Breaking the Ice

Part 5

He called her several times: cell phone, and home phone. And figured out that she turned off her cell phone and answering machine! Calling was useless, so he tried going to her house, but whenever he knocked there was no answer. She could either be home and know who was behind her door, but just ignored his knock, or she could be out. Hoping that she was out and not ignoring him, he would leave in disappointment.

Finally he would tell his mother in person, "Mother, Sakura and I are calling off the engagement."

What surprised him most was her response, "Why call it off when it was never on?"

"How did you know?" He asked her in a stunned voice.

"I'm your mother I know everything. Besides you two were the worse actors. I sensed both yours and hers discomfort around each other. But I also sense something else," Yelan smiled at him.

"What else?"

"That you are positively smitten over that girl."

"What if I am," he said, feeling the petulance rise in him.

"You're so strange… You're in love, but you won't admit it to yourself." Yelan shook her head. "I see a lot of your father in you."

"What? I'm not like that man at all!"

"He was head strong, like me. But he made some mistakes. Still it doesn't make him a bad man. You've grown to be like me, but a lot of him is still in you. Don't make the same mistakes he made."

"Sakura, I need HELP, pronto!!!!" Tomoyo shouted as she banged on Sakura's door.

Sakura woke up abruptly at the sound of her voice. And drowsily she slipped into her bear slippers and opened the door. Tomoyo ran in and started packing some of Sakura's clothes in a suitcase.

Sakura rubbed her eyes and groaned, "Tomoyo, it's 6:30 in the morning. What's wrong with you?"

"I just got back from California. They like my work!"

"Why are you back so early anyway?" Sakura yawned glimpsing at the calendar. "It's December 21st, not to mention a Sunday."

"It's extraordinary! We have to get to New York!" She shouted while stuffing a handful of clothes into Sakura's arms.

"That's a six hour drive! Are you out of your mind?"

"Never mind, get dress!" Tomoyo shouted over her, pushing the girl into the bathroom and slamming the door.

"I'm not changing unless, I have an explanation." Sakura shouted through the closed door.

"I started these new kawaii designs after I found out all those judges liked my work over at California. I tried all the models, but none of them fit in the clothes the way I can imagine you will. This is going to be great; you're going to look so great. When everything works out, we can relax again. What do you say? Help me? Please?"

Sakura stepped out of the bathroom all dressed. "Other than model what else can I do?"

Tomoyo screamed and hugged her fiercely. "I'm so glad you still aren't mad at me for… You know…"

"It's over, what's done is done. Just don't do it again."

"I won't, I promise," Tomoyo said, while beaming at the other girl. "Judging by the look on your face I bet that first date didn't go so well." Tomoyo nudged her arm playfully.

"Yeah, it just didn't work out between us two."

Tomoyo blinked at Sakura in surprise when she noticed how down Sakura was when she spoke.

"I got a feeling there's something wrong…"

Sakura glared at her friend, "If you want me to model for you, then stay out of my business!"

"Sakura," Tomoyo said in a hurt voice.

"If it weren't for you I would not have ever met Li!"

"Oh Sakura," Tomoyo hugged her. "It went that bad, I'm sorry."

"Ross came a few nights ago and he was so scary…"

"What happened? Did he hurt you?"


"Thank goodness. Did you call the police?"


"Thank goodness. I want the full story when we get to the car."

Sakura was barely able to let out a gasp, when Tomoyo dragged her out of the room by one arm with brute force.

Two days, Sakura stayed in a hotel with Tomoyo. She was a good actor, acting in front of Tomoyo as if nothing happened between Syaoran and her. She was a good actor when she was with Syaoran. People actually believed that they were engaged. She always gave Tomoyo a fake smile, but Tomoyo overlooked it over her own excitement due to her success. Sakura personally wanted to get Syaoran off her mind, but he stayed.

But it wasn't until the last day when Tomoyo and Sakura went shopping in New York City—which is just as busy at night—that Syaoran had helped her again. Not in person, but in spirit as always. Tomoyo and Sakura were walking out of store, when a man grabbed Tomoyo by the purse. Sakura on instinct kicked him in the gut and punched him in the back. The man doubled over at first, but recovered from the smaller girl's blows. He blocked her next attack and aimed for her side, her right side, and her vulnerable side. Sakura twirled to the side, causing the man to tumble forward with the help of Sakura's elbow at his back. Tomoyo clapped and stared at her friend in astonishment. Sakura scratched her head and said, "Aw, it was nothing." Passers-by stopped to see what had happened, and they too, stared at Sakura in astonishment.

Sakura was so proud of herself that once she returned home the next day she decided to visit the Li Mansion. She was warmly greeted by Wei at the door. That pride inside her kept blooming, and she had forgotten that she was trying to avoid Syaoran. She stopped by the door of the training room and plastered a genuine smile on her face. Then, she stormed in and shouted, "Syaoran! You wouldn't believe what just happened the other day."

Syaoran, who was sweating from head to toe, gave her a quizzical look. The sword in one hand settled to his side as he focused on the girl.

"Where have you been? You've missed almost three days of practices already," he spoke, silently hoping that she did not know how much he missed her.

"I was with Tomoyo!" She shouted in excitement. "We were in New York, and then I fought some bozo who—"

He walked over to her and shouted back, "Don't get into fights, especially when you don't know what your opponent is capable of!"

"But, I didn't do it on purpose," she spoke in a soft voice while she cowered under his gaze.

There was a silence before Syaoran spoke again.

"Why didn't you pick up the phone when I called?"

"I was in New York."

"Then why didn't you call me?"

She could not answer him. Looking at her with disappointed eyes, he took out a piece of paper and handed it to her. Sakura was careful not to touch his fingers as her hand reached for the delicate, yellow sheet. But once she had a closer look at what he had given her, the tears found their way out.

Syaoran gave her a sad smile, "I'll understand, if you don't want to speak to me anymore. But I just wanted to let you know how important you are to me and how much I've missed you these passed few days." His hand rested on her cheek as he continued, "I can care less if you don't ever want to see me again, but I just want you to be safe. So don't go picking fights with anyone, okay?"

Sakura stared up at him as she cried, his hand never leaving her face. It was now or never for her, Sakura to speak. "I was not happy that first night, but I thought I threw this away," she said, her eyes never leaving his. "All I wanted was to live my life alone, but then you walked in! And you are the coldest person I've ever met." Sakura shook her head and allowed his hand to drop.

He gave her yet another one of his sad smiles. "I'm sorry that is the reason you hate me. I've been told many times of how I am, but I'm relieved you feel the same way about me."

"You are relieved that you are mean!?"

"No, I'm relieved that you told me the truth about myself. So then, I will try to hide a bit of myself from my wife in the future."

Sakura dropped her head in dejection. She was no longer his temporary fiancé. But she had to tell him how she felt before her courage ran out. "Yeah, you go and give your new wife a pampered life! You just remember that at least I know what's going to be underneath that new mask because I've seen it. That cold, careless, selfish side of you that you are going to hide from her!" Out of her rage and [jealousy?] she had spoken so boldly towards him, even though she knew that it was two-thirds of the time all wrong.

"You never understood how I felt. Being dragged into that fake engagement, and being pushed by your mother. Back home if I had Touya, he would never let this happen to me. Sometimes I wish I had never met Ross or you! Ross's love was fake, yours was never there!"

Syaoran gave her a confused look and spoke quietly, "What are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying that it's all your fault! Everything's your fault! You made me fall in love again when I strictly did not want it! You made me fall in love again when I tried avoiding your fake gentle self! And worst of all, that person that I fell in love with had to be you! Out of all people it had to be you! Did you think I do everything on purpose? It wasn't like I wanted to fight that man in New York City! He--"

Syaoran silenced her with a kiss. Bewildered and tired, Sakura did nothing to push him away. Instead she melted into his arms and found herself leaning into him. Syaoran moved his tongue into her mouth, causing her to moan slightly. Afraid of the familiarity between the bond they shared, Sakura was the first to try to pull away.

However Syaoran wouldn't let her go. He smiled against her lips and pulled away a bit just to whisper, "I'm so glad you said that. I didn't think you would ever say that."

Sakura protested gently, while pushing him away. Yet he would not let her go so easily unless he had spoken himself. "No more acting, Sakura. I want you to be my wife."


"Because I love you."

"But we only met two weeks ago."

"So? That only gives us more time to love each other even more."

Sakura gave him a strange look, while he gently rubbed her dried tears away. Then he leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "Come on, Kinomoto. What do you say?"

"I liked it better when you addressed me by first name."

Ignoring her pout, he hugged her small body too him and buried his face in her hair. "Come on, Sakura, be my Cherry Blossom."

"You're so different… Where is the Little Wolf I once knew?"

"I'm still here," he said in a hurt voice, while pulling away.

Sakura grabbed him by one arm and shouted, "Of course you are! And you'll probably be all grumpy again in the morning! Talk about, having an evil twin!" She laughed, playfully punching him in the shoulder.

Syaoran grabbed her arm and pulled her against him again causing her to yelp.

He was smiling when he spoke again, "I'll keep asking until you answer."

"What's the point? When you already know my answer." Sakura rolled her eyes.

"It'll sound better hearing it out loud," Syaoran whispered.

"Then, yes I will."

"See, now was that hard at all?"

"No, it was just annoying that you asked over and over again."

"Like I said it sounds better hearing it from you."

"Or you could be doing it to annoy me…"

A pair of dark brown eyes watched as they bickered in their sweet embrace. Her eyes twinkled in satisfaction as the corners of her mouth turned upward. Her plan had worked out after all. Proud, Yelan eased the door shut and ambled back to the parlor.

Sakura had her eyes closed when she felt his fingers brushing against hers again. She opened her eyes when she felt him pressing something cold and circular in her left palm. His right hand pressed against her left one, leaving whatever object between the two palms suspended. Sakura gave him a questionable look, but Syaoran returned it with a gentle smile. His eyes were shining with the mixture of love and gratitude. Sakura ignored the pressure of the object and intertwined the fingers of their hands together. She leaned forward and kissed him passionately, causing his heart to race and his eyes to lose focus. He released her left hand and placed his hand on the back of her head. Whatever was in there touch fell and made a clang on the marble floor. It bounced and landed behind a shelf of weapons.

Syaoran pulled away reluctantly and cursed quietly.

Sakura was curious and asked, "What was that?"

Syaoran grabbed a wooden stick and reached under the shelf. With one quick swipe the object landed in front of Sakura.

It was a ring. The pink diamond was shaped in a blossom. In the center was a pure diamond. Sakura gasped before she looked down at Syaoran who was still busy wiping the dust from his pants.

She bent down and stuck the ring right under his nose, "Why do you keep wasting money?"

"Oh no, this is much more valuable than what money can buy. It was my grandmother's, who had it after her grandmother. And that's what puts it up at a higher value."

"But you already gave me a ring."

"That one isn't the real thing."

"You said it was real."

"It is real and so is this one."

Sakura looked at him as she said in a small voice, "I want to get you a ring."

"We'll both chose for me, okay?"

"No, I want to choose myself."

"Fine, choose yourself."

"You're not sore?"

"Of course not, why would I be sore."

"Because you're frowning."

Syaoran seized her by the waist and pulled her closer. He took the ring from her small fingers and placed it on her left ring finger. "I'm frowning because the ring should be on your finger."

Sakura looked at the diamond as the lights danced on the petals. "It's strange…"

"Because it's shaped like a cherry blossom?"

Sakura looked at him in surprise. "Doesn't seem strange to you?"

"No, I think its purpose is this. To give it to the Cherry Blossom that would win my heart."


This was the last and final chapter with the fairy tale ending you've all been waiting for. Hoped everyone liked it.