100 word drabble for Sunfreak. Requirements: Jou+Seto, with a line requirement. The last line is the one Sunfreak gave me; I'm not witty enough to think of it on my own.

Never done a Seto+Jou before. Am pleasantly surprised with outcome.

Sexual (dis)Orientation

When I didn't know you, I had the biggest crush on you. You were so, well, perfect – that confident stride, those cool blue eyes, and all the other traits that make girls (and me) find you absolutely irresistible. Now that I know the true creepy psychopath asshole you really are, though, it kills any attraction I had (despite how hot and tall you are).

Still, you look amazing, and your voice is so smooth when you call me "dog."

And admitting that I liked you, returning insults becomes a lot more fun.

"If I'm a dog, then you're my BITCH."

[la fin]