Timeline: 2 months later

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Chapter 12: Tying up loose Ends

            Ash silently watched as Gary married Opal. "I hope they will be happy…"

            Lance raised her eyebrows. "I wouldn't doubt it. How long have they been seeing each other?"

            "Years, I think it was during the time I was journeying with him."

            "Ah." Lance replied. "Interesting."

            "You may now kiss the bride," The minister intoned. Gary swept Opal up, spun her around, and kissed her.

            The audience cheered, while Gary's pokemon showered down rice and flower petals. The air filled with a delicious, light fragrance as they ran to the brand new red sports car, a gift from Ivy.

            Ash smiled as Lance slid her arms around him comfortably. "I'm happy for them."

            "Yes, it would seem so."

            "What about us?"

            Lance looked at him strangely. "What do you mean?"

            "Well…" Ash looked down. "I know we can't have kids, but I was just wondering… it might be interesting to adopt one?"

            Lance looked quizzical for a second, and then smiled. "It would certainly be different."

            "What do you think?"

            "I think that…" Lance focused on a far point in the distance. "Hold on, I just had an idea."


            "We'll pick up a little elemental child, they're rare but he or she could live with us without problems."

            Ash grinned. "Really?"

            "You ready to become a father?"

            "Well… let's give it a try. Nice personality though."

            "As if I'd do any less.' Lance laughed softly.

            They went over to the orphanage and, sure enough, found a fire sprite, only two years old. She was quiet and couldn't cry, as befitted her magic type.

            A day later, the papers were signed, and the two new parents moved into their new, four-bedroom house in New Bark Town.

            After that, well, that's another story. But they did live quite happily.

            It wasn't perfect…

            But it worked.

The End

Started 1/4/04, finished 3/13/04

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