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Author's Note: Yayness (stolen from Storm-Pietro XD)! To celebrate 200 reviews for this parody (sets off firecracker of some sort) I'll do...A MARY-SUE! *Collective groan.* (Collective groan stolen from Ishandahalf). Why is this so special? Because it has the most reviews of any other parody on the site (yes I have nothing better to do than check and make sure that's a fact)!!! So here it is, the typical Mary-Sue. (For a complete collection, read Cheesy Monkey's story, 'Evil Mary Sue Spawn.') More promoting! XD

Stereotypes of FF.Net

Chapter 10- The Typical Mary Sue

The typical Mary Sue begins with (why do all my stories start out like this) (that line stolen from Cheesy Monkey) an "original character" entering into the X-Men: Evolution universe. (The idea of stealing instead of borrowing also stolen from Cheesy.)

This "Original Character" also known as an OC, is enrolled in Xaviers school for the gifted.

Dragonfire99: "Gifted." Tee hee. It sounds like-

Reader: Tee hee! Yea.

Mary Sue Writer: Now I shall describe them down to the last detail, from the exact color of their eyes to the color they painted their nails!

This OC is of course, beautiful, because the writer is attempting to recreate themselves. The OC is also very talented and smart. They possess the greatest power of any of the other X-men.

X-Men: We marvel at your superiority.

Dragonfire99: Tee hee. Marvel.

Reader: Dragonfire99, that is your worst pun yet. *Muttering.* Marvel...

Unfortunately, the OC has a horrific past, where *it* was abused, mistreated, neglected, bullied, molested, raped, or treated like crap by people when *it* discovered *it's* powers.

The amazing OC quickly makes friends with/falls in love with the writers favorite character.

Mary Sue Writer: Well, I'll make my "character" best friends with Rogue because Rogue is my favorite character!

OC: Hello Rogue I am a goth just like you why don't we be friends?

Rogue: Since I obviously have nothing better to do than hang out with you, sure!

Kitty: Hey, I thought I was- *dissappears.*

Rogue: Where did she go?

OC: Erm...she slipped through the ground...and straight to hell mwa ha ha ha!

Rogue: O_o

OC: *blink* I mean, she must have been late to meet Lance...or perhaps HER DEMISE!!! *Cackle.*

Rogue: ...riiiiiight.

Well anyway, then Rogue and OC have a good old time palling around, when suddenly...

Remy: Hey chere.

Pyro: Hey sexy OC.

Mary Sue Writer: Tee hee, since Romy is my favorite couple, I'll put that in, and since St. John is the second hottest guy on the show, I must make him friends with Remy, so we-*they*- can double date.


Reader: Are you delivering subliminal messages?!?!?


...Anyway, then, creative *things* these Mary Sue writers are, they put in a plot twist.

Plot: *twisted* OWWW!!!

OC: *Sigh.* Rogue is so unhappy with her life. She can't touch AND she is an antisocial goth.

Goth Girl Reader *coughpossesedrogueycough*: I'm not antisocial!!!

OC: I must repair her life!

The ingenious OC decides to give Rogue a makeover and get her out of her goth lifestyle.

OC: C'mon Rogue! Change into this! It will make you feel pretty! *Holds up pink dress.*

Rogue slipped on the pink dress.

Rogue: Ah hate mah life.

The magic of the dress fixes her traumas and power-control problems.

Rogue: *smiling freakishly* Ah'm so HAPPY!

Dragonfire99: Happy? As in gay? Tee hee!

Reader: Just when I thought you couldn't get any more immature.

Anyway, then all is well, and the Evil Mary Sue is over.

But everything works out in the end. :D

FrickinEvilPoptart *out of nowhere*: Go Duncan! Go stereotypical jerky bigot jocks-turned-construction workers who still wear their letterman jackets even after graduating to relive the 'glory days'! (I LOVE that!)


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