Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men: Evolution and I probably never will...*sniffle* ...Basically, this is a little parody/humor of the stereotypical stories on ff.net... each chapter will be a spoofing about a different kind of typical thing you see in different focus (for example, a Rietro, Kietro, Romy, Mary Sue, etceteras). Keep in mind, this is a parody/humor, and I know I'm supposed to be working on my other story, but... this just came to me.

       Stereotypes of FF.net

       Chapter 1- The Typical Romy

As with every Romy, it begins with Rogue wallowing in her self-pity, self-loathing, angst, and other big words.

Rogue (angstily): I'm angst-filled. I can't touch. I'm the adopted daughter of my worst enemy, who betrayed me, then I killed her, then Kurt got mad at me because she's actually his biological mother, because he was adopted too. I'm a Goth, and therefore not accepted in society. Grr.

Kitty comforts her, because in all Romys, Kitty is Rogues best friend, as hinted in the series.

Kitty (perkily): I like, like you for like, no apparent like, reason, like, and my like, valley girl accent is like, so, like, annoying, like.

Rogue (angstily): Though our personalities clash, I like you more than anyone else. Grr. I'm still angsty though.

They hug.

Jean (bitchily): I'm a perfect preppy evil bitch, and even though I've never done or said anything mean to you, we are arch nemesis.'

Jean is tortured viciously and killed.

In some strange way that doesn't make sense, Rogue encounters Gambit, a sexy Cajun.

Rogue (sadly): Don't love me because I'm angst-filled. I could never sexually please you. I don't care how alone I feel.

Remy (persistently): Though I barely know you, I love you anyway. Even though I'm womanizing pervert, and base my life among what you can't provide, we belong together.

Then, they spend the rest of their lives kissing through material.


Rogue, by some mad up and _way_ too thought through idea, usually by the assistance of Remy, can touch.

Rogue (giddily): YAY! I can touch!

Remy (giddily): YAY! She can touch!

Then, as they make out, something having nothing to do with the story tears them apart.

Rogue (despairingly): NO! My life is pointless! I'm angsty again.

Remy (pissed): Oh no! The Thieves Guild has somehow caused my relationship to fail!

After many tragic things and near death experiences, they are together again.

Both (happily): YAY!

They then solve all of each other's family problems.

Mystique (nicely): Yay! I'm alive again! I don't want to ruin your now-perfect life, so I'm sorry I was a crappy mom.

Rogue (forgivingly): It's okay!

Mystique and Rogue hug.

Kurt and Mystique hug.

Kurt (forgivingly): I forgive you for killing my mom, because she's alive again!

Rogue and Kurt hug.

Jean Luc (Cajuny): Remy, I'm sorry I used you for your powers in the same exact way Mystique did to Rogue.

Remy (Cajuny): It's okay, Dad.

Remy and his Dad hug.

Rogue and Remy hug.

Rogue: Our lives our perfect now!

Remy: Yes! And I have a sexy accent!

Kitty: I'm, like, so, like, happy for you, like Rogue!

Rogue and Kitty hug.

Reader: This was annoying.

Dragonfire99: I know. Kitty? Rogue? You can stop hugging now.

Rogue (blushing): Oh, uh, sorry.

Kitty (trying to escape uncomortable situation): Uh, I, like, think Lance is like, calling!

Remy (charmingly): I love you.

Rogue (happily): I love you.

They kiss passionately.                                

                           ~And they (Rogue and Remy) live happily ever after~

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