Unexpected Behaviour


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Yes! I'm doing a sequel people! Because all of you asked so nicely. But I had a major problem.

I have this twisted idea and I really want to post it but the thing is people might hate it. So I decided to do the impossible and I'm sure no one has done what I'm about to do......... And hopefully you won't say I'm stupid or crazy for doing it.

There will be TWO (2) Sequels to this story

I wrote a little funny story if you want to read to, or you can just skip it. Either way the information concerning the sequel will be written in both things.

So if you don't want to read, skip ahead after the lines.

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Naruto : Two sequels!? Is that even possible?

Neji : Naruto-koi, listen to what Ookima-san has to say

Ookima : Well people wanted the sequel to be about Neji and Naruto together

Sasuke : Great. I'm going to be stuck seeing the one I love be with someone else

*Sakura appears and taps on Sasuke's shoulder*

Sakura : Now you know how I feel

*Glares at Sakura and she glares back the Uchiha boy*

Ookima : Well you see, Sasuke-san, you'll get Naruto anyway.........

Neji, Naruto and Sakura together : NANI!?

Ookima : Don't kill me! The reviewers don't want poor Sasuke to be without Naruto and some of them want our little kitsune to remain with Neji.........So go kill them!

*Neji gives me a death glare, as the others don't know how to react.*

Ookima : Mind giving me some help here you pervert!

*Kakashi remained still as he was reading his perverted book, Come come Paradise*

Kakashi : What for Ookima-san?

Ookima : I'm trying to please everyone and now they want to kill me

*Hides behind Kakashi and only shows her head while Kakashi puts his book aside*

Kakashi : Why do you think she said two sequels?

Naruto : I don't get it. I can't be with Neji and then Sasuke at the same time?

*Neji glares at Kakashi and pulls Naruto into his arms*

Neji : Naruto's mine

Ookima : Well, technically it's my story so I can do what I want.........

Sasuke : Explain yourself then

Ookima : Well, first sequel will be about Neji and Naruto together, and you're all best friends now, no more fights between you and Neji ......... I hope.........

Sakura : What do you mean you hope!?

*Sakura waved her fists dangerously*

Sasuke : So I am screwed to live alone for the rest of my life. Itachi should've of killed me with my clan

*Lowers his head*

Naruto : Don't say that you bastard, What would I do without you?

*Naruto walks over to Sasuke to hug him. Neji glares at Naruto and Sasuke*

Kakashi : Don't kill Sasuke Neji-kun. That's why Ookima-san made a seuqle where Naruto and Neji are together an the other sequel will have a little of Neji and Naruto but then it will only be Naruto and Sasuke

Sasuke : So I'll have Naruto to myself in one of them?

Ookima : Hai hai

Sakura : How can you make all three of them happy and not me?

Ookima : well, no offence Sakura, but I don't like you at all

*Sakura lowers head, as the three boys continue to argue*

Naruto : Arigatou Ookima-chan! I get to be with both person I love most!

Ookima : Don't thank me, thank the reviewers that love all three of you and can't bare to see any of you miserable and alone.

Kakashi : I can't wait to see those two adventures .........

Neji : I'm not sharing him with you Uchiha

*Glares at Sasuke*

Sasuke : You wouldn't even be together if it weren't for me.

*Glares back to the Hyuga*


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I just did that for fun and wanted to see if I was good. You could always let me know.

So here's the clear info in case you didn't get it. There wil be two Sequels

SEQUEL Version 1 :

5 years later, Naruto and Neji now live together. Neji ashamed the Hyuga clan but Hinata and Hiashi were happy for them. Team 7 still takes mission and the boys take their relationship to a whole new level. How will things turn out?

Pairings : Neji x Naruto only

SEQUEL Version 2 :

5 years later, Naruto and Neji are still together, as Sasuke stays in the dark as his feelings are still strong for the blond. But he's more than happy to be Naruto's best friend.

Neji and Sasuke are Anbu Captains, as Naruto remains a Juunin due to the Kyubi still sealed within him. A new mission is handed out to Uchiha and Hyuga but something goes wrong.........

Pairings : Neji x Naruto and Sasuke x Naruto

So I will be posting two version of the sequel to satisfy everyone and you better all be happy because I'm working my butt off to update and write more for you people.

So if you read both versions do review. It would be appreciated.

I did this to please everyone and hopefully it will be the right thing ne?

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Oh my *&?*& GO! I've actually writing a lemon! I'm more perverted than I thought.........

Well my FIRST lemon ever! Hope it didn't suck too much. I wrote it because some people wanted more, so please forgive me if it wasn't what you expected.

Well please review on either site to let me know if I did good or bad ne?

I want to thank all my reviewers for sticking with this story and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. After all this story was my first lemon and yaoi story!


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