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Part 4 - 25th December 2013 (pm)

Lunch went much more smoothly than Buffy had hoped, though seating so many people had been a challenge. Dawn could not stop smiling about her boyfriends proposal and the beautiful diamond that now adorned the third finger of her left hand. Emily was also constantly smiling though no-one realised that it wasn't merely the festivities making her so cheerful.

No more was said about Spike's amazing ability to fall and not get hurt or the speed with which he'd reacted when the kids were so close to harm, yet several of the group had it on their minds. Angel could not understand how his former-childe could move faster than him given he was no longer a vampire. A regular human should not be capable of such speed or durability as Spike seemed to have, and yet he knew for a fact he'd not been like this until today, or Buffy would never have looked so shocked and confused.

"Oh, I think I need to sleep for a year" Willow groaned as she put down her spoon, she was now completely full of Christmas food.

"Baby, I told you not to have that second slice of pie" Tara smiled, taking hold of her girlfriends hand.

"Well, all this food was very nice" Anya declared, surprising everyone with her compliment, and then being herself and making everyone blush, "but now I wish we didn't have to stay here to be polite cos I want to take Xander home for lots of festive sex"

"And on that note" Spike said quickly standing up, "Emily, sweetheart, why don't you ask Giles to show you his new book, while your mum and me deal with the dishes"

Emily nodded, getting down from the table, Dollar and Connor dutifully following her to the living room with Giles and Olivia close behind. Everyone knew the old Watcher would be only too pleased to tell the kids all about prophecies and legends, and they trusted him not to get too graphic or gross about demons and evil.

The gang had clubbed together a hefty sum of money and with Olivia's contacts had managed to get a large volume of very rare ancient prophecies from Eastern Europe.

"Is there stuff about Mommy and Daddy in there?" Emily was eager to know as Giles sat down in the centre of the sofa and the three kids climbed up to sit either side of him.

"Well, let's see" the old man smiled as he opened up the book at a page with suitable illustrations for the small children and straightened his glasses as he translated sections of foreign script.

"'The Dark Warrior, now of light, Shown the way and reborn, Upon the blessed day, Twelve years hence, He himself shall the blessed, For he shall be the first, the last, the only of his kind, the Chosen One'"

"Dark Warrior?" Dawn echoed as she came to sit in the armchair with Zack, "Why does that sound familiar?"

Of course her fiancé had no idea since he wasn't around when the phrase was heard before. Willow suddenly realised this fact as she made her self comfortable seated on the floor with Tara. That phrase was in an old prophecy that Angel brought over...it was after they'd brought Spike back to life...

"Giles, what language is that prophecy?" she asked suddenly and, glancing between the book and the witch he frowned.

"Er, well, it's Greek actually" he told her.

"Angel!" Willow called to him as soon as he came through the living room door, "The prophecy you brought us, all that time ago when Spike first came back...it was Greek, right?"

"Er, I don't really remember" he admitted, "It was a while back..I know it said something about Dark Warrior and Chosen people though, if that helps...why are you worrying about that anyway?"

Willow realised she'd have to explain to everyone what was happening in her head, but it was so strange she could hardly comprehend what her mind was saying.

"The Dark Warrior in that prophecy was Spike" she said slowly, "and both that prophecy and this one are ancient Greek..."

"So you think this prophecy is about Spike too?" Giles interrupted, "It certainly could be possible" he agreed as Willow nodded.

"Did I hear my name?" the bleached blond asked suspiciously as he appeared from the kitchen and came into the crowded living room.

"Strength, speed, durability...he's proved it all today" Anya blurted out, "Maybe he really is a Slayer"

"A Slayer?" the former-vampire scoffed, "I think you're mixing me up with the blonde woman in the kitchen!" he half-yelled, prompting said woman to appear.

"What's going on?" she wondered aloud, as she came to stand beside Spike, wiping her hands on a dish towel.

"They reckon I'm a bloody Slayer" he told her with a half-chuckle, "Which is stupid...right?" he asked more uncertainly, looking between his wife, the ex-Watcher, the witch and others. No-one was sure what to say.

"'The Dark Warrior, now of light, Shown the way and reborn, Upon the blessed day, Twelve years hence, He himself shall the blessed, For he shall be the first, the last, the only of his kind, the Chosen One'"

Giles repeated the prophecy he had read before and Spikes eyes went wide.

"The Chosen does usually mean the Slayer" Buffy admitted with a slight frown.

"And you were called the Dark Warrior before" Dawn added.

"And you kinda prove you're tougher than regular humans today" Xander threw in.

"And it's twelve years this year since you...changed" Tara phrased carefully, not wanting to say 'died' in front of the kids.

"Bloody hell" was all Spike could find to say, it seemed so strange and almost impossible, "I'm..." he wasn't really sure what he was but Giles now knew.

"The first, the last, the only male Chosen One" he said simply, "It's quite the Christmas miracle, isn't it?" he smiled.

The room was silent as everyone took in what had been said, before there was a sudden squeal.

"Thankyou Santa" Emily cried, making almost everyone physically jump.

"What's that about, Sweet bit?" Spike asked, walking over to where his daughter was now standing on the sofa. He picked her up as easily as he had when she was a tiny baby despite the fact she was a fairly tall seven year old now.

"I wished it" she proudly told him, "I asked Santa to give you super-powers just like Mommy, and he did!" she grinned as she flung her little arms around her father's neck and hugged him tight.

Spike glanced first at Giles, before turning to Buffy, both himself and her shrugging. Confused but happy looks were swapped amongst the whole room, still in silence, till Spike began laughing.

"Well, I guess Santa Claus must be real after all" he said, smiling widely, and no-one bothered to disagree. With all the strangeness of Sunnydale, who's to say the jolly old man in the red suit didn't exist?

The kids all giggled with delight, as Dollar told her mother in a mater-of-fact tone;

"Clearly you were mistaken in your belief that Santa wasn't real" - for once in her life, Anya did not know what to say.

Emily did not stop smiling all day, and of course it was partly to do with the general festivities of the day, but mostly it was because she had proved that Santa was real, and because she'd made her parents so happy, and because her special Christmas wish had really come true.

~The End~

~*~ Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for reading! ~*~