Author Notes: Hello, this is Nijiko-chan!! This is my first Fanific .net story so if it sucks, expect it ^_^. Things you have to know, Youko Kurama is still on the loose in Makai and Botan lives in Makai and is human and they're in an era with swords, and yeah. Okay, on with the story!!!  Enjoy!!!


Chapter one: Prologue

            "There's the thief, get him!" cried a man's voice

            "Where is he, I can't see…" another voice answered, but was cut off as a blood curdling scream filled the cool, night air and a large amount of blood was heard splashed onto the ground. The man fell to the ground in two. 

Footsteps could be heard as someone ran to where the corpse had fallen.  A teenaged boy could be seen running to the scene just a meter away. 

"Akikawa, Akikawa…" he screamed, "what happened?!"   Reaching the ghastly scene, he gasped.  Blood soaked the once lush, green grass and the ground was already turned into a deep red mud.  

In the shadows of the night he could see that the corpse was cut straight through the waist and the man's face showed that he had died instantly.  Looking up from the ground the boy drew a shocked breath.  In front of him stood a tall man whose long silver hair and elegant clothing were stained and dripping a crimson liquid.  Propped on his head were two silver fox ears and he had cold, piercing amber eyes that looked as if it were staring into the boy's soul.  He held in one hand a long green, spiked whip that trickled blood.  He smiled at the boy, showing his great enjoyment in what he was doing.

"Hello," he said charmingly

Anger suddenly enveloped the teenage boy as tears started to slowly roll down his cheeks.

            "Youko, you killed my friend and you will die today, by my sword!"

            "Is that so?" replied Youko calmly, he was really finding this amusing.  Could that little boy really think of fighting him?

            "Yes, say goodbye Youko!" the boy screamed as he ran toward Youko, sword raised.

            Youko lifted his whip to lash out at the boy. When the two weapons met, the whip went against the boy's blocking sword and the impact caused the boy to slide back unharmed. As the boy was recovering from the force of the kitsune's attack, Youko thrashed out with his whip once again.  The boy saw it coming and instead of blocking, he ran to the side, just missing the whip's touch.  He turned back to charge at Youko and when he was two feet in front of him, Youko pulled the whip back and lashed it forward, its reach long enough to get behind the boy.  The whip tore through the flesh of the boy's back from behind and the boy froze on contact.  His eyes opened wide with surprise and agony and he splurted out blood as he fell forward.  

The kitsune looked down at the body in front of him and a small gasp escaped as he saw the boy shudder violently.  He slowly rose his head, wincing in pain and spitting up blood.  Youko stared at shock and disbelief as the boy gradually rose from the ground and stood on his feet.  He grunted in pain and then took his tear filled eyes of the ground to meet his opponent's face.

            Youko smiled slightly to himself, the boy was stronger than he seemed.

            "I don't believe that that attack didn't kill you.  You're stronger than you seem.  But I assure you that you will die today."

The boy gasped for air.

"I'm not done yet kitsune." He said, shakingly raising his sword.

            Youko drew the spiked whip back again and sent it straight for the boy's chest.  The teenager was able to prevent contact.  But in doing so, the tip of the whip was sharp enough and contains enough power from Youko's thrust to go through the sword, putting a spike as an anchor in it.  The kitsune immediately pull the whip back toward him, yanking the weapon out of the boy's hand.  He thrust it to the side, hitting it against a tree.  The collision pulverized it and created a large crater in the tree. 

Youko smirked.  He thrashed the whip for the boy's left shoulder.  The teenager dodged it easily by moving to the right of the whip, but didn't see the smiled that adorned Youko's face. Instantly, the kitsune whipped it to the side, hitting the side of the boy's chest.  A scream ripped through the air and blood splashed onto the already drenched ground. The boy held his side, gasping for air.  The boy raised his pain-stricken eyes to meet the fox demon's golden orbs.   Footsteps could be heard approaching them from a distant 50 yards away.

            "My you are a stubborn one to die," the fox said as he raised his whip for the final blow.  He aimed right at the heart.  The boy rolled to the side, landing on his new wound in agony.             

The fox demon smiled again as he quickly drew the whip back and aimed straight at the heart of the wounded form.  The boy's eyes opened wide as the whip pierced through his side.  Then there was a moment of silence as the victim dropped his sword and splurted out blood as the murderer pulled the whip out of his body. He clutched his side in agony, fighting to breath.  He looked over to his assassin, eyes opened with shock and pain until he finally fell back, closing his eyes as he reached the ground.  The killer smiled to himself in satisfaction, then turned around and descended into the darkness.