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Chapter 14- The hardest thing to do



"Maybe I should go up there and check to make sure everythings alright." Garland said with a trace of concern in her voice.

"Hmm...it has been 20 minutes already. Maybe you should go up and check." Cologne said puffing on pipe.

"Alright." Garland said walking out jumping on the roof.

"Why didn't you just go? If Shampoo was going on an angry rampage, wouldn't it be better and safer for you to go check?" Zane asked looking suspicious.

"You've got it all wrong Great-Grandson, all wrong." Cologne said as she smile.


"Hey, is everything o....o...Oh dear." Garland said as she trailed off gawking at the sight before her.

Shampoo had apparently tackled Ranma and had him in a...ahem...passionate lip lock.

"Oh dear...I'm-I'm...I mean, I didn't..I....Ohh...I'm sorry I'll be leaving." Garland barely got out embarassed about what she saw.

"WAIT!!! Its not what you think." Ranma yelled, pushing the frowning Shampoo away and running towards Garland.

"Of course its not what I think. I wasn't thinknig anything at all." Garland said as she laughed nervously.

"Look...its just that...that...." Ranma paused thinking of what to say.

"Me and Ranma are finally getting married!!!" Shampoo said happilly as she glomped onto Ranma.

"WHAT!?!" Ranma yelled surprised.

"Oh, well that explains a lot." Garland said with a sigh of reassurance.


"WHAT!?!" Garland and Shampoo asked confused.

"Well...I just said...um....well you know. But I never said anything about getting married." Ranma said uncomfortably.

"What did he say?" Garland asked Shampoo.

"That he loved me." Shampoo said smirking as she saw Ranma try to hide his blush.

"But I didn't say anything about marriage." Ranma said recovering over his embarassment.

"But that doesn't make sense. If you love her why can't you marry her?" Garland asked confused.

"Yea, why can't you?" Shampoo fumed, agreeing with her sister.

"Well, I probably would've told you if you hadn't pounced on me." Ranma said fuming back.

Shampoo backed off blushing bright red. "Well...ahem...can you tell us why now?" Garland asked trying to break the awkward silence and get the thought of Shampoo and Ranma making out, out of her head.

"Yea, I guess I can. First of all there's my other fiance's, then there's Pop's and my mom, and then there's the curse problem. Is that enough for ya?" Ranma said sort of agitated.

"Hmmm....good points. But those are problems that Great-Grandmother can always find a fix for." Garland said happily.


"WHY NOT?!?" Shampoo yelled.

"Because.............I'm just not ready to get married." Ranma mumbled out.

"......." Shampoo stood there silently and you could tell a storm of rage was boiling within her.

"Umm....well we can still go ask Great-Grandmother help for your problems, because sooner or later if your choosing Shampoo your going to have to face them." Garland said breaking another awkward silence.

"Huh?? Well..uh..yea I guess so." Ranma said nervously as he looked at Shampoo.

Shampoo was the first to jump off the roof, apparently agitated. "Um...you think she's mad at me?" Ranma questioned.

"Well, thats a dumb question." Garland said bubbly.

"So, you think she's not." Ranma said with some hope.

"Nope, she's furious." Garland said smiling as Ranma face faulted.

"Well, I'm glad your so happy about it." Ranma said sarcastically.


"Are you ok Shampoo?" Zane asked as Shampoo angrily walked by and into the kitchen.

"Hmmm, I wonder what went wrong?" Cologne wondered as she watched Shampoo slam the door.

"Wait, did I miss something?" Zane asked confused.

"No, but whatever happened we're about to find out." Cologne said as she watched Garland and Ranma jump down and walk back in.

Zane immediately ran over to Ranma and grabbed him by his collar, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY LITTLE SISTER, SAOTOME!?!"

"ZANE!?!" Garland yelled surprised as she was almost plowed over by her angry brother.

"Get the hell off of me." Ranma growled.

"Would you two stop it already." Cologne said as she bonked Ranma and Zane on the head. "Zane, you go sit down and I want no more outbursts from you. Ranma, I want to know what happened." Cologne said, hopping back on her cane.

"Well...uh...I guess....I-I..." Ranma stuttered.

"Well, get it out already." Cologne said impatiently.

"I'll tell you Great-Grandmother." Garland said walking over towards Cologne and whispering in her ear.

"Hey, I wanna know." Zane said walking over to hear what Garland was whispering.

Cologne nodded and gave a toothy grin that made Ranma blush and wonder what Garland was saying about what they apparently happened. And Zane's eye started twitching and he started to make a low growl. Once Garland was done Cologne sat there with a thoughtful look on her face, trying to figure out something. While Zane just grumbled and sat back down while giving Ranma a deadly glare.

"Well first things first, Son-in-Law. You have to inform your other fiance's about your desicion." Cologne said hopping onto the counter.

"WHAT!?! You just want me to go up to all my fiance's and tell them I choose Shampoo over them and come back alive? I ain't doing it." Ranma said crossing his arms.

"Yes you are." Cologne said in a strict manner.

Ranma stood there staring Cologne in the eyes. Even though it was not heard you could tell they were arguing with their eyes. "Fine. But I'm gonna have to do Akane and the Tendou family another day."

"Why is that?" Cologne questioned.

"Pops isn't going to accept that. Once Pops hears this he'll probably kidnap me and Akane and force us to get married then and there."

"I see, good point. But its better for you to do it now than for them to find out from someone else later." Said Cologne.

"Can't I do this another day, I do value my life ya know. And this is like suicide if I go on and do this." Ranma said leaning back against the wall.

"Well, you won't be doing this alone. Zane will come with just in case there's any trouble." Said Cologne.

"WHAT!? Why can't he do this himself?" Zane asked getting up.

"Because, he can't do this himself. All his fiance's are violent in a way, and you know acupressure so you could easily knock them out cold with just a tap of your finger." Said Cologne.

"And plus, this'll be a good way for two to get to know each other better." Garland said cheerfully.

"Yea, whatever, fine I'll go." Zane said knowing full and well there was no chance he could win an agrument against Cologne or Garland.

"Umm...maybe I should go talk to Shampoo before we go." Ranma said uncomfortably.

"Yes, that would be a good idea. She's in the kitchen." Cologne said pointing to the kitchen.

'I just hope she doesn't get mad like Akane.' Ranma thought to himself as he walked towards the kitchen.


Shampoo ran away from the kitchen door as she heard his foot steps come closer. Shampoo had been on the other side of the door listening the whole time. She was still very angry with Ranma but she had to admit she was worried about him going out there to face his other fiance's. Shampoo turned herself away from the door as Ranma came threw it.

"Hey Shampoo....um are you ok?" Ranma asked concerned and nervously.

"Why should you care?" Shampoo said crossing her arms.

"'WHY SHOULD I CARE?' Didn't I just tell you on the roof why I cared?" Ranma asked frustrated.

"No. All you did was just tell me you loved me. But you never told me why."

"WHAT!? ISN'T THAT ENOUGH!?! What even made you bring that up?" Ranma yelled.

"....." Shampoo stood there silently trying to think up something.

"Is it because I'm not ready to get married yet? Dammit Shampoo, why can't you just be patient?" Ranma asked agitated.


Ranma took a few steps back surprised at what she just said. "Did you just go along with it? Did you just love her so much that you accepted it? Because if me and Ukyou hadn't interupted you would've been married to her today. So tell me Ranma, do you love me enough to leave your precious Akane?" Shampoo asked with venom in her voice and tears rolling down her face as she looked at Ranma

"Your right, if it wasn't for you and Ukyou I would have been married to her right now. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT WHAT I WENT THROUGH!!" Shampoo stepped back at the tone of Ranma's voice. "I WAS FORCED INTO THAT MARRIAGE!! I WASN'T READY TO GET MARRIED, NO MATTER HOW MUCH I LOVED AKANE!! AND NOW YOUR TRYING TO DO THE SAME DAMN THING TO ME AND RUSH THIS!!!" Ranma yelled furiously.

Shampoo stood there not knowing what to do or say. She turned away from Ranma again as tears flowed down her face freely more than before. Ranma walked up to her, turned her around to face him, and embraced her. "Shampoo...I don't love Akane. Not like how I love you. Maybe I use to, but not now." Ranma lifted Shampoo's head so her eyes would meet his. "You told me that I never gave you a reason why I loved you. To tell you the truth I'm not sure I can give you one. The only thing I can think of is that I didn't know what I had until it was gone. And when you left...I felt guilty...I felt alone. The only thing I could think of was you and the only thing I could do was try to look for you. And then when I first saw you in the park you don't know how excited I was. Even though we got into that argument I felt my heart skip a few beats. The way I feel wasn't created out of guilt it was created from the way I felt for you. I love you, and I ain't letting nobody get in the way."

Shampoo stood there looking up into Ranma's eyes knowing he meant every word he said. Shampoo felt a warmth overcome her body as she felt Ranma's lips meet hers. Shampoo couldn't explain how much bliss she felt at that moment. But soon ended as her and Ranma seperated. Ranma smirked as he saw the dazed looked on Shampoo face. "Ha, too much for ya?" Ranma laughed out.

Shampoo snapped out of her daze and glared at Ranma playfully. "Don't get too cocky Casonova."

"Oh..um, I have to go tell my-"

"Your other fiance's about me and you. I know, I over heard." Shampoo said finishing the rest of his sentence.

"So I guess I gotta go now. I'll try to come back safely if your brother doesn't try to kill." said Ranma.

"He won't hurt you if he knows whats good for him." Shampoo said smiling. She then walked over to him seductively and kissed him passionately on the lips...again. "Just make sure Violent Girl doesn't hurt you." Shampoo said as she ended the kiss.

"Uh-hu." Ranma nodded numbly as he slowly regained all his senses back.


"He's coming." Garland whispered loud enough for Cologne and Zane to hear so they could back away from the door and act like they all weren't listening.

When Ranma and Shampoo re-entered the room everyone was actincg a little to unobvious. "They were listening weren't they?" Ranma whispered to Shampoo.


"So, are you ready yet Son-in-Law?" Cologne asked from the counter.

"I'm as ready as I'll be." Ranma sighed.

"Alright then, you and Zane should go and get this over with." Cologne said from her spot.

Cologne, Shampoo, and Garland watched as Ranma and Zane walked out silently. Once they had walked out Cologne and Garland turned and gave Shampoo a knowing smile. "You all are nosey." Shampoo said shaking her head.

"Awww...you two are so cute together. I almost wanted to cry when I heard that speech he gave you." Garland said glomping onto her sister.

"ARGH!! Would you get-" Shampoo was soon cut off when everyone looked towards the door to see Mousse.

"SHAMPOO!! I'M BACK MY BELOVED!!" Mousse yelled as he also glomped onto Shampoo.


"So....who are we going to go see first?" Zane asked.

"I dunno. I figured I get the worst over with first." Ranma said scratching the back of his head.

"Who, that Akane girl?" Zane asked.

"Nope, Kodachi Kuno." Ranma answered.

"You mean, the crazy leotard wearing girl?"

"Yep, thats exactly who she is." Said Ranma.

"How is she the worse?" Asked Zane.

"Oh, you'll see." Ranma said dryly.

They walked in silence until they reached the Kuno Estate. "She...lives here."

"Yep, we might as well get this-" Ranma was cut off as he was tackled to the ground by a leotard wearing girl.

"Oh Ranma darling, have you finally given up that search for that purple haired Jezebel and come in search for your Black Rose." Kodachi cooed.

"What did you say about my sister?" Zane growled out.

"Oh Ranma, its about time." Kodachi said ignoring Zane.

"Kodachi get the heck off of me." Ranma said trying to push her off.

"Never, Ranma my love." Kodachi said as she hugged him tighter.

Zane raised an eyebrow as he watched Ranma struggle to get Kodachi off. "Need some help?" Zane smirked as Ranma glared at him.

"No not at all. Kodachi I need to tell you something very important." Ranma said and sighed in relief as Kodachi immediately let go.

"Ranma...are you finally going to reveal your true feelings for me. And pull me into a deep kiss that will romantically bond us together for ever." Kodachi said as stars filled her eyes and she went into a daze.

"No...I think that'll be one too many times for me to do that today. But I did want to say I've choosen Shampoo to um....be my....wife." Ranma said choosing his words carefully.

It was quiet for a minute and Zane watched as Kodachi's face darkened and her aura grew. "How...HOW COULD YOU!?!" Kodachi yelled the fires of hell burning in her eyes. "WHAT DID THAT PURPLE HAIRED JEZEBEL DO TO YOU!?!"

"She didn't do nothing Kodachi. Just accept it and move on." Said Ranma.

"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! I'LL NEVER MOVE ON AND I'LL NEVER LET THAT AMAZON HAVE YOU!!" Kodachi yelled getting out her ribbon causing black rose petals to fly everywhere.

As the rose petals landed the turned into a paralizing gas. Ranma and Zane quickly covered there mouths and noses, "This girls is too dangerous for her own good." Zane said as he jumped in the air and towards Kodachi.

Kodachi sensed something behind her and turned around to see Zane land behind her. "Who are...." Kodachi never finished as Zane had already tapped her in three spots which caused her to collaspe.

As the gas cleared Ranma ran up to where Zane was. "I though you only had to tap her once to knock her out?" Ranma asked confused.

"Yea, if I just want her knocked out for a few hours. But in her condition she should wake up in about a day and half from now. Hopefully thats enough time to calm her down." Said Zane.

"Yea, but I doubt it." Ranma said sadly.

"So, Shampoo's gonna be your wife now? I thought you didn't want to get married right now?" Zane said smirking.

"Shutup! I couldn't think of anything else to say." Ranma said with a small blush on his face.

" Yea whatever, so who's next?" Zane asked as they walked away.

Ranma sighed and thought about it, "I guess Ukyou's next."


"Hey Ranchan!" Ukyou said happily as Ranma came in with Zane behind him. "Oh hello Zane." Ukyou said as she noticed him.

"Umm..hi Ucchan." Ranma said nervously.

"Yea...hey Ukyou." Zane also said nervously.

"Whats up, are you hungry Ranchan?" Ukyou said.

"Um...no, Ukyou we need to talk." Ranma said sadly.

Ukyou stopped everything she was doing. 'Oh no. He called me by my real name and he turned down free food. He's made his desicion....' Ukyou thought sadly.

"Sure Ranma, we can go into the back." Ukyou said shakily.

"Yea....Zane...stay." Ranma said as he went into the back with Ukyou.

"Oh sure Ranma. Treat me like a damn dog." Zane mumbled to himself. "The things I do for my sisters."


"Ukyou, I..." Ranma started off.

"I already know Ranma." Ukyou said sadly.

"Y-you do?? How?" Ranma asked confused

"I've seen it coming. I've just been wondering when. It's been obvious that you've two have feelings for each other. And I've seen they way you look at her, the way I wish you would look at me." Ukyou said sadly.

"But I've just now recently figured out how I feel about her. How could you know before me?" Ranma asked even more confused.

"You might not have seen it, but I have. The way that you and Akane always fight but-"

"WHAT!?! YOU THINK I'M TALKING ABOUT AKANE!?!" Ranma interupted.

"Well of course. Who else would I be talking about?" Ukyou asked confused.

"Shampoo." Ranma barely whispered out.

"WHO!?!" Ukyou said hoping it wasn't who she thought he said.

"Umm..............Shampoo." Ranma said nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

"B-but...I..I thought you and...and....and.......WHY DID YOU PICK HER AND NOT ME!?!?" Ukyou yelled angrily while tears ran down her face

"Ukyou......I still see you as my best friend, Ucchan. I don't think I can see you any other way. It'll just be too strange like I'm dating my sister or brother. Please Ucchan...please don't be sad." Ranma said sadly.

"Bu-but what happened to Akane? What made you choose Shampoo? Did she do something to you?? Cause if she did...." Ukyou trailed off as she made some obscene gestures.

"Umm...Ukyou....Shampoo didn't do anything to me." Ranma said as he sweat dropped.

"Oh." Ukyou said as she stopped with the gestures.

"Me and Akane...we've been sorta of distant this past month. And its made me realize a lot of things. Like how much I needed Shampoo just to be happy." Said Ranma.

"Oh....But is that all I'll ever be to you......just a friend." Ukyou asked tears welling up in her eyes again.

Ranma looked down. He hated to see women cry esspecially his best friend. "Ukyou..your more than a friend your like family to me. And...and I would really hate to see you leave. I'm really sorry that I hurt you, but I hope you can forgive me." Ranma said scratching the back of his neck nervously.

Ranma couldn't see how Ukyou was feeling because her bangs covered her eyes giving her a very dark look. "Ranma......I'm gonna need sometime alone." Ukyou said lowly causing Ranma's mood to darken. "But, its better being your best friend than being nothing to you at all. And I can accept that but I just need some time Ranma." Ukyou said as she gave him a sad smile.

"Ucchan...thank you." Ranma said as he gave her a hug.

"Your welcome....I guess. But if that Amazon does anything to hurt you, she'll have to deal with me." Ukyou said threateningly.

"Ok, whatever you say Ukyou." Ranma said as he walked out of the back.

"Bye Ranma." Ukyou said sadly.

"Bye Ukyou." Ranma also said sadly as him and Zane walked out.

"So it went ok." Asked Zane once they were out.

"Better than I thought. Now....time for the Tendou's." Ranma said as he shuddered at the thought of what might happen.


"WHAT!?! DID RANMA BEWITCH YOU SHAMPOO!?!" Mousse yelled at the news he just got.


"BECAUSE IF YOU END UP WITH RANMA HE'LL ONLY HURT YOU!! Why can't you see how much I love you Shampoo?" Mousse asked gently grabbing her hand.

"And why can't you see that I only love Ranma? I know your not that blind. And the way you act Mousse I can't see you in love with me. I only see someone who's obsessed over something they can't have, just like a little kid. A kid who fights, whines, and begs over something they can't have. You still haven't noticed from all these years I want nothing from you but friendship. If you actually loved me then you would've noticed that but I guess your obsession blinds you from seeing that." Shampoo said as she snatched hand away from Mousse.

"But...Shampoo..." Mousse said sadly.

"NO!!! If you try to hurt Ranma or break us up in anyway, your gonna be in a whole no world of pain." Shampoo said venomously as she walked to her room.

"SHAMPOO WAIT!!!" Mousse yelled about to run after Shampoo but was stopped by Garland.

"Mousse, I can't allow you to embarass yourself any longer. Do what Shampoo says and just stay away from her for awhile and just be friends. Its better than being enemies or nothing at all." Garland said solomnely.

"NO...I CAN'T-" Mousse was cut off as Cologne bopped him on his head.

"Mousse listen to them. If you do try to break-up Ranma and Shampoo's relationship in anyway, or upset Shampoo anymore than she is, you will be sent back to China." Cologne said coldly.


"No buts Mousse. Now I suggest you not bother Shampoo." Cologne said walking away.

"Mousse, I'm sor-"

"I need some time alone." Mousse said interupting Garland and running away from the cafe.

"Great-Grandmother, do you think we were too hard on him." Garland asked concerned.

"Not at all. Its about time someone set that boy straight." Said Cologne.


"Soo....you actually love my sister?" Zane asked suspiciously.

"No, I just said all of that because I love to break women's hearts. YES, I LOVE HER!!" Ranma yelled iritated.

"Ya know, I really don't approve of this, and I really don't like you, but you make my little sister happy. And if she's happy...then I guess I'm happy." Said Zane.

"You really care for your sisters, don't you." Asked Ranma.

"Yep, I do. I'm the oldest and I feel I have to protect them."

"I know how you feel." Said Ranma.

"Huh?? How?" Zane asked confused.

"I feel I have to protect all my fiance's no matter how I feel about them. I guess I feel that way about everyone. To protect everyone who's weaker than me." Ranma said thoughtfully.

"Really? You sound just like some cheesey wannabe superhero to me." Zane laughed as Ranma glared at him.

"So you have a plan?" Zane asked as he stopped laughing, and stood outside the Tendou home

"The only plan I have is to avoid all mallets." Said Ranma as they entered.

"Hey Pops, I'm home!!" Yelled Ranma.

They got no response so they walked into the dining area were everyone was seated. Ranma noticed that everyone had a sad, and dark look on their faces especially Akane. "Umm..is eveything alright?" Ranma asked nervously.

"You should know damn well boy everything isn't alright." Soun said venemously.

"Huh??" Ranma asked starteled back by the sound of his voice.

Akane got up and walked over towards Ranma, and slapped him with all her force sending Ranma back. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU....YOU...YOU TWO-TIMER!!" Akane yelled running up stairs crying.

"Oh my. Akane..." Kasumi said as she got up to check on Akane.

"What the hell is her problem?" Ranma grumbled as he rubbed his jaw.

"We all know boy. We all know that you chose that Amazon." Genma said harshly.

"Huh?? But H-how?" Ranma stuttered out.

Nabiki got up and glared at Ranma, "I told you Ranma I have eyes all over town, but you didn't believe me did you? And I told you not to hurt my sister. You'll pay Ranma for hurting her, and I don't mean by money." Nabiki said coldly as she went upstairs to her room.

"Huh??" Ranma said taken back.

"How could you son, don't you care about your honor...OUR honor." Said Genma.

"You know what Pops, thats what I've been thinking about. Thats the whole reason why I haven't gotten out of this engagment yet. But not anymore. This is YOUR honor not mine. This is all your fault so now you have to take the consequences." Said Ranma.

"B-but what about your mother??" Genma asked shocked.

"This is all your fault so your just gonna have to tell her what happened yourself." Said Ranma as he walked upstairs.

"Where are you going to?" Soun said angrily.

"I still have to talk to Akane and explain why, I chose Shampoo." Ranma said walking upstairs.

As he walked up he passed Kasumi, "Oh, Ranma, Akane said she doesn't want to be bothered right now."

"Sorry Kasumi, but I have to talk to her. Its either now or never." Ranma said determined.

"Oh, well be careful. And I hope you and Shampoo have a nice life together." Kasumi said happily.

"Uh.............sure." Ranma said confused. 'I thought she would be angry at me.' Ranma thought to himself.

Ranma took a deep breath as he arrived at Akanes door. "Akane?" Ranma said as he knocked on the door.

"GO AWAY RANMA!!!" Akane yelled still sobing.

"Look Akane, I'm sorry you had to find out that way but....I do love Shampoo. And I'm sorry I hurt you, but it probably wouldn't have worked out. Our personality's clash too much. But I do wanna let you know I still care for you. You deserve someone better than me, you and I both know that. So, I can understand if you don't wanna forgive me. I just hope you have a nice life with whoever you find Akane. Your a great girl, and deserve so much better. I don't know if we'll meet again, but if we do....I hope we can be friends." Ranma said as he took his final look at the door and left.

Inside Akane heard the whole speech but still didn't care. "I hate you Ranma. sob I hope you pay. I hope you and that bimbo pay for what you did to me." Akane growled as she went back to crying.

Zane was waiting outside for Ranma, feeling awkward inside with Genma and Soun glaring at him. As soon as Ranma came out he noticed Ranma looked pale. "Didn't go well?" Asked Zane.

"Well, I didn't get malleted, but I do feel guilty. I just wish it didn't have to be this hard." Ranma said sadly.

"Yea well everything in life isn't going to be easy." Zane said thoughtfully.

"Isn't that the truth." Ranma said looking up towards the sky.


"Ranma, your back. How did it go?" Garland asked happily.

"Well, it went as good as how my life has been going for me. So to put it in short terms it had its good points but it had more bad points." Ranma said sitting down tired.

"Well, at least its over now Son-in-Law. You won't have to deal with anymore fiance problems" Cologne said happily.

"HA!! Yea right. There probably be even more problems." Said Ranma.

"Hmm...your right, but we'll worry about that later. For now you can relax." Cologne said pouring some tea.

Ranma looked around, "Umm...where's Shampoo at?" Ranma questioned.

"Oh, she's up on the roof." Garland said pointing to the roof.

"Oh, ok thanks." Ranma said as went outside to go on the roof.


Shampoo was in deep thought when Ranma jumped on the roof. He had a smirk on his but looked tired. Shampoo smiled, "It didn't go well?" Asked Shampoo.

"How did ya guess?" Ranma asked sitting down behind Shampoo embracing her.

Shampoo leaned into the embrace feeling comforted. "Mousse knows about us now." Said Shampoo.

"Did he give you any trouble?" Ranma asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

"A little, but he shouldn't bother us.....for awhile." Shampoo said sadly.

"I just feel a little bit guilty about the way I treated him and the things I said. I always do each time I argue with Mousse. I don't want to hurt him cause I still see him as a friend but thats the only way it gets through to him. If I yell at him or beat him." Shampoo said sadly.

"Well...you don't necssarily have to beat him." Said Ranma.

"Yes, I do. If I don't I....l feel like that he's so obsessed that he would force himself on me." Shampoo said sadly.

"I would never let anyone do that to you. NEVER." Ranma said holding onto Shampoo tighter.

Shampoo sighed feeling herself drift off into sleep, as she felt Ranma's warm arms around her. "Ranma?"

"Huh??" Ranma said snapping out of his daze.

"Is it worth it?" Shampoo asked uncertain.

"What? Is what worth it?" Ranma asked confused.

"All of this. Was it worth going through all of this, just to....just to have me in the end?" Asked Shampoo.

Ranma smiled and whispered in her ear, "Your worth all this and more, Shampoo. Your worth so much more." Ranma said as he kissed her on the lips feeling a strange calmness that he hadn't felt in a long time. A calmness that would always be there...now that he had her.


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Mia: O.O Why??

Kawii-Chan: I don't know it just does. But all you reviewers likes it and thats all that mattered

Mia: Suurre...just thank the people already.

Kawii-Chan: Ok, OK. A special thanx is going out to:

JupiterLoverGoddess- Your are the most loyalest reviewer EVER!! Your one of the reasons I kept on going >GLOMPS YOU ROCK!!

DarkAnimeDemon-NOW THAT I UPDATED MY FIC UPDATE YOURS!!! please >Huggles Your also one of the reasons I kept on writing.


Mia: Are you gonna be working on anything else.

Kawii-Chan: Sadly....yes. I have that Inuyasha/Shampoo fic I still haven't finished. I have another Ranma/Shampoo fic I've been writing, NOT TYPING. Then I have a Trigun fic, Vash/OC, since I don't like Meryl. I also have a sequel to 'Is is worth it?' in my head. Oh and last but not least I have to type up my little sisters Kingdom Hearts fanfic.

Mia: Why?

Kawii-Chan: I take up too much time on the computer and she's a bad typer. Oh and she said if its typed by me it'll get a lot reviews.

Mia: Well you better get the typing.


Mia: Oh yea, don't you have a 4 page report due monday.

Kawii-Chan: O.O I forgot

Mia: Yea you got an F

Kawii-Chan: crap. Anyways if you actually took the time to read all this meaningless drabble then you truly rock. And also there will be more to come. I SHALL NEVER GIVE UP!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! Please review... since its over. cries

Mia: You poor thing. Like she said Please review, And we're glad you enjoyed her fic. Keep a look out for more.

Kawii-Chan: CYA smoochies