Is That You? By: OtakuSailorV

It was late by the time Genki got off the bus to look at his grandpa's farm. He had all his 'Monster Rancher' things packed up in his backpack, even though he knew that his grandfather didn't have a TV to set the games up on. He just couldn't help it. He had grown accustomed to traveling with his friends so much that he had come to take the games & console with him everywhere. Always hoping that he would get lucky & find the portal again. but he never had.
Now he stood, looking down the street at the lighted porch of his grandpa's farm. Sighing, he trudged over & knocked on the door.
He put on a fake smile for his grandfather, & even started to feel better. But it just wasn't the same. Nothing was the same anymore. What would Holly think of him now? She had told him to be strong & not to cry for them. Any of them. They were all gone. . .they had become the Phoenix & saved everyone from Moo. But. . .he still wished they had not gone at all. He tried to be strong, but it was hard. And the worst part about it was. . .he couldn't tell anyone. They would think he was crazy.

~ The Next Day ~

"Genki! Genki!" His grandfather called. Genki was already awake. He had been awake for a few hours already, even before his early rising grandfather. He had come to wake this way all the time now, ever since he had returned. He would wake up, & fully woke up, no yawning, no stretching, just opened his eyes & stared at the ceiling until it was time to go.
"Genki! Could you go to the store for me? We're out of bread!" Genki slipped from the bed, still in his clothes; he hadn't bothered to take them off the night before. Then walked down the stairs & smiled at his grandpa. "Ok. I'll be back soon." His grandfather handed him some money & directions before he was out the door. "You don't have to worry about anything here Genki. This is a nice little country town." It was a famous line that his grandfather always used. He had never liked the city. It was too full of 'hoodlums' for the old man. "They don't even say howdy do in that city of yours. No one knows no body else & no one cares." Genki had to agree sometimes with his grandfather, but the city wasn't THAT bad. At least he had TV in the city.

~ In The Town ~

Genki passed by several different stores before he found the one that read 'Grocer'. He walked in & picked out a fresh loaf of bread, then headed for the cash register. The cashier was a teenaged girl with black hair & green eyes, she was talking to a boy that was about her age with dyed blond hair & gray eyes. ". . .so the guys went over to the old forest last night, and you know what happened?" The cashier was paying no attention to Genki, but then again, Genki wasn't paying any attention to her either. "What happened?" The girl urged, Genki nodded his head in unison. The boy smirked. "Well, you know how they say Miss Oukami keeps monsters on her property to eat kids?" He asked. The girl sat back suddenly, her eyes lost the interested sparkle. "That's just a story the grown ups made up so we wouldn't play in those woods when we were little." She said. The boy shook his head & leaned closer. "No way. They sneaked right up to her house & saw her petting something that couldn't have been any animal from this world. I tell you it's true." The girl seemed to suddenly notice Genki & rang him up. "Sorry kid. You should have said something." She said, not looking at him. Genki only nodded & added a 'thank you' before he left.

~ On The Road Back To Genki's Grandfather's House ~

'What had been Holly's last name?' He couldn't remember her having one. But a monster? A Monster? A REAL Monster was here? In HIS world? And some woman was with it? He had to find out about her! If it was Holly. . .
Hope gleamed in him for the first time in months & true happiness filled every limb. He let out a whoop of joy as he ran the happiness down the street. "Holly. . ." He whispered as he approached his Grandfather's house. "Suezo. . .Hare. . .Mochi. . .Golem. . .Tiger. . .Pixie. . ." He breathed all their names to himself, remembering each one in turn with happiness. 'Will I really see them again?'


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