Lost Between Words

By: Animefreak2004

A/N: Hey people! This is my first Fanfic, so it may not be the best! This is a romance, so it may be a little sappy and stuff (ahem-cheesy). ^_________^ I'm sugarhigh!!! Anyway..i really hope you enjoy my first FanFiction!!! ^_^

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Kingdom Hearts, though I would be more then happy to own Sora!!!! ^_^

Chapter 1: Endless Thoughts

~~~~~~~~~ I stared up at the endless sky filled with twinkling stars, bright and immortal. The ocean breeze blew through my crimson hair, tickling my face lightly. The waves lapping the shore seemed to whisper secrets to me about whole other worlds. Other worlds I have not yet visited, but will someday. I sigh quietly to myself, taking in the salty air. The night is so peaceful, but yet so lonely, or is that only what I feel right now? Ever since my two best friends went off into Kingdom Hearts, I'v been so lonely lately. Riku did come back though, but without Sora. "Sora." I whispered quietly to the sea. For one crazy moment, I thought I heard a response, but I realized it was only the relentless waves. I looked down at my feet dangling over the edge of the pier, lost in thoughts. I really was confused as an 18-year-old teenager, between whom it was that I loved. Riku had always captured my heart from his looks, but it was Sora who had always brought me so much joy and happiness. Sometimes I caught myself wondering if I loved either of them. 'I love them both,' I corrected myself, 'But I think my feelings might be closer to Riku then Sora.' the thought seemed to turn over and over in my mind. 'Is that true? I have to decide. I will wait until Sora returns.if he returns.'

The memories of the last few prescious moments of being in Sora's presence still play through my mind. I closed my eyes to try to blot them out, but it was no use. Everytime I slept, everytime I closed my eyes, I saw the depressing scene. It likes to torture me, it seems. Play it over and over in my mind until the break of sanity. I remember how his deep sapphire blue eyes were filled with fear and worry when he let go of my hand. 'He's so innocent, why did you have to choose him?' As soon as our hands broke apart and he drifted away to places I don't know, I screamed "Don't go!" but he didn't hear me.I remember crying that night, fearing the future of maybe never seeing Sora again.

I jerked myself out of these thoughts and stood up from where I was standing. I started over to where my boat was safely docked and climbed in. I grabbed the two oars and started rowing back to my home island. Without warning, a hot, salty tear slipped out of my light blue irises and ran down my cheek, landing in the ocean. 'Why did you leave me here?' I thought through emmence saddness. 'Please come back soon.'

A/N: I'm so sorry that was such a short and boring chapter. This is, really, short story. Not a marathon record like others I've read. The plot will definetly thicken in the next chappies. I will except criticism, but only if it's nice (nice criticism?). right. But please-NO FLAMES!!! Thank you! Please R&R! ^_~