abilities that Jumba didn't even program. Almost as if the student had surpassed the teacher.

After making the game go so fast it finally exploded, Jumba decided it was time to put 626 in his pen while he analyzed it some more.

He made this as something to surprise Hamsterviel, but it began to surprise even himself as well.