Genki's eyes jolted open and he sat up immediately, looking around wildly for any sign of danger or his friends. There was none. He was back in his room that he had occupied at his grandfather's house in the country.

Some little hope within him, something, whatever it was, shriveled up in that moment and cried out with loss.

He got hurriedly to his feet and bolted out of the room, ignoring the fatigue that pulled at him and the weakness in his muscles. He dashed around, looking for a TV hurriedly. Surely, if everything had really happened, they would have it on the News.

He stopped as he realized that his grandfather didn't have a TV. He didn't have hardly anything electric in his house at all! The closest thing to a TV was the toaster, and Genki highly doubted it picked up even the regular stations.

Feverishly, he looked for the next best thing, a Newspaper. His grandfather always left it on the kitchen table in plain sight, but where was it now? Genki pushed papers and plates aside swiftly, but found nothing.

Frustrated, he headed back up to his room, dazedly trying to sort out his thoughts. Maybe. . .maybe it had all been a dream, maybe this was a dream. . .

As he reached the room, he flopped down on the bed; he panted for air, letting his tired muscles get their well-deserved rest as he thought it all over again. But he couldn't figure out what was happening. This wasn't a dream, this was a nightmare.

Where was everyone? Picking his head up, he looked out the window, but he saw nothing. Opening it, he cast his head from side to side, surveying the land, but there was no sign of anyone. Not one light was on in the town, so he guessed it must still be early in the day.

Where had they gone? Had his friends gone back tot heir world already? And what of the other Monsters that had been trapped inside of the discs and cut down in the fight?

His thoughts flickered to Hikari and her Agency for a minute, but only to wonder what had happened with them as well. They had not shown up during the fight with Moo, as he thought they would, and he couldn't figure out yet why he was alone again.

Suezo, Mocchi, Hare, Golem, Pixie, Tiger. . .Holly. . .Genki's face fell, he felt like crying. Where had they all gone? It couldn't have been a dream, it just couldn't have. . .

Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he heard a phone ring. He hadn't known his grandfather owned a phone. . .

His grandfather answered, wheezing and taking his time about it. Where had the old man been while he had been looking for the paper? Genki managed to get up and was on his feet when he heard his grandfather walk to the steps and call out for him.

"Genki? Eh, Genki you up?" He paused for a split second before carrying on. "There's a girl on the phone for you, she says her name is 'Holly'."

Well, it's finished. At long last this story is done. I'd like to say here that I know this ending isn't satisfactory to some of you, probably, but this is the wayI work.I like to leave things to the imagination, I'm so weird that way. . .

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