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A/N: I decided to write this story about Kendra and Nadia because they are good friends and don't get much exposure on the show. This is my first fanfic, so it probably won't be the greatest story you've ever read. This story starts around the beginning of Season 3, but events that unfold are interpreted through the two girls point of view. A lot of the situations are taken directly from the series, but some events will be from me. It mainly focuses on their friendship, but I'll throw in some drama every so often to spice things up…..


Another year at Degrassi C.S. had just begun for Kendra Mason and Nadia Jamir, both of whom were in grade eight. These two girls have been best friends since grade 5, ever since Nadia transferred from a school for the physically challenged to public school. Nadia was, for the most part, soft-spoken and introverted whereas Kendra always said what was on her mind. Kendra was also very athletic, which is something Nadia wished that she could be. What Nadia didn't realize was that Kendra always thought Nadia was the stronger of the two, because of the way she handled her physical hardships. Nadia didn't let being in a wheelchair become a handicap; she lived her life to the fullest. She participated in school activities such as student council, as well as being a part of the junior spirit squad. She wasn't able to jump and flip like everybody else, but she could yell louder than anyone at the Degrassi sporting events. She was also active in groups that promoted the rights of the physically challenged.

Today the girls were spending a beautiful Saturday at Kendra's house. Kendra's room was a beautiful combination of light blue and yellow. On one wall she had a poster of Mia Hamm hanging up. On another wall she had a Maple Leaf's flyer pinned up. Nadia was sitting there on Kendra's bed, surrounded by a mountain of Anime books and magazines, while Kendra was seated at her computer.

"Nadia, throw me that magazine right by you."

"Which one?" Nadia replied.

Kendra pointed and said, "The one that says Shonen Jump on the front."

"Here you go. What are you doing anyway?" Nadia questioned, while tossing the somewhat heavy magazine.

"There's a panel inside that I wanted to talk about on my Anime chat room. I need to know which page to tell him about."

"Him? Are you talking about Toby?"

"No." Kendra said reluctantly "Just somebody I chat with occasionally. I think he's from the States."

"Sounds romantic, I bet Toby must be jealous." Nadia ribbed.

"Toby?" Kendra paused,  "Toby hardly notices I exist anymore. He spends most of his time either trying to hangout with J.T., Paige and Spinner or he's complaining about how J.T. doesn't notice him when Paige is around. It's like he thinks being part of her 'I-Can't-Think-For-Myself club' should be his number one priority. "

"Wow, Kendra, I thought you got along with your brother's girlfriend?"

"We do, sort of. She has been a lot nicer since she started dating my brother, not only to me, but just in general. Its not like I hate her or anything, its just that we don't have much in common. She's Miss Popularity and I'm just Spinner's tomboy sister to her."

Right at that moment, almost on cue, there was a knock at Kendra's door.