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Chapter 7 Misconception

Evilyn paced tumultuously through the hallways of the Castle. Jaded by it's vast eloquence, Evilyn's Head was throbbing. "HAHAHA"a voice cackled evilly from deep beyond the castle wall. "Oh, now I'm hearing voices, can this day possibly get any worse" she asked herself blankly? The voice got louder and louder until Evilyn began to feel light headed. The weaker she became, the louder the shriek of laughter became until suddenly it stopped when something caught her attention. On her way to her appointed room, she came across Teela's bed Chamber. Evilyn felt as though she was a ten year old girl who had been admitted into a candy store full Of luscious treats. She stared around the room, salivating at the mouth. She wanted to learn all of her Arch-Nemesis's most intimate secrets. As she skulked around the room, she became more and more sickened. The beautiful decor, the pictures of Teela with her father. The teddy bear she received from her dear Adam. Teela personified everything that Evilyn loathed about the world. She had a childhood, friends, a father, EVERYTHING that Evilyn was denied in her youth. As she came upon a picture of Teela with her father, Evilyn's rage had overcame her. The Malice burned within her like acid scolding a small child. The last time Evilyn felt this feeling of pure disdain was when her eyes touched Mekanek's beguiled remains. As evilyn clutched the picture tightly, her hands literally trembled as she saw her own reflection in the glass frame. Their, she saw of all things a tear upon her usually cold expressionless face. Not even when she was in the jaws of death did she shed a moment of weakness. Evilyn hurled the picture on the ground with all her might and watched as the glass shattered. Evilyn felt light headed yet again. Her heartbeat pounding out of her head like a mallet meeting a stone. Evilyn found herself in the Castle Hall. She had no idea how she had gotten their. She also found it peculiar that the Hall was repaired so quickly after Skeletor destroyed the construct only a few days ago. Then, their was a little girl, Evilyn marched over in protest. "What in the blazes is a child doing in.....It was none other than Teela. Except not Teela in her present form, she was a little girl on her father's lap with a teddy bear that she had received from her best friend Adam for her seventh birthday. A beaming smile across her beautiful face. Evilyn's heart again began to flutter in rage. Teela left her father's lap in a sort of hurry. "I HATE PICTURES" she roared. Then their she stood, Queen Marlena. Evilyn had no love loss for her. She happened to be the one whom she hated more than any other in the world. That hatred carried over to Teela whence Teela became the closest thing Marlena had to a daughter after the Sorceress erased her memory of Adora. Evilyn remembered all too well the years Evilyn spent living at the Castle. She had consoled Randor after the death of his father King Miro. It was widely believed that he would choose Evilyn as his wife. These rumors were spread through-out Eternia so much so that Evilyn began thinking of what she would do with the power she would gain once she became Queen. However, that all changed after King Randor returned to the Castle with six survivors of a crashed spacecraft from a distant world known as Earth. Evilyn was furious after she learned Randor had proposed to the captain of the Spacecraft, Marlena Glenn. Fearing that her chance for power had slipped away, she hatched a diabolical plot. First she spent a great deal of time bonding with Marlena and even delivering to her the person responsible for sabataging her ship. She then presented Marlena with a wedding present, a solid gold ring that was secretly encased with a dark magic force that allowed Evilyn to take control of Marlena's body so that she could wed King Randor and become Queen of Eternos. The only error in Evilyn's perfectly hatched scheme was that she failed to dispose of her old body in which Marlena's consciousness survived. In Evilyn's body, Marlena attacked Evilyn on the day of the wedding. This conflict stunned on-lookers until Marlena destroyed the ring and the spell was reversed. Evilyn was chased out of the city of Eternos, never to return until now. "What are you worried about Teela, you are indeed the most beautiful girl in all of my Kingdom and beyond" spoke proudly a young King Randor who at this time was adapting to being christened the new King of Eternos. For so long he was simply Captain Rand, now he is simply known as the King. "Haha, those pink bows look smashing Teela" arrogantly stated the young Prince Adam. "Adam, I'm going to go to my room and when I return, I am going to RIP you a new SPINE" little Teela roared. Teela marched up to her bed chamber with Evilyn lurking deviously behind. When Teela at last reached her room, she jumped up onto her bed and uncovered a diary from beneath her pillow in which she began to write. "Evilyn lurked behind and positioned her staff. "Hmm, I don't know how I got here, but what an opportunity to make certain my rival never reach her teen years" she deviously plotted in her mind. It then occurred to her, Why bother using her staff when the power of Greyskull lied conveniently in her pocket?" she thought. She once again summoned fourth the black jeweled "Sword of Protection". "How ironic that the sword of Marlena's biological daughter be used to eliminate the imposter that she took in" she thought. Evilyn raised the weapon but their was a knock at the door and Teela ran to answer it. "Just a minute" she yelled.

Thus the tip of the blade did not meet Evilyn's intended target of Teela's delicate locks of glistening hair, but instead met a page in her diary.

Evilyn's curiosity had overwhelmed her. "What could Teela have been be chronicling? Most likely, the joyous occasion of her seventh birthday" she thought. Evilyn never knew such content in her early years. Instead, she knew only pain. The pain of the loneliness that consumed her soul and turned her heart to a shade of black. Her father had abandoned her on all of her birthdays. He never even acknowledged the day his little Lyn was born. He most likely didn't even know when it was. Not a soul in the world ever showed her that they cared for her. The closest thing she had ever received to such was Skeletor. He took her in and paid very close attention to her needs but deep down she knew it was only because he required her talents and nothing more.

Teela returned to her bed as Evilyn lurked back into the closet before repositioning the blade above teela.

"Goodbye Teela, how I will miss tormenting you" she hissed silently.

Then Evilyn's rage was consumed. All these feelings had suddenly taken over her. These where not Evilyn's feelings, they where pain yet not the same pain that Evilyn knew. Evilyn was telepathic and she was sensing the deep pain of another lost soul. She looked with her minds eye across the vast Astral Plain of Eternia to see whom this deep pain belonged to but could find nothing. She could only see the joyful faces of the citizens of Eternos who were celebrating Teela and Prince Adam's birthday. Then Evilyn looked down upon the diary and saw that it was wet. It was dampened by tears trickling from the distraught face of a little girl with deep pain the likes of which Evilyn had never felt with the exception of her own. These were not the tears of a spoiled little girl who was upset they didn't get the right present for their birthday. These tears came from one who is without a piece of their soul. Evilyn felt the sudden urge to embrace the little girl. She was the only one that knew what Evilyn was going through. That is until she took a hold of herself. She raised the Sword into the air once more until she felt the wrath of a scolding stair. She looked into the window to see the Falcon Zoar gaping at Evilyn. Those eyes that burned through Evilyn's skin like a hot blade. Evilyn looked down into the puddle of tears and saw her reflection once again. She could clearly see herself holding a blade over the head of an innocent child. The girl dropped her Diary underneith her bed. Evilyn lowered her sword and took her hand to the childs shoulder only to find that she could not touch her. Her hand went right through her. She awoke to find herself on the floor of Teela's bedroom in the present. She was about to get up but couldn't help but wonder. She looked under Teela's bed to discover the diary.

She opened it to the page that chronicled her seventh Birthday. She expected to find in the diary more fuel for the fiery vengeance in her soul. She expected to find the tales of the blissful jubilant life that Evilyn was denied, instead, she found a dreary melancholy existence of a girl who did not know who she is and wear she came from. An existence that in more than a few ways mirrored her own. "Today is my seventh birthday. Like always, it is a festive occasion. The party begins at the castle and extends through out Eternos and beyond. There are lights, there is music, there is dancing and happiness all around. My father gave me a beautiful dress to wear with pink bows to put into my hair. I got dolls and all different wonderful things, even more beautiful than those of the other little girls of Eternos. When my father and all the other people see the disdainful response on my face to all these thoughtful gifts they seem to think that I'm ungrateful. The other children think that I'm strange that I'm not like other girls that I'd rather have a crossbow than a new dress. It's not that I don't love these things because deep down I do. I want to be a little princess. In my heart I share the same fantasies as all the other little girls in the world. But what would it be to be a princess without my mother telling me how beautiful I am to her. My father doesn't speak much of her. They only thing he told me was that she loved me more than anything in the world and she made a sacrifice to protect me and Eternia. To FIGHT for my survival. For that reason I can't bring my self to experience a single moment's joy. I only feel pain, a terrible pain that won't go away. Theirs too much pain for time to erase. I have but one memory of her. When I wake up every morning, I can see only but a glimpse of her angelic face. That glimpse torments me, haunts me every day I live, every moment I breath. I cannot bring myself to face these feelings. For I know not the sound of my own mother's voice. Therefore I cannot find a moments peace. The emptiness is too great. I've shed enough tears. From this moment on I shall bury this weakness within my soul and never reveal them again. I will show no emotion, I will do only one thing for the rest of my life, I will FIGHT. I will FIGHT to make sure that no other little girl in the world shall share my pain. Goodbye my mother, goodbye Teela, From this day forward, I am only a warrior that will show no semblance of my own fear."

How familiar this all sounded to Evilyn. Evilyn remembered long ago when she traveled the same lonely unforgiving path. She gave up all the things that made her happy and dedicated her life to the Dark Arts. Going on a merciless path of destruction. Power became the only thing she knew, she had forgotten everything else that brought her joy.

"What am I doing, showing emotion over this pitiful GIRL? I am EVIL-LYN I know not the meaning of the word compassion. The only thing I feel for this girl is an unhallowed thirst for VENGEANCE" she tried endlessly to convince herself. Then Evilyn looked down on the picture of Teela and her father. She wielded her staff and incinerated the photo with her dark energy. "I will laugh again, I will take comfort in her PAIN. HA HA HA! Teela, I will never allow you to know your mother's love. I will make certain that you both suffer for Eternity. Then she felt that feelign again as though she was being watched. The feeling of the eyes of Zoar who Evilyn knew to be the Sorceress. "Are you playing with me Sorceress, I'll put an end to your mind games" she hissed.

To Be Continued.