I have no idea what the word "spinning" has to do with Samara Morgan – don't ask… I guess I just wanted to say: "HAPPY HANUKKAH, MERRY CHRISTMAS, KWANZAA, ETC, AND MAKE SURE THAT YOUR TV STAYS OFF…"


Everything spinning as you fall to the floor

I want your life and nothing more

Shielding yourself from the freezing mist

Your screams of horror to my mind are its bliss

The spinning stops and you try to attack me

I retaliate and you scream in pure agony

Fear in your eyes as you try to escape

On the table lay the cause – the cursed tape

Staring at it, your eyes wide and aghast,

Then they turn to me, and you breathe your last…

Glaring intensely at the twisted face

You will forever stay in my torturous place

 Your shrieks unheard under the icy water

Until the world ends and even after;

I will always taint the world with my cruel laughter

To the television screen I slowly stagger

In my mind I will always keep winning

Yet for some reason the world keeps spinning…