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Chapter 20. Holyhead Hubbub.

There is a tradition of having a late breakfast on Boxing Day morning and who were they to buck tradition including Tonks who told them that she had returned at twelve thirty the previous night. She also assured them that she had had a very nice time, without any further elaboration.

Then she told them that she thought that she might of convinced Charlie to give up his job as a Dragon Handler in Rumania and to come to work at Hogwarts. Albus had told him that he needed someone to teach flying and to help with Care of Magical Creatures. The Headmaster wanted Hagrid to complete his fifth year schooling and to do more work with the giants, which would require him being away for long periods of time.

Ginny was really excited at the prospect of Charlie coming to live back in Britain and she knew that her mother would be over the moon if he gave up working with dragons and was working nearer home.

Hermione then told the others something that she previously had only told Harry; she and Grizz were seriously considering the reintroduction Dragons into the Care of Magical Creatures syllabus and they were not to breath a word to anybody about it especially Hagrid. Currently they thought that students should learn the theory at Hogwarts then they should go to a reservation to study the actual living Dragons, but these sorts of ideas were still open to debate and for many reasons, could easily change.

Harry asked Tonks if it would be ok if he and Hermione visited his cousin Mark Evans, she told him that she would ask the Headmaster unless he wanted to do it himself, as the Headmaster had just arrived.

Albus said good morning to them all, then said to Tonks. "Well Charlie has agreed to come to work at Hogwarts, I don't know what you said to him but it worked and I thank you." Both Tonks and Ginny were grinning like Cheshire cats.

Then smiling Harry said, "I now have an excuse to allow Charlie to come here, if Tonks wants him to and of course if he wants to come."

The Headmaster queried. "What do you mean Harry?"

Harry replied. "Well I dare not let him come yesterday because we have decided that Ron can not bring Lavender Brown, since I believe she would be a security risk; but Charlie is in the Order and if he is a teacher as well I can bypass that problem with him and hopefully not have Ron explode then sulk for a fortnight."

"I see what you mean," said the Headmaster, "are there any more questions?"

So Harry asked. "Would it be alright if Hermione and I went to visit my cousin Mark Evans, he lives in Nether Whinging?"

Dumbledore thought for a minute and answered. "Yes I don't see why not, if when you have arranged a day and a time you telephone Mrs Figg." He was writing a phone number on a small piece of parchment. "She will open her Floo to let you use it, also she will tell her daughter Arrabella and she will keep an eye out for you." He passed Harry the piece of paper and then he continued. "Has anyone any more questions?" "No, good then I will be leaving," so he went into the lounge and Disapparated.

Shortly after the Headmaster had left they heard Molly calling from the fireplace in the lounge, so they all went into the other room talk too her. Molly asked if they would all come to the Burrow, she was very excited so they all went by Floo to the Burrow and as usual Molly welcomed them. Tonks threw her arms around Charlie and gave him a rather prolonged kiss and when they stopped Molly pulled them apart so that she could give Tonks a big hug thanking her for persuading him to work in England and then she gave Tonks back to Charlie.

Then Harry said, "Well Charlie you can come with us if you wish."

Ron came out of the lounge and said, "How come he can go with you but Lavender isn't allowed to come with me."

Harry said, "Because Charlie is in the Order also he is a Hogwarts teacher and..." Lavender Brown appeared, in the doorway, behind Ron and Harry stopped talking.

But Molly was steaming and she continued, "And he isn't a security risk with a voice like Ludo Bagman's Sonorus charm. If one word gets out about what is going on neither the pair of you will have any memory left, the way you are carrying on Ron is putting the whole operation in jeopardy, you only think with your trousers, now get out of my sight the pair of you." Ron was looking totally flabbergasted and he Flooed with Lavender to the Three Broomsticks, then Molly continued. "I am sorry about that but he has had it coming and he picked just the wrong time to open his stupid mouth, Albus calls her 'Sonorus Hogwarticus,' you all go off now and have a nice time I must contact Albus I don't think that he is going to be too happy with me."

Harry and Ginny went over and both cuddled Molly then Ginny said, "Don't worry Mum, Professor Dumbledore knows that this was brewing and Ron will come around in time."

So Molly told them, "I think that if I was Albus I wouldn't give him time to come around I would wipe their memories straight away before they have chance to do any damage and I told you lot to go off and have some fun." So Harry told Charlie the Floo address of the flat and they all left the Burrow for the coast.

After they had had their lunch and Charlie had been shown all around the flat then he took Tonks back to the Burrow and from there they were going to travel to Rumania to collect all of Charlie's belongings. Also he was going to tell the reservation controllers that he would not be returning to work as he was going to teach in Hogwarts.

Fortunately dragon handling was one of those jobs that was so dangerous when you decided that you had had enough you could just leave.

When the Headmaster arrived at the flat an hour later it was to tell them that he had confronted Ron and Lavender who were alone in the Gryffindor common room at the time. Ron had been present when he had erased all of Molly's conversation and most of the rest of the morning's conversation from Lavender Brown's memory. He went on to tell them that he had also had a long talk with Ron basically reading him the riot act about his behaviour and about Lavender Brown's inability to keep things to herself. The upshot of this conversation was that Ron had promised the Headmaster that he would ditch the gossip queen as soon as he could find a suitable excuse to do so.

Then Harry asked, "So do you think that it will be alright if we ask Padma to join us?"

"Yes," the Headmaster replied, "I think that he realises there is a world of difference between her and Miss Brown."

After Albus had made some library cards for Charlie and Padma he left for the order's Headquarters.

Harry went and called Parvati using the Floo and asked her if she and Padma wanted to come to the flat for the rest of the holiday. Both of the twins were very keen so Harry Flooed to them to give Padma the Floo address and to help to bring her things.

Half an hour later when Harry arrived back with the Patil twins, Ron was in the flat and Aberforth was just leaving, he had added another two bedrooms, one each for Padma and Charlie.

The twins immediately stood directly in front of Ron and told him straight that he had chosen Lavender over them and it was going to take time and good behaviour on his part before either of them would look at him romantically again. That done they told him that they wanted to be friends with everyone and he was included in 'the everyone' provided he did not take his 'I am a prat', potion again.

Harry and Hermione had always thought that Padma was very quiet but it turned out that she was just as bubbly as her sister although she did not seem quite so erratic. As she was shown around the flat Padma became really excited what with all the Muggle things, her room, the computers, the library even the training room.

Ron it turned out had written his mum an apology, then he had gone to the Owlery to post it but half way there he had realised that left it on his desk so he went back to collect it. When he had arrived back in the common room he found Lavender snogging Dean Thomas who had come back early and it had been all the excuse he had needed to finish with her. He had packed his things, added a note to the bottom of the letter to his mum, sent it and then he had come back to the flat, seeking forgiveness, which of course he received.


Today it was Saturday and it was the twenty-eighth of December that meant that they were all going to the Holyhead Harpies ground for a training day. Harry decided that he would go to Hermione's house with her to collect Ruth Jenkins and her family whilst all of the others went directly to Anglesey.

As he came out of the Floo Harry could see the Jenkins family coming up the drive and Hermione was on her way to unlock the front door and let them into the house.

The six of them were gathered around the fireplace whilst Hermione explained to Ruth and her family how to use the Floo, needless to say they all looked fairly apprehensive. Harry went first with Hermione coming last and as she arrived at the Holyhead Harpies Stadium she closed her home connection.

All in all the Jenkins thought that travelling by Floo was very good, the actual experience was not too great but they had travelled the best part of three hundred miles in under half a minute. When put in perspective like this it made them realise just how lucky the wizard world was, if they had used Muggle transport it would have taken five hours, if they had been extremely lucky.

It took seconds for Arthur to reintroduce himself to the family and he decided to adopt the Jenkins for the day they were Muggles after all. Also Ruth's little sister Catrin very much wanted to be a witch so he introduced her to Professor McGonagall who had come to watch her Gryffindors, but the pair of them soon disappeared together.

Harry, Parvati, Luna, Ginny and Hermione had gone to change, which for the girls was not a problem, they were with the first team and the reserves who were all girls, but for Harry it was a different matter because he was the only male there. Eventually it took Moyreg Williams herself to sort the girls out and Harry was given Hesta Jenkins room to change in, however her parting remark of, 'If anyone rapes him before I do they are dead meat,' didn't do a lot for his confidence. He hadn't seen the wink that Moyreg had, given to Hermione on her way out.

Being a professional Quidditch team the Harpies had, amongst other things, a permanent training ground with the sixteen-point circuit set up around it, this was where they were to spend most of the day training.

Having completed a half an hour warming up all of the girls were gathered around in the centre of the pitch when there was a series of pops and they were surrounded by Voldemort and all of his remaining Death Eaters.

"Use 'Anallugi'," Harry called.


Voldemort had been in a foul mood since the end of June and as far as he could tell it was all Potter's fault.

Everything he had tried to do since Malfoy and Bellatrix had failed to collect the Prophecy for him from the Ministry of Magic had gone wrong and it was all Potters fault.

He was like a spoiled child, he didn't know why but it was. Definitely. All Potters Fault.

Since June Potter' exploits had been generating hope amongst the ordinary witches and wizards making it nearly impossible to recruit decent new followers, why couldn't he find six like the half dozen that had cost him most of his best followers. For gods sake they were only fourth and fifth year students in Hogwarts, how had Potter managed to force them to go to the Ministry with him?

The thought never occurred to the Dark Lord that they might have volunteered to follow willingly.

Lucius' son, what was his name? Draco? He was pathetic but his two friends Crabbe and Goyle's moronic offspring, well he was glad that they had been caught at Gringotts, the pair of them had been nothing but a liability. One brain cell between them, he was certain that they shared it on alternate days and he was also sure that they gave it a rest on Sundays

From the time starting with that battle in the Ministry of Magic the light side had taken out more than twenty-five of his Death Eaters. It only left him with a dozen because he had been having an extremely difficult time recruiting new followers with regular reports of their demise, either in firefights or in court, it was Potter again.

In some ways the Dark Lord was not stupid and knew that in order to move forward he had to remove Harry Potter; his nemesis generated too strong a following from supporters of the light side so to progress Potter had to be killed.

This was why he had come today, hoping to catch him unprepared.

But you don't catch wand-less magic warriors of this ilk unprepared.


It had taken no more than three seconds and Voldemort was left with Wormtail to his left and Bellatrix Lestrange to his right, they were facing a line comprising Luna, Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Parvati. His other supporters were scattered, unconscious around the Quidditch pitch at various ungainly angles and all of their wands were on fire, including their spares that were still attached to their bodies.

Three of the girls didn't take their eyes off the evil trio but Harry ignored them and turned to Hermione and said, "Kiss me please."

Voldemort started laughing but then she kissed him.

As their lips touched there was an explosion of heavenly music, immediately, as Harry and Hermione pointed at the Dark Lord they both silently cast 'Cariad Trechu Holl,' (Love Conquers All).

Bellatrix and Wormtail moved to try to defend their master but they were not quick enough, Wormtail was hit by Luna's spell and although Bellatrix managed to dodge Parvati's shot Ginny scored a direct hit. The evil pair were banished across the arena, unconscious with their wands on fire.

Meanwhile Voldemort was fighting the purple beam that was coming from the loving couples hands, but there was no doubt, love was winning, the Dark lord was gradually becoming Grey.

Suddenly there was a loud 'PHUT!' as the ground seemed to open for an instant and Voldemort was gone.

The music stopped as Hermione and Harry collapsed to the ground, it was over.

There were multitudinous pops as the Headmaster, Mme. Pomfrey, medi-witches and Aurors arrived on the scene.

Instantly Professor Dumbledore created a Portkey that whisked Hermione, Harry and the school nurse directly to the Hogwarts Medical Wing, Ginny refused to be left behind and she took the Portkey with them.


With the demise of the Dark Lord a great weight seemed to have lifted off the wizarding world and those present realised that to all intents and purposes their world had suddenly become free.

The mood was euphoric and it spread out from the Harpies stadium at a remarkable rate. Everyone was asking what had happened however the two people who knew most were lying unconscious in Hogwarts infirmary.

Obviously the training session had to be abandoned and after talking to the relevant parents Luna, Parvati, Padma, Neville, Tonks, Ron and Charlie took a Portkey to Hogwarts.

Professor Dumbledore created another Portkey for Arthur and Molly to take the Jenkins to their home and then he returned to the castle along with the Deputy Headmistress.

When they arrived back in the Jenkins' house Mr. Weasley asked Catrin, "So how did you enjoy your time with us and Professor McGonagall today?"

Catrin had been well away from where the trouble was happening and luckily she had neither seen nor heard anything, in fact Ruth, who had been in the middle of the ground had seen very little either. Everything had happened so quickly, with Harry's team reacting instantly, that nobody had even had time to get frightened, after three seconds the Death Eaters were down and Voldemort was contained in another five, thirty seconds later he was gone.

The younger Miss Jenkins would be eleven in a few weeks time so she was extremely excited and she told them, "It was brilliant, first she changed all sorts of things into all sorts of other things for me to see, then she changed into a cat and then she tried to teach me how to turn a matchstick into a sewing needle, but mine wasn't very good, it was blunt.


Molly took the blunt needle off Catrin and after examining it she handed it back to the young girl, then with a big smile she said, "Do you know what this means?"

The little girl was looking sad and shaking her head then she said hopefully, "That I'm not very good at making needles?"

Her parents, Ruth, Arthur and Molly all laughed then Arthur said, "No silly, if you can turn a matchstick into this it means that you are a witch, like your sister."

Catching flies is the term generally used to describe the expression on Catrin's face but then it lit up like the sunrise and she started dancing around the room chanting, "I'm a witch, I'm a witch, I'm a witch…"

Molly told the excited young girl, "But you are not to tell anybody and you can only talk about it to your mum, dad and sister, do you understand, if you don't follow this rule then they won't let you go to Hogwarts."

Catrin quietened down immediately and then after thinking a minute she asked, "But how will they know?"

Arthur looked straight into her eyes and said, "Magic."

Mr Jenkins thanked them for what in the most part they had thought to be a wonderful day and then Molly and Arthur 'Apparated' to Hogsmeade from where they would walk to Hogwarts.


Poppy Pomfrey put Harry and Hermione in beds on opposite sides of the ward but Ginny was having none of that, the nurse was amazed when the little firebrand wandlessly moved all of the beds around putting her friends beds next to each other, touching. However when the unconscious couple immediately smiled and held hands she realised that what Ginny had done was exactly the right thing.

Ginny asked the nurse, "What's the matter with them Mme Pomfrey?"

"As far as I can tell," she answered, "nothing except that they are both totally exhausted. The pair of them will probably sleep for at least two days and no one is to wake them up as impatient as they will all get."

The redhead smiled and said, "Then I will help you guard them, I should think that our other friends will be here soon and we will take it in turns to keep everyone away from them."

Sure enough, Ten minutes later Ginny was joined by Luna, Parvati, Padma, Neville, Tonks, Ron and Charlie who had come to Hogwarts with the Portkey, Tonks divided them into pairs to keep guard on the sleeping couple. There were to be two on guard, two on standby and four resting this way, using two hour watches, they knew that they could continue the guard indefinitely.

Professor McGonagall, the Headmaster and Mr and Mrs Weasley all arrived half an hour after the others and although they were extremely curious as to what Harry and Hermione had done they settled for a description from Ginny of the spell that the others had used.

Ginny told them, "The incantation is 'Anallugi' which translates as 'disable,' and none of the modern defensive shields blocks it which is greatly in its favour. It stuns and banishes your opponent, at the same time it sets their wand on fire or as was the case with all of the Death Eaters, their wands on fire. We have all been practicing it but today was the first time we have used it against another person, as you saw it is not a very friendly thing to use but also it is very effective. And before you bother to ask none of us know anything about the spell that Hermione and Harry used on Voldemort, but it worked very well, didn't it?"

The Headmaster agreed that Harry and Hermione's spell had been effective and then asked, "Professor Tonks, did you know anything about the 'disable' spell they used?"

She knew nothing about it and so she was able to look Professor Dumbledore straight in the eye and say, "Nothing at all sir."

Within two hours of the Dark Lords defeat a huge crowd had started gathering in front of the castle, of course they wanted news of Harry and Hermione but apart from the fact that they were alive there was none. It was fortuitous that it was the end of December because in Scotland that meant that it was very cold with thick snow and as night fell, about four o'clock, the wind got up and it started snowing again.

Everybody had to go home or freeze to death.

It was nearly lunchtime on Wednesday when the loving couple eventually woke up and Charlie was on duty with Ginny, they helped the heroes to the shower and then to get dressed. However as soon as Poppy Pomfrey saw that they were up she sent them back to bed telling them that they would not be strong enough to move around for a few days because they had been flat on their backs for four days.

That afternoon there was a debriefing in the hospital wing and in addition to the friends from the flat all of the interested parties from the school and the Ministry of Magic were there.

Hermione explained to them all that as far as she understood it, the spell they had used separated the evil and the magic from the Dark Lord and banished it, along with his soul, to 'the Abyss'. In the case of Voldemort this meant that there was nothing left, his body had been created magically in the cemetery at Little Hangleton and that was why his body appeared to dissolve, it had not been real.

It was Saturday before the loving couple were up and about properly and the gang decided that there was no point in going back to the penthouse so Charlie and Tonks went and collected their things and brought them to Gryffindor tower.


It was Thursday morning and it would be fair to say that the loving couple were at the end of their tethers; they had not had a second's peace since the rest of the school had returned on Sunday. Walking to breakfast they were discussing their options, at dinner yesterday evening the Headmaster announced that the Witch Weekly and the Daily Prophet had handed a huge donation to the school governors. Reporters and photographers from both publications would be allowed into the school at lunchtime, this had not pleased them and when Professor McGonagall told them that as from tonight they would be allowed to sleep together it had nearly been the last straw.

It would only take one more thing and this morning it was double Potions.

The lesson started with Snape being even more obnoxious than usual and then he called Hermione 'a bloody jumped up attention seeking Muggle-born bitch', showing great restraint Harry told him to keep his inane personal remarks to himself.

Snape said, "So what can you do about it, Potter?" then he drew his wand from his pocket.


Ginny, Luna, Parvati, Neville and Ron were also in the Potions class so the spell hit him from all seven of the group at once and not one of them had used a wand.

The greasy haired teacher flew backwards and totally destroying a cabinet full of potions he slammed into the wall, his limbs were at odd angles and both of his arms and legs were on fire.

Almost immediately the Headmaster arrived with the school nurse, "What is all this?" she asked, because Snape's wands were still burning.

Without a trace of remorse, Hermione said, "He was carrying five wands, was he looking for trouble?"

Professor Dumbledore extinguished the fires and when Poppy examined him she said that he was severely injured and would need to go to St. Mungo's Hospital.

The Headmaster asked, "Miss Greengrass, what happened?"

Daphne Greengrass had been appointed Slytherin prefect replacing Pansy Parkinson at the beginning of the school year and she answered, "Snape was in a foul mood and he called Hermione, 'a bloody jumped up attention seeking Muggle-born bitch', so Harry asked him relatively nicely to keep his personal remarks to himself. Then the evil twerp drew his wand. I do not know what the spell was that hit Snape but it was cast in self defence, but what were all of those fires?"

Harry said, "Amongst other things the spell sets fire to any wand or wands the target is carrying and he must have been carrying five wands."

The Supreme Mugwump created a Portkey and told Poppy that it would carry her and her patient to the secure ward at the wizarding hospital. When she arrived she was to tell the duty Senior Auror that the Headmaster would be filing charges against the ex-potions professor later in the day.

Harry and Hermione stood and she said to the Headmaster, "We have been discussing it and we have bothdecided to leave Hogwarts and get married, our life is not our own here, may we first go to the flat please? We wish to leave before the Press arrive."


Minor Epilogue.

Hermione and Harry had left Hogwarts within an hour and Albus Dumbledore married them at the Burrow three weeks later; he had taken steps to have them both declared Emancipated Minors in the wizarding world.

Subsequently he had ceded control of the Potter Trust to Harry and the happy couple moved to a ten square mile island called 'Lilly's Lagoon', it belonged to Harry. The island was located approximately fifty miles North, North, West of Bermuda and it was unplotable, apart from the very large colonial style house on the island it was used as a refuge for free House Elves.

When they first arrived, Aberforth spent some time there with them helping to get it all set up, he created Portals in the study that allowed them both to access from the island to the whole of the library at Hogwarts. Subsequently they both returned to school to sit their NEWT examinations with the rest of their year and they each scored straight O's in their five subjects.

Reusable Portkeys were created to carry their family and friends between Britain and the West Indian Island; these were the only people who were allowed to visit them, their friends included the Headmaster and several members of Hogwarts staff.

Eventually they had six children and so Myrddin's earlier predictions became a happy reality.


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