Title: Fighting the Abyss

Author: Vix

Contact: Vix_Chic@hotamil.com

Category: S/R Slash

Rating: PG13

Summary: What's worth fighting for?

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Author's Notes: This is just a rough draft...I think. I might redo it and go more in-depth because it's so short and choppy, please tell me what you think.

Death. It was always an interesting concept to me, because I feared for so long it would come. During the terror Lord Voldermort everyone feared such...but I feared it even after....

My death would bring about the end of my world. It would destroy what I love the most.

When I made the pact I never thought about this. Only after the damage was done did I evaluate all the scenarios that could kill my life. My love. My werewolf.

Werewolf's mate for life.

Remus and I were young, but still the feelings reside deep in my soul. We were in love, we are in love, we are love.

Here I rot in this cell and still I feel him. He's in such pain because everyday a little bit of me dies, and as I die so does he. Death is the oblivion that some in here would beg for. To be at peace. I would never feel peace, for if I die then I commit the greatest sin in my eyes. I would kill the most amazing thing that has ever graced the earth.

But....if I died then so would he, which would end his slow suffering that he's currently being forced to endure. Every time I weaken he can feel it. Every time I give in a little more to the awaiting abyss.

Stubborn as I am I will never go quietly. I will never give up. Not matter how much I want it to stop I won't let it. For if I die....so does my world, and that is too precious to lose without a fight.

I will fight the abyss and win. Because if I don't.....I will fight. I will win.