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"This is impossible! I can't just sit around here and do nothing while those circus people have my Kimmy!" Mr. Possible roared as he stalked around the kitchen.

Ron jumped up from his slumped position at the kitchen table. "Yo, Mr. P, the thing we gotta do is just wait on Wade to figure out where they are holding her. And then we can go and get her, or rather I can go and get her."

"If you think that you are going without us then you are sadly mistaken, Ronald." Mrs. Possible informed him in her best, no nonsense, brain surgeon voice.

Ron hung his head and scuffed his feet. He really wanted to save Kim himself. He wanted to show her that he could do great things too and that he wasn't just a distraction. Maybe then she would like him as much as she liked Josh. Ron's head popped up and he shook his head. Where had that thought come from? Kim was just Kim. He couldn't believe that he had thought that he would like her to like him as much as she liked Josh.


"Shego, give me that magazine back right this instant! You had better hand it over before I do something drakkenish. " Drakken stomped his foot and wailed at the top of his lungs.

"Drakkenish? Did you seriously just say drakkenish? That is so not even a word." Shego cocked an eyebrow at him and waved the magazine around.

"It is so a word."

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is."

"No it isn't"

"Yes it is!"

"Look it up in the dictionary and I guarantee that it will not be there." Shego replied.

"I don't own a dictionary." Drakken glowered.

Shego just laughed and held the magazine further. "It is my turn to pick out the furniture. And if you don't let me I might just get a little bit mad."

Drakken crossed his arms and curled his nose. "I'm not scared of you at all. You think your all that, Shego, but you're not."

She growled and advanced toward him.

"Never mind, sweetums, pick out the furniture you want." Drakken muttered, holding his hands in the air and backing away.

Kim was watching them with something akin to disgust on her face.

Shego tossed her a look and stalked toward the door. "Got a problem, it be being tied to a chair while you two try to figure out something totally stupid?" Kim asked with a sticky sweet voice.

Shego rolled her eyes and swept through the door then popped her head back in and glowered at Drakken. "Make sure that she doesn't escape."

Drakken rolled his eyes when she left the room. "Do this, Drakken, do that, Drakken. I am the ultra hip boss here."

Kim did nothing to disguise her snort of laughter.

Drakken whipped around and eyed her. "What was that, little missy?"

"I just think it's funny that you somehow think that you are still the boss."

"I am so still the boss."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"I am so not playing this game, Drakken." Kim said with an exasperated sigh.

"Oh, goodie, I win. Now say Drakken is the boss." Drakken demanded in glee as he jumped up and down.

Kim raised her eyebrow and stared at him. "Sorry, but you aren't."

"I am so." Drakken's face grew an interesting shade of dark blue.

"Fraid not." Kim mused.

Drakken glowered further. "I am so the boss and that is that. And I am off the hook too!"

"Fraid not." Kim replied.

"Am so."

"Your plans always fail."

"That is because you spoil them." Drakken muttered.

Kim laughed. "I win."

"Oh phooey." Drakken said as he marched from the room.

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