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AN: This is not the usual story of Prince Adam/He-Man. For once he is not the main character. This is a story about Teela and her relationship with her estranged mother. Adam will be of course in the story however lets just say he will be their without the power of Greyskull. So without furthur ado, here is my story.

Secret of the Zodakkians

Chapter 1

The 17 year old warrior, Teela sprinted hastily up the walkway inside Castle Greyskull. From a distance, she could see the angelic wings of a falcon perched upon a high point in they air, then as she came steadily closer, it took the silhouette of a woman. A woman Teela knew nothing of other than that she once gave her very blood to Teela to restore her health in a time of need. Teela also knew that she was they only one that could unravel the mystery of Teela's origin, they only one who could shed light upon the darkness that has haunted her dreams every night since she was a little girl. Her father (Man at Arms) was always there for her. He was her guide, her ro-model as a warrior but at the same time their bond was overshadowed by the telepathic bond that Teela has for so long shared with this mysterious creature, this beautiful enchantress. Teela only knew that this entity watched over her and the Kingdom of Eternia and most important of all that she would give her life to protect them.

Teela finally approached the throne that the woman lied perched upon high above, looking down upon teela with welcoming yet somber eyes. After catching her breath Teela spoke out to her from her heart, pleaded with the woman for answers.

"PLEASE Sorceress,I ask of you, who am I, what do you know of my origin, tell me PLEASE, I MUST know" Teela pleaded. "No, you CANNOT, not now, NOT YET. It is not yet time"she responded.

"Hahahahaha"Evil laughter echoed from beyond.

Teela didn't need to think long before recognizing who uttered that cold heartless laugh. "No, not NOW"she mutured with anger.

Teela regrettably came to know that laugh as well as her own voice. Normally, teela would be in a peculiar way exited. She never minded testing her skills against her arch-nemesis Evilyn, but not at this time, this time when teela sought to unravel the ominous mystery of her past.

"Well what are you waiting for, let's go little girl"Evilyn uttered impatiently.

From the spheric object on evilyn's staff came a burst of energy.Teela spun her staff vibrantly to deflect it, but the pressure was building and Teela would soon be crushed. "PLEASE, Sorceress" Teela pleaded "HELP me!"

A tear fell from the Sorceress's face "I wish I could, but I cannot, I know what I must do. For the Good of Eternia, I MUST." The Sorceress pointed at teela with tears highlighting the sadness in her destroit falcon eyes) "Goodbye."A burst of energy collided with teela. It was clear that the woman was not trying to hurt teela but make her loose her balance, forcing her off the landscape and into the darkness that represented the mystery of teela's past. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA"Evilyn laughed. In victory.

"Noooooooo"teela screamed for help, but no one could hear her, no one would listen.

A ray of sun pierced through her window like a knife, penetrating her peaceful sleep. Teela resisted it, covering her face with a pillow. She had hated or rather despised mornings ever since Skeletor, Overlord of Evil penetrated the Mystic Wall, escaping the dark hemisphere and waging war on all of Eternia. Since then, Chaos had befallen Eternia, the land was under siege which meant Teela and the Defenders had to be on a state of constant alert.. Teela realized how sharp and bright the rays of light felt upon her delicate face. Could it be, could Teela, Captain of the Royal Guard have overslept? Impossible, despite her dislike of mornings, Teela demanded nothing less than absolute perfection from her herself as an officer of Eternia and it was reflected on her flawless record. Flashback to her first day on duty.

"And lastly new recruits, the most important thing to remember of ALL, tardiness is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE" King Randor would say. With that in mind, teela rushed to her cabinet and pulled out her battle armor, throwing it to the side. She looked in the mirror, How beautiful she was, even in the morning, the site of the sun glistening upon her silky brown locks of hair even though it be ever messy was one to behold. Teela ran the brush hard through her hair, not caring to be gentle with the split ends. She through water unto her face. After changing, she ran to the window when she realized, that something wasn't right. The light only came out sharply from one of the windows. Remembering that she was late she returned to the matter of getting ready when all of a sudden she heard a familiar yelp. That sound was the sound of fear that only came from a certain green and orange cat. Teela pulled the covers from her bed and saw that of all the creatures of Eternia, Cringer, Prince Adam's pet cat and companion was sitting nervously under her bed spread with his paws over his head.

"CRINGER, what in the blazes......are you............Did adam let you in here? Scoot, out, NOW!", teela hissed. Cringer nervously sprinted out of the room at the last word teela loudly uttered. Teela continued to get ready when she felt the gentle breeze of an open window, it hit her like a fist. She knew something wasn't right at all. Teela finally realized what was really going on, it was only 5:00 in the morning, training warm-ups did not begin until 6:30, the light that pierced her sharply didn't come from the sun, it came from a hovering disk.

Teela threw her disk and mounted it as it opened up. She flew out the open window and collided with the prince of Eternia impelling him off of his disk and unto the cold, hard, unforgiving ground. As adam was about to crawl away, teela dug her heel hard into his chest.

"And WHAT may I ask do you think you are doing playing a trick on me like that" teela asked."Hey don't be mad, it's all in good fun"Adam replied."Fun, if this is what you call fun, then FUN is not in my vocabulary", Teela exclaimed "Hey, Competition is fun. But of course I forgot, your afraid of competition. Thats why you aren't letting me go for a little one on one combat, is that it" Adam asked with confidence. A smirk penetrated teela's frown.

"Oh Adam, you know me TOO well. Choose your weapon" Teela demanded.Teela released adam allowing him to mount his hovering disk."I'll let you choose"Adam replied." "Staff" Teela pulled out her snake head staff. " Fine" Adam said. "Fine" Teela replied.The two collided with each other, staffs connecting in combat. The tip of Adam's staff collided with Teela's stomach nearly knocking her from her disk, but Teela regained her balance in time to jump out of the way of adam's staff as he swung it repeatedly at the heels of her feet. Then Teela swung her staff sharply into Adam's gut. Teela mounted Adam's disk and pushes her fist into the wires and circuitry, pulling them out which caused the disk to descend to the ground a crash, leaving Adam on the floor motionless. Once again teela dug her heel into Adam's chest signifying her victory. " Hows that for competition" Teela asked. " Cough, Cough, Teela my disk" he screamed. "Don't you remember taking mine without my permission"teela asked. "I brought it back, well in pieces but still, that gives you no right to trash mine." He responded. "I didn't trash it, I just pulled out the battery, here" Teela impressively reinstalled the battery, crossing the wires and circuitry of the disk until it was back in one piece and hovering in they air. " See, you don't grow up around Man at Arms without absorbing some technical know how. Anyway, now that I'm done "playing", I have to get on to more "serious" business and start training the new recruits. The war with Skeletor is getting more fierce and based on your performance today, YOU should attend the training program as well, I could teach you a few things you know, I think I already have." teela said. "Charmed, but not today." Adam said. " Why not, your not UP for it?" she asked. " You know me I'm up for ANYTHING teela, but today, well let's just say your not dressed properly." Adam asserted. "I'm dressed fine!" teela asserted with anger putting her hands on her hips. "No, your supposed to be wearing this."Adam pulled out a long gown. " A DRESS, to training.",teela screeched. "Don't you remember teela, there IS no training session today, my father is having a Royal Banquet for the union of kingdoms against skeletor." Adam explained. "WHAT!", teela said with dismay. "Buzz-Off has finally convinced his people, they Andrenids to consider sharing their ambrosia with all the Kingdoms against Skeletor. This COULD be the deciding factor in the war against Skeletor AND my dad wants you to be properly dressed for they occasion. Royal Protocol." Adam explained with a smirk on his face.

Hesitantly, teela pulled the dress from Adam's hands and threw it over her battle suit. 'Wow, you look smashing to say the least."Adam said. "Eat my dust!" teela responded.

Teela treaded angrily to the banquet but as she walked in to her shock and surprise, none of the other people, not even King Randor or Queen Marlena where dressed formally.

King Randor spoke "Well hello their teela, a little formal for a non-formal occasion don't you think?" (Man at Arms pulls teela aside) "Teela, I'm surprised at you, you know full well that they Andrenids don't appreciate when we dress formerly, it makes us look like we're trying to be better than they are. " he explained. Teela glanced at the disturbed bee-like creatures staring back at her with destaine. "Oh hehe, my mistake." teela said with a tone of humiliation in her voice. Teela turned to Adam and stared at his smirk expression scoldingly. She kept telling herself silently that there would be another day that she could claim her revenge. "He will pay, he will pay, he will pay." teela whispered.