After unloading the kids things out of the car Magda help CD make a list of the things she need to get if she decided to keep them. "Okay you have a car seat for Ariel you going to need one for Alyssa too." Magda said writing it down on the list.

"Okay." CD replied distantly.

"Your also need a stroller and a crib…"

"One or two?"

"Well Alyssa should be able to sleep in a regular bed but you might need to get the little rails." CD nodded and looked down at the little girl in her arms. "What else?" she asked forcing the words out.

"Well you need to think about child proofing your apartment. They also need more clothes then this." Magda answered trying hard not to pull CD in her arms to comfort her. Magda knew CD for a long time, she knew CD was the type of person that would rather work out her problems on her own then to be cuddled by someone.

"I uh just brought Alley some clothes yesterday. They're in the spare room along some toys" CD said her voice getting weary. Magda couldn't imagine how hard all of this was for CD.

"C' it's going to be alright." Magda said putting a reassuring hand on CD's knee. CD nodded and took a deep breath.

"What else."

"Ariel is going to need some more diapers and formula. You have enough that will you a couple more days maybe a week but you'll need more soon. Babies this size go through them quick."

"Is that all?"

"For now. I'll make a few calls to see what I can get you. The rest of the things we can get whenever your ready to. Okay?"

"Yeah, Thanks." she replied quietly

"No problem." Magda smiled and patted CD leg lightly

"No I mean it. I really appreciate the help." CD said honestly.

"Anytime CD. I'm going to make some calls I'll be back"

"Okay." Magda got up and walked across the room where CD phones was. While Magda made phone calls, CD put Alyssa down on the couch next to her and started to read the papers Abigail left her. Abigail had everything in order for CD in a thick vanilla envelope That contained the birth certificates medical cards and a things to know list on each child. This envelope also included adoption paper that Abby had already sighed. CD quickly signed her name on all the papers that would make her the official guarding of Ariel and Alyssa without a second thought. All she had to do now was take it to a lawyer and get everything process. Abby had a lawyer already lined up to finalize the process. She knew these kids needed her and if she was honest with herself she needed them as well.

"I managed to get you a crib, a stroller and some clothes that might fit them." Magda said walking back up to the couch as CD finish with the papers.

"Really? How did you manage to get that?"

"My mom still has Ben's crib. She wouldn't let me throw it away. I asked her if she had anything else and she did. I don't know where she got the clothes they were probably me and Lily's old clothes."

"Well Tell her thanks for me."

"I already did." Magda smiled.

"I can go over there and get everything today by myself or you can come with me and we can get everything one the list while we're out."

"You think there is enough room in my car?" she asked not knowing how big the things she had to get was.

"Well I can go get everything from my mom's while you go get everything else from the list." Magda said changing her initial suggestion.


"Do you want me to take one of them with me since you don't have the stroller yet?"


"I'll bring her back, I promise." Magda joked at CD's already overprotective nature.

"Okay I'll take Alyssa with me."

"Alright. You might want to wake her up soon or she going to be up all night."

"Thanks for the heads up."

"No problem." Magda chuckled

To Be Continued…