Just Another Day

Summary: Jackie and Hyde try to improve their relationship, but it starts to struggle instead, especially when Kelso sees his chance to finally get Jackie back. Takes place in the summer between season 5 & 6, before the whole 'Brooke' thing. J/H, J/K, E/D.

Disclaimer: Alas, I do not own a single thing.

Chapter One

I Choose You

The summer had been going by so slowly and Jackie was not known for her patience.

She glanced at Donna, who was silently sleeping on her own beach chair, poolside.

"Here's your sundae, Jackie." The boy said from behind the counter that Jackie had rested her hands on.

"Thanks." She grabbed the fudge sundae and licked it furiously, dying underneath the heat. Usually, she wouldn't eat so hungrily in public, but today, one of the hottest days in Point Place history, that ice cream was too tempting.

"Um," The boy started and Jackie pulled the cone away from her tongue slowly, eyeing him. "So, we're going to be seniors."

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Jackie smiled, realizing how rude she had sounded. She took another delicious lick and watched the boy squirm, taking off the white apron he had on and leaning against the counter of the snack shack at the Point Place Pool.

"Dan Thompson. We go to the same school." He watched Jackie immensely, something she was quite used to from the opposite sex and she sighed, not really in the mood to smile, let alone flirt.

It's not like Dan wasn't cute. For a high school boy, he was. But Jackie was done with boys. Well, all boys except for one.

"Oh, Dan, sorry, I barely recognized you." Jackie forced a smile, flipping her brown curls back with her free hand. "You've um, grown up so much!." The truth was Jackie barely knew anyone in her own grade. Ever since she had first laid eyes upon Micheal Kelso, the basement gang had become her friends. Real friends. Not like her fellow cheerleaders. Now, high school kids just seemed immature for her. Which is kind of funny, because Kelso and the gang are as immature as you can get. Except for Donna, of course. "I'm so sorry, but my friend, Donna, is waiting for me." Jackie looked back at Donna, who was now blinking awake and yawning underneath the sunlight.

Jackie smiled quickly at the boy and exited nervously, walking up to Donna, taking another lick of her cone.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Long enough for Dan Thompson to hit on me." Jackie smiled as she sat down on her own beach chair, sifting through her bag for some more sun tan lotion. Her tan had been coming in pretty strong, considering she had such fair skin, and the last thing she wanted was some red burns that Kelso could 'burn' her for.

Donna stretched her arms in front of her. "Give me that when you're done."

Jackie lathered some of the lotion onto her skin with her free hand, finishing up her ice cream with the other, then threw the bottle to Donna, who lathered as well.
"So, where's Eric?" Jackie asked as she leaned back onto her chair.

"Where he always is. The basement, with the other losers." Donna laughed.

Jackie stifled a laugh as well. As much as she hated to admit it, she had missed the basement. She hadn't dare step foot in there since she told Kelso and Hyde she chose herself. But she knew she would have to go back soon, and why not now? She knew who she wanted, she knew all along, that he was the only one for her. She smiled at the light bulb in her head and jumped up, Donna staring at her amusingly.

"Why don't we go hang with the guys?" Jackie smiled, quickly shoving her towel into her beach bag.

"What about working on our tans?" Donna laughed, doing the same.

"Donna," Jackie rolled her eyes, "I don't think it's possible for us to get any darker."

"True." Donna stood up quickly, grabbing her bag. "I'm game if you are."

"Let's go. I can't wait any longer." Jackie ran ahead of Donna, who ran to keep up.

"Wait for what Jackie?" Donna screamed after her as she heard the pool gates slam behind her.


"I love Charlie's Angels." Fez announced, sucking down on an orange popsicle.

"Me too, buddy, me too." Kelso exclaimed softly, patting Fez on the back as he slid down on the old couch next to him.

"Why is the sound off, guys?" Eric asked as he came from down the stairs, then quickly stopped, gazing at the tv screen.

"They're running." Fez giggled like a little girl.

"Yeah, man. No sound necessary." Kelso squealed as Eric sat down on the couch as well.

"I wish I could work for Charlie and be a hot chick." Fez added.

"We all wish that you could be a hot chick, Fez." Kelso laughed.

The three boys turned at the sound of the side door opening, watching the two girls, who hadn't been over the whole summer, emerge, bikini clad and darker skinned then before. Donna quickly went to Eric's side, squeezing in between him and Kelso, all smiles.

Jackie stood frozen for a few seconds, then dropped her bag on the floor, sitting down in the lawn chair, glaring at her nails.

"Where have you two been?" Kelso asked goofily as he got up to grab himself a popsicle.

"Pool." Donna smiled as she kissed Eric passionately. She hadn't seem him in a few days, and for them, that was a long time.

"Jackie." Kelso looked at his ex, who was furiously glaring at her manicure. "Can we talk?"

"Where's Steven?" Jackie's head popped up to see Kelso wince. She felt a tiny pang in her heart at his tortured eyes and looked back at her nails quickly.

"Hyde is at work, duh." Eric said, trying to break the tension.

"Oh, I forgot." Jackie stood up again. "I have to go, um, wash my hair."

"Can I come?" Fez laughed and Jackie rolled her eyes, waving goodbye to everyone and hauling ass out of the basement.

"Why is Jackie avoiding me?" Kelso whined.

"Obviously she is not choosing you, fool." Fez pointed out. "She wants Hyde."

Kelso's face became all serious, something they rarely saw, and his eyes landed towards the floor where Jackie's beach bag stood. He grabbed the bag and ran out the basement, in pursuit of Jackie.

"So Jackie chose Hyde?" Eric asked Donna, who simply shrugged.

"If she did, it's news to me. She hasn't mentioned Hyde or Kelso all summer." Donna kissed Eric again, making up for lost time.

"How many times do I need to beg you to stop doing that in front of me? It gives me needs, remember?" Fez asked, storming upstairs so he could get himself a drink.

Eric and Donna laughed, continuing to make out in peace.


"Jackie!" Kelso panted as he raced towards her in the middle of the Forman's driveway.

"What is it, Kelso?" Jackie screeched and he stopped to look at her, which only made her guilt feel worse.

"You forgot your bag." He passed it over to her and with hesitation, she grabbed it. "You called me Kelso."

"I know." Jackie couldn't bare to look him in the eye. Even though he wasn't her number one choice, she still loved him.

"So, you're choosing Hyde." Kelso finally let these words sink in.

Jackie nodded, tearing as she looked at him, clutching her bag to her chest.

"Jackie," Kelso placed his hand on her shoulder. "I'm not mad. We're still friends, right?"

Jackie blinked widely, surprised at how much Michael had grown.

"Always." Jackie smiled and hugged him quickly.

"Need a ride to the hotel?" Kelso asked her as he pulled away with reluctance.

"Sure." She smiled again, following him towards his van.


"Hyde, I know why you've been clocking in so many hours lately." Roy stated as he wiped down one of the tables in the hotel's restaurant.

"Because I need the money." Hyde said as he wiped down another, watching the only customers leave. It had been a slow day, especially now during the lunch hour, because most visitors to Point Place realized there were better eateries in town then this dump.

"Well, no." Roy said quickly. "Because you're avoiding Jackie."

"Roy, you don't know how off base you are." Hyde scowled, pushing his trademark sunglasses onto the bridge of his nose now that the customers had filed out. He threw his dishrag into his back jeans pocket and went towards the exit. "I'm taking my break."

Hyde had been avoiding Jackie. Her choice. Because he knew he wouldn't be it. Hyde and Jackie don't make sense. Kelso and Jackie, now, there's a pair. What was the point of lining himself up for rejection? He leaned against the brick wall of the building, basking in the nice Wisconsin sun they rarely get until he spotted Kelso's van.

"Oh, he's actually coming to work today?" Hyde thought until he spotted a tiny brunette in the passenger seat. Oh. He sulked, thankful that his sunglasses would hide his pain, which he knew was utterly visible in his eyes.

"Hey buddy." Kelso said as he slammed the door of the driver's seat behind him, nodding his head towards Hyde as he sidestepped him and went on inside, in search of Roy.

Hyde stayed silent; watching her as she reluctantly opened her door and stepped out, in nothing but a bikini top and denim shorts. Did she know that she was irrestible to him? Was she trying to make him go crazy?

"Hi Steven." She walked up to him slowly and he nodded in her direction, but looked past her.

She reached her hand up, cautiously taking his glasses off and folding them, letting her hand drop.

He waited for the rejection. He sighed, crossing his arms fiercely.

"I have a lot to say, so I'm just going to say it." Jackie blurted quickly, searching him for a response, sighing when he just stared at her. "I spent the whole summer thinking about which one of you I want to be with. Micheal was my first love, my first everything and I care a lot about him."

"Why are you sugarcoating this for me? I get it, ok?" Hyde said bluntly, turning around to reenter the hotel, when he felt Jackie grab his arm.

Her wrist felt like it was going to collapse at his touch, but instead she held him tighter, causing him to completely face her.

"Let me finish." She smiled. "I care for Michael, but he's not the one I love, not like that." She let out a smile and watched his eyes soften. "I love you, Steven. I choose you."