SSBM Convention!

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Chapter 1: Spin the Wheel for the Thrower of the Convention!

Setting: Fountain of Dreams, DreamLand

Ganondorf: Now it is the time! The time for DARKNESS! (Thunderstorms are heard in the background) BWAHAHAHAHA!

Link: (Whispers to Falco) I told you that this was a bad idea to let him spin the wheel.

Falco: Oh, come on! Just give Ganondorf a chance!


Falco: Let's toss him!

Link: You're speaking my language!

Ganondorf: Now! As the supreme ruler of Dreamland, I demand to own Kirby's Warpstar and the Golden Power!

Luigi: (Whispers to Link) The what?

Link: The Triforce.

Zelda: You can't have the Triforce Ganondorf! I still own all of Hyrule!

Ganondorf: And what are you going to do to stop me?

Zelda: I'll tell everyone your nickname!

Ganondorf: You wouldn't dare!

Zelda: Oh, I would! I would FLUFFY! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Thunderstorms are heard in the background)

Fox: Hey! That's my nickname ya ditz! (Everyone stares at Fox) Uh-oh.

Zelda: Well Fox, it looks like everyone knows your nickname!

Fox: Urgh! FISH PASTE!

Marth: You better hurry up and spin the wheel Ganon!

Ganondorf: You DO NOT address me as Ganon! How many times must I tell you that!? My name is Ganondorf the supreme ruler of Dreamland! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Thunderstorms are heard in the background)

Peach: (Walks up to the big wheel with all the SSBM characters names on it, and spins it) I did it!

Ganondorf: What? What is the meaning of this? DID I APPROVE OF YOU SPINNING THE WHEEL?

Peach: But, I spun it for you Ganon (in a deep voice) DORK!

Ganondorf: One day! I shall find the person who started these name calling games! Then they shall hand their soul to me! MWAHAHA.....


Ganondorf: Oversized?

Ness: Look! The wheel stopped spinning!

Pikachu: (In a deep voice) YEAH!

All except Pikachu: GASP! YOU CAN TALK?

Pikachu: Pika! Pika!

Roy: Well that didn't last long.

Link: It's gonna stop!

Bowser: And this time Ness, don't cheat by using your psychic powers!

Ness: What would lead you to the idea that I would use my powers for cheating?

Bowser: (Growls) Snarl! Snarl!

Ness: Gasp!

Ganondorf: It shall be ME!

Yoshi: Yoshi! Yoshi!

Mewtwo: It will be ME! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Mario: Oh, for crying out loud! SHUT UP ALREADY!

Zelda: It's, it's....!

Link: It's?

Kirby: HAHAHAHAHA! ^_^

Fox: Huh? Ganon....

Peach: DORK?

Ganondorf: It's me? IT'S ME! ^_^ YES!

Link: Oh, no! His ego's showing.

Luigi: Where?

Zelda: Shut up Luigi!


Everyone is poofed to Hyrule Castle, Hyrule.

Zelda: Where are we? (Looks around) WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Link: WHAT?

Mario: OH, SHUT UP!

Marth: Were in Hyrule!

Roy: Uh-oh.....

Ness: You know what this means?

Ganondorf: TRIFORCE!


Link: The sad part about this is that I don't get to kick Ganondorf's sorry...

Ganondorf: AS your new ruler, I demand Kirby's Warpstar and the Golden Power!

Luigi: The what?

Link: The Triforce!

Bowser: Listen you scum! You may be the ruler of this convention but you're not the ruler of me! Cause you see, I'm the true villain here!

Ganondorf: (Makes a fist) Oh, really?

Bowser: YEAH!

Ganondorf punches Bowser 3 stages over ending up in Venom.

Ganondorf: Anyone else wanna be a dummy?

All: No.

2 hours later.....

Mario is sitting on the ground slacking off and being lazy.

Ganondorf: Mario? Why aren't you doin your job?

Mario: I finished two hours ago!

Ganondorf: What do you mean you finished 2 hours ago? What was your job?

Mario: You should know, DUMMY! You assigned it to me!

Ganondorf: That's it Mario! I've had enough of your sass! You're GOIN home!

As Ganondorf was about to punch Mario, Mario punched Ganondorf instead! Making Ganon fly 3 stages landing in Venom with Bowser.

C. Falcon: What happened to him?

Mario: * Twitches *

C. Falcon: Okay....

In Venom......

Ganondorf: (Stares at the gigantic sized Bowser with fright in his eyes) Uh- oh!

Bowser: (In and Australian accent) HELLO. Ganondorf: Heh! Heh!

End of Chapter

E/N: I hope you liked this first chapter! I could do better, I know. (Sighs) Anyway, the next chapter will be about Ganondorf and his setup for the convention! This is supposed to go on for a week! Heh! Heh!