Need You Tonight


Synopsis: Ashley has discovered the truth about Craig and Manny, and her entire world seems to have crumbled. But who can she turn to for help?


Disclaimer: Don't own Degrassi, title is from song by INXS, etc. And like my story Mama Help Me, this is a one-chapter story. Don't expect continuation, as it is very unlikely.


          Tears streamed down her face as she walked down the lonely streets. Her arms were holding herself, hugging herself, as if they were trying desperately to give her the comfort she needed. It was early evening, darkness threatening to slide across the sky. She had been walking for an hour. Initially she went home, but staying there seemed impossible. She was so restless, so hurt. She needed to escape her home. It was suffocating her. She couldn't breathe there, nor was she having a successful time now. But it was better this way, better she was outside and moving then sitting home and sobbing.

          Craig had betrayed her. He lied to her for god knows how long. He cheated on her and lied to her.

          She remembered when he came to her house. He said they had to talk. She had been too naïve to figure out his tone, what was and had been going on. Instead she cut him off, gave him a present. And he told her he loved her.

          He loved the guitar, not me.

          Fresh tears streamed down her face, and she could barely hold in the sobs that were fighting to escape. Girlish whimpers kept spilling from her closed mouth. She finally gave in to the hurting, and could walk no more.

          She fell on the ground and sobbed. She could feel her heart breaking. She could feel nothing but the aching inside her chest.

          She thought she loved him. She was sure she did. But he didn't feel the same way. Maybe it was her fault. Maybe she was too clingy, too eager to feel love that she pushed him away. He had been through very hard times, and she hadn't considered that. She only wanted to hear I love you. She didn't think of his feelings.

          How could I be so stupid? She asked herself. She hadn't been half as clingy with Jimmy, and she knew that she probably seemed almost psychotic with need.

          How could he do this to me?

          Ashley didn't know how long she sat there, but it was dark when she heard someone say, "Ash?"

          Ashley ignored the voice, thinking it was Craig. It could only be Craig. Who else would be looking for her? But she wouldn't, couldn't, face him.

          "Ashley, what's wrong?"

          Slowly she realized if it were Craig, he'd already know. She looked up into the sky, tears streaming down her face, and above her like an angel was Jimmy Brooks.

          His face was soft, concerned. Ashley's tears wouldn't stop. Jimmy sat down next to her. He wanted to ask if she was okay, but the thought struck him as stupid.

          He touched her tentatively, and when she didn't pull away, he wrapped his arms around her, held her, whispered in her ear it will be okay, it will be okay, it will be okay.

          Ashley didn't know how long she cried on him, but saw she had soaked his T-shirt through. He didn't mind, however.

          "How could I be so stupid, Jimmy? All this time, and he was just using me…cheating on me," she whispered.

          Jimmy pet her hair and said, "Everything will be alright, Ash. I'll always be here for you."

          Tears reformed in her eyes. "I'll always love you, Jimmy."

          Jimmy kissed the top of Ashley's head. "Whatever happens, I love you, too."

          Ashley cried.