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Title: Dark Angel


            The four elemental angel warriors sat in a semicircle, listening to the lead angel talk.

            "Those mortals are tapping into a dark power they know not of with their 'pokemon' experiments." He said. "It must be stopped."

            "Using innocent elemental creatures for their pleasure…"

            "Yes." Another spoke. "The dream realm is being corrupted by darkness. And that could well lead to trouble for us."

            "Not to mention there have even been attempts to combine the pokemon and the humans, which is strictly forbidden. Which is why I have summoned you all. We must stop this."

            "But how, my Lord?" The water angel inquired.

            "Trust me. I have found a way…"

            Elsewhere, two little angels, children still, played tag together. Claire smiled at her cousin Catelyn.

            "I'm going to catch you!"

            "No you're not!" Catelyn, who was a year or two older, flew up and away from Claire's outstretched fingers, before diving through a cloud. Her blonde hair glittered in the sunlight.

            "No fair!" Claire pouted slightly.

            "All's fair in tag!" Catelyn's voice said from somewhere.

            Claire shrugged and dived into a cloudbank to look.

            "Children! Time to eat!" Selene, Claire's mom called.

            "Coming!" Two little blurs shot out of the clouds and towards her. Selene laughed as she looked at them.

            "Playing in the clouds again? You're all wet."

            Both children shook themselves, as Selene sighed and breathed out an air spell, drying them both off.

            "Come on you two!"

            The two kids grinned and flew after her towards their little dwelling.

            They had just finished a delicious, airy meal of milk and honey when a knock sounded on the door.

            Catelyn got up to answer it. Just as she opened the door, a pair of arms grabbed her.

            "Itai! Let go of me!"

            The angel warrior scowled as his companion cast a sleep spell, putting her to sleep. Their mission accomplished, both flew towards the high temple, their captive with them.

            Claire stared as her cousin was carried off. "What are you doing?" The seven-year old cried as she flapped her tiny wings, but she was unable to move.

            Selene tried to follow, but they were too fast. With a heavy heart, she wondered what she would tell Catelyn's father…

            "Perfect." Brendan said coolly as they entered.

            "My lord?" Another angel inquired. "This sacrifice… is absolutely necessary?"

            "Yes. Look at her." Brendan said. Even unconscious, she shone with a silvery light. And her blue eyes were another factor. Only those with the most innocent hearts had eyes the color of the sky, and hair with the sun's rays in it. "We use her purity to attract the dark forces, bind them to this," And here he held up a key ring with four keys on it, "And then we destroy the keys."

            "I am awed at your prowess." Another angel remarked.

            "We are wasting time. Let's begin."

            The unconscious angel was laid on a black stone tablet while the four elemental angels cast spell after spell, until her personality had been completely subsumed by the powerful magic. Then, with a signal from Brendan, the angel of the Wind stepped up with her thin rapier, and cast the sealing spell. This was followed by the casting spells of Earth, Fire, and Water. At last, the lead angel himself placed the four keys around the child's neck and uttered the words to summon the darkness.

            A shriek echoed through the air as the shadows flooded through her body, her white wings turning black, as her blonde hair darkened to blood red and as her staring eyes stared into nothingness, the pupils dilated to molten gold.

            Wind filled the area until, the spell complete; the sacrifice lay lifeless against the tablet.

            Brendan snapped his fingers as the chains dropped.

            "Well, now all we have left to do is to dispose of these keys." He said, breathing out a sigh of relief as he walked up to her and prepared to remove the chain.

            Golden eyes snapped open to stare at him.

            Involuntarily, Brendan took a step back in fear. "B-but! The sacrifice was supposed to die to ensure the sealing!"

            "Oh, but Catelyn is very much dead." The child replied, as a smile juxtaposed itself with her glowing golden eyes.

            "I'm Lance."

            And with that, a wave of dark energy surrounded her and exploded outwards, spreading through the clouds.

            Claire was hiding under the bed when she heard footsteps. It had turned dark outside, and she was scared.

            For a second, they stopped, and there was the sound of someone putting something down.

            Then, the footsteps took off in the opposite direction.

            Scared, Claire peeked out and saw nothing bad. But on her desk, was a little package tied with white paper.

            "Hm?" Looking at the tag, Claire saw that it was dated for her birthday. "What?" There was a little note, too.


            Count this as an early birthday present from me. Please don't let anyone see it, it's a secret!


            'Cat' (Catelyn)

            Claire blinked as she looked at the pretty little key inside. It was light blue with a drop of water at the top. Shrugging, she put the chain around her neck underneath her dark blue tunic, not knowing what had happened.

End chapter!