Just Another Day

Summary: Jackie and Hyde try to improve their relationship, but it starts to struggle instead, especially when Kelso sees his chance to finally get Jackie back. Takes place in the summer between season 5 & 6, before the whole 'Brooke' thing. J/H, J/K, E/D.

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Chapter Eight

True Love

Jackie quickly let go of Kelso, biting her lip furiously as she looked at Hyde, who kicked the ground stubbornly with his foot.

"I was just about to leave." Kelso said sheepishly, walking past Hyde in the doorway to Jackie's bedroom.

"We'll talk later." Was all that Hyde could say before looking back at Jackie, who fell back on her bed, exasperated. "So this is why you weren't picking up the phone earlier."

Kelso paused by the staircase, quietly eavesdropping on the couple.

Jackie blinked up at Hyde, folding her legs closely to her chest and sighing. "No. I was asleep, Fez called. Just like I said before."

"You expect me to believe that, Jackie?" Hyde asked crossly, sitting next to her on the bed. "Was Kelso here when I called?"

Jackie nodded. "He came a few minutes after you left."

"Why? Why was he here?" Hyde felt his fists close tightly and geared his gaze straight ahead so Jackie wouldn't see the pain in his eyes.

"He came to tell me he still had feelings for me." She paused, "But, we talked it through and he realized that he doesn't have feelings for me, he's just lonely. I mean, I don't think he ever really took in the fact that I chose you." She placed her hand on Hyde's, scared slightly by how hard his fist was pulsating.

"So, nothing's going on with you two?" Hyde asked wearily.

"Steven, I chose *you*. I love *you*." Jackie said for the millionth time. "Why don't you tell me why you doubt that so much?"

"I don't know Jackie." Hyde muttered. "Maybe because, you could do so much better then me."

"How could you say that?" Jackie said, nudging him. "I can't imagine anything better. So what if we have issues? Imagine how boring this would be if we made sense, Steven! Sometimes love just doesn't make sense!" She stood up in her tirade, starting to scream at him.

Kelso sighed, fleeting down the stairs, not wanting to hear anymore.

"You know what?" Hyde said standing up, intimidating Jackie slightly as he hugged her. "I can't believe this, but you're right."

Jackie almost collapsed as Hyde swooped her up and kissed her.

She basically just avoided a big disaster.

Getting caught with Kelso - in her bedroom of all places, was horrible for Hyde.

"Steven, wait," Jackie said with a smile. She wanted to come clean about a lot of things. Starting with why the heat wasn't on. . .

"No, you wait, right here." Hyde said with a charming smile, as he placed her down on the bed. He ran after Kelso, who was just reaching his van. "Kelso!"

Kelso froze, preparing himself for pain, but Hyde just smiled and gave Kelso a huge man hug.

"Listen, I'm really sorry. I over reacted."

"Um, Hyde?" Kelso asked with surprise.

"All this drama with us - it's so played out. Jackie told me what happened and I forgive you. This whole time I felt like Jackie was better off with someone else, pitying myself man, but you - she rejected you, and I didn't even think about how that must have made you feel." Hyde smiled wide at Kelso who just nodded in understanding.

"It's cool." Kelso said with a grin. "We're still best buds, right?"

"Always. No girl can come between us, man."

Kelso looked up at Jackie's house, seeing the silhouette of her body in the window. She was smiling at him.

"I got to get to work." Kelso said with a laugh. "I'll see you later?"

Hyde nodded, before running back into the house.

Kelso waved bye to Jackie, who retreated from her window, and headed off to work, with a feeling of happiness in his gut, for the first time.

He finally realized that whatever makes Jackie happy, makes him happy.

And if Hyde makes Jackie happy; then so be it.


"Now, Jackie," Hyde said as she scooped her back up from her bed.

"Wait, put me down." Jackie said firmly and Hyde did so, looking at her with slight disarray. "I have a lot to say, so, listen."

Hyde nodded, watching her intently.

"I have problems."

Hyde let out a laugh, but quickly ceased as Jackie glared at him.

"The reason the heat wasn't on, is because I didn't know how. Michael turned it on though. Also, my bank account is running out. My dad's in jail. I don't know where the hell my mom is and my boyfriend, the only person who I really need right now, is never emotionally there for me. Now, Steven, I know it's hard for you share your feelings and it's hard for me too. But, if I don't let all this out, I think I might kill myself." Jackie finally took a breath.

"Jackie," Hyde pursed his lips, taking this all in. "On the way here, I did a lot of thinking. And I was about to tell you something, before I saw Kelso. So, here it is." He waited as Jackie sighed, feeling a huge weight being placed back onto her shoulders.

This was it. She knew he was breaking up with her.

Who wants to go out with a total drama queen who won't put out?

"I'm moving in with you."

Jackie looked up at him, wide eyed. "Excuse me?"

"I know you want to be to strong and tough because you think that's what I expect from you, but it's not. Jackie, you've been through hell this year. And yeah, it is hard for me to share my feelings. But I can show them. I mean, remember when I shaved my beard off?"

Jackie nodded, feeling a rush of blood go straight to her eyes and tears falling from them, freely.

He wiped the tears from her cheek and hugged her tightly. "I make enough money at work to take care of both of us and I'm 18 now, the Forman's won't let me take up the basement forever."

"But," Jackie said with a whimper. "You won't get sick of me?"

"Of course I will." Hyde said with a laugh. "You need me, Jackie. And, well, I need you."

"Oh, Steven!" Jackie wrapped her arms around him quickly, throwing his body against the bed. "We can pretend like we're married! We can even sleep in my parent's bed!"

"Oh, god." Hyde muttered, even though he was thoroughly happy to see the old Jackie back for a change. "Wait, they have a water bed, don't they?"

Jackie nodded, flashing one of those seductive smiles that drove Hyde crazy.

He picked her up violently, and ran with her to her parent's bedroom.

She kissed him as their bodies fell on the squishy water bed and felt his hands reach the small of her back.

"Jackie," Hyde said, between kisses as she started to lift his shirt off.

"Hmm?" She purred dreamily.

"I love you."

Jackie let go of his shirt and stared at him, feeling her pulse and his melt into one, continuous beat.

She looked into his eyes, usually hidden by sunglasses, now blue and glassy and staring back into hers with such vulnerability and care and she knew, she knew he really meant it.

"I love you too, Steven Hyde."

They both laughed as they fumbled with the rest of their clothes.

And for the first time in weeks, they made the sweetest love Jackie had in a long time.

And when they were done, she drifted into sleep, as he rubbed her palms with the ball of his thumbs, nuzzling his chin into the back of her neck, comfortably.

And for the first time in weeks, Jackie felt happy and safe.

With her true love by her side.

*The End*