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Chapter 1
Flaming Christmas Trees

It was Christmas Eve day and the streets of Domino where packed. The usual crowd of late shoppers made going anywhere difficult. They all rushed by with mortified looks on thier faces, at least the ones who weren't buried under presents did. Many piles of colorful boxes seemed to have sprouted legs. One pile in particular, the smallest one there, had sprouted legs, a torso and blonde hair that was covered by a orange toque.
Joey Wheeler carried only two packages. A present for his father and a present for his sister. He struggled to get through the crowd. People shoved past him and he shoved back, Christmas shopping was always a violent affair. Dispite the mortified expressions on the shoppers faces each of them was filled with Christmas spirit and excitement. But it was very different for the blonde boy. His expression was one of usual adolescent indifference, but inside he felt anything but indifferent.
'I don't know why I even bother to buy these.' Joey thought, looking down at the two parcels. 'I know Dad won't give me a present and Serenity . . . .' Joey halted at the painful memory. His sweet baby sister, Serenity; he loved her more than anything, including himself. But they had been separated when they were young. Joey's mother had torn them apart and never even left an address. 'Well, of course she didn't. What would have been the point in her leaving if she knew we could find her. ' The blonde thought ruefully, his eyes still locked on the presents. 'Joey your a fool. Ever year you buy Serenity a present and you can never give it to her. You always end up spending Christmas getting drunk with your Dad.'
"Whoa!" Joey yelled as he fell backwards, making sure to land on his butt so the presents wouldn't get wrecked. 'Ouch!' Joey winced. 'That is going to hurt in the morning! Damn Christmas shopping anyway! Damn Christmas!'
"You idiot! IF any of my present are . . . ."
Joey looked up in surprise. "Kaiba?" The young CEO had also fallen down and was scrambling to save his many presents from being trampled. Joey reached out and saved the last one from being stepped on by walking pile of gifts. "Here." He said, handing over the present.
Seto took the package without a word.
Joey couldn't help but stare in disbelief. Kaiba was down town, Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve just like any other irresponsible guy. He had even abandon his trench coat for a warm winter jacket, black of course. Joey felt very stupid in his thin green jacket and orange toque. "So, your Christmas shopping?"
"Yes." Kaiba answered, getting to his feet and attempting to restack his pile. "Why?' Joey asked. His dumb question received a dull stare. "I mean, your shopping like a normal person. Uh, shouldn't you be sendin' people out ta do this for you?"
"Send someone else to shop for my brother?" Kaiba answered scornfully, attempting to stoop and pick up his last few packages. "Then they wouldn't really be from me would they? It's Christmas mutt. It wouldn't be the same if I didn't do it myself."
Was Kaiba being sentimental?
'Well, I guess that the holiday spirit hasn't taken full hold of him yet.' Joey thought dryly as he watched the offending shopped run away from Kaiba's rage. "Here." Joey said, taking half of Kaiba's presents. "Lemmy help you."
Kaiba seemed surprised, then he frowned. "You don't have to -"
Joey cut him off. "But I am. So, rich boy where's the car?" Kaiba gathered up the rest of his presents and lead Joey through the crowd to the limo. Joey found it hard to follow him. He kept trying to find a white trench coat. At last they reached the car. Kaiba opened up the limo door to reveal a huge stack of presents.
"Whoa!" Joey gaped, piling his presents in beside them. "Are these all for Mokuba?"
Kaiba shrugged. "I like to spoil my brother at Christmas time."
"I'll say." Joey mumbled, looking down at the two packages he was left with.
"And who are those for?" Seto asked.
"My Dad and my sister."
Seto looked skeptical. "Is that all?"
Joey felt himself growing hot. "Not all of us can afford to buy our family fifty presents, Kaiba." He hadn't really been able to afford his present for Serenity. It had been one of the cheaper necklaces in the jewelry store. A thin silver chain and a single, pathetically small diamond. 'She would love it anyway thought. And she would look so pretty wearing it.' An image of his sisters smile face appeared, the small sparkling diamond hung around her neck; Joey felt a dull pain in his gut. He would never see her wear it. Probably he would never see her. Kaiba wasn't the most sensitive person in the world, but Joey's pain was so obvious even he noticed. "Well, you don't seem to be in the Christmas spirit, mutt." "Not all of us have something to celebrate." Joey muttered, shoving past Kaiba. "Hold it!"
Joey turned around. "What is it Kaiba?" He asked tiredly. "I really have to get going." He had to stop at the liqueur store before he went home and it was getting late.
"Would you like a ride home?"
Joey was sure that even time had missed a few seconds there from shock. "What?"
Kaiba frowned. "Would you like a ride home or not?"
'Oh ya, sure Kaiba you can drive me to the shit hole I call home and we'll both laugh at what passes for a house these days. Oh, but we'll have to stop at the liqueur store on the way, I'll even buy you a Christmas beer.' Of all the times of year Joey hated, he hated Christmas the worst. "Thanks Kaiba, but I got sum stuff t'do. I'll walk."
Kaiba shrugged. "Suit yourself." Then he climbed into the limo.
Joey could have swore he heard a 'Merry Christmas' before the door shut, but he wasn't sure. "What ever." He grumbled, pushing through the crowd of people and heading towards the liqueur store.

It was all ready dark outside when Joey arrived home at six thirty. "Dad!" He called, dropping his grocery bags on the floor. "Dad I'm home! I got the beer and TV dinners." Joey kicked off his shoes and tossed his toque on the floor, but didn't remove his jacket. Thier house was freezing! 'Well, what can you expect from a shack like this? It shoulda been condemned even before we started rentin' it.' The young blonde walked over to thier pathetic tree that stood in the corner shedding needles. He had put it up a few days ago. Not because he wanted to, but because Serenity would have wanted it. Not a single present sat under the half dead tree. Joey sighed and put his fathers present under the tree, but Serenity's small package he slipped in his coat pocket for safe keeping. He couldn't let his Dad find it. The young collapsed onto his couch. It sagged and Joey winced at the hard springs he had sat on, then slipped down to the cold wooden floor. It was much more comfortable, and probably cleaner to. Only God know what lived in that couch. 'Nothing, it's to frickin' cold!' Joey grumbled as he shivered.
After a few minutes he frowned and shouted. "Dad? Dad!" No answer. Joey climbed to his feet, picked up the grocery bags and walked into thier small dirty kitchen. Noticing a note on the table Joey sat down at the table to read his father untidy scrawl:
Gone to Veronica's for the nite. Be bak to morow. Here's yur prasant. Mery Crismas. Dad.

The hot tears in Joey's eyes spilled down his cheeks. So, his father had even abandon him on Christmas. In the middle of the table was his 'present' a half empty package of smokes and a lighter. "Damn him!" Joey shouted, flinging the smokes across the kitchen. "Screw him and fuckin' Christmas. Screw it all." Joey continues to swear and cuss till finally his sobs overwhelmed him and he sunk to the floor with a beer in one hand and the lighter in the other. After a few minutes of crying Joey walked into the garage. He came back carrying a jug of gasoline. He went straight to the living room and doused the tree with the liquid. When he was satisfied that there was no part of the tree that was Joey took his Christmas present and lit the tree on fire. In less than three seconds the entire tree was flaming. "Fuck!" Joey swore backing away from the intense heat. He stood across the room to watch as his tree burned and the fire spread. "Santa ain't comin' ta this house." Joey said darkly, then turn and slipping on his boots, stalked out of the house. He moved through the dark streets. It was snowing heavily, but it wasn't cold. After a long while Joey found that his feet had carried him all the way down town and to the park where stood a huge Christmas tree all lit up for the entire city. 'But I'm the only one here, because I'm the only one who doesn't have a place to go on Christmas Eve!' Joey threw his empty beer bottle at the tree. It shatter at it's trunk. "Fuck this!" Joey shouted. Pulling out his lighter Joey attempted to light the tree on fire. The lighter had little luck; but Joey wasn't a total idiot. He began to fool with the lights. And had soon set fire to the tree and electrocuted himself. From where he lay on the ground Joey smiled. He could feel the heat of the flaming tree. 'They will all know how much I hate Christmas.' Joey thought, sitting up to gaze at the bright symbol of his pain. Soon after the sound of sirens reached Joey's ears. He leapt to his feet as a fire truck and two police cars rounded the corner.
Joey took of running. He was immediately followed by the cop cars. "Shit!" He swore flinging himself into an alley. It was a dead end. The police car followed him. Joey cast a angry look over his shoulder. "Your not going to catch me." He jumped up and grabbed the top of the fence, the swung himself up and over. He landed on the other side and slipped on the icy ground. 'Careful Joey.' He told himself as he ran carefully through the alley. For what seemed like forever Joey flew down alleys and streets trying to lose his pursers. No matter what tricks he used he couldn't seem to lose them. At last Joey found himself running down a unfamiliar street. The houses were huge and at the end of the street was the mother of all mansion. "Holy crap!" Joey gaped, forgetting to watch where he was going. Soon he found himself running across a patch o slick ice. "Aw Hell!" Joey swore as he slipped. His head hit the ice with a crack and Joey blacked out.

Dictionary: Toque (too - ck)- A warm hat worn in the winter so you don't freeze your ears off. These come on all different styles and the best ones are the brightly colored, elf-like ones with the jingley bells. I've been told that only Canadian's use the word 'toque'. Weird. I mean c'mon people what else would you call it? A winter hat? Well that sounds stupid. No. The word it toque.

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Chapter 2
The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Joey awoke to find himself in darkness. He appeared to be lying on solid ground, thought it was so dark for all he knew he could be floating in space. "Hello?" Joey called. Instantly he regretted it. "Aw damn! My head!" Joey complained, rubbing his sore skull. "Where am I? I slipped on that ice and . . . ." Joey trailed off. Was this Hell?
"Hi Joey!"
Joey looked around. Standing a ways away from him, smiling brightly as usual, was Yugi. The vertically challenged teen was dressed as normal in leather and dog collars. "Yug!" Joey grinned, climbing to his feet.
"Merry Christmas Joey!" Yami said, coming to stand beside his beaming hikari.
Joey sighed. "Please, you guys. I'm not in the mood for Christmas right now."
"Well that's to bad Joey, because we're all going to watch a Christmas celebration right now." Yami said.
Yugi nodded sadly. "I'm really sorry Joey. But your going to have to come with us."
"What are ya talkin' about." Joey growled.
Yugi looked up at his dark for approval. Yami nodded and Yugi turned to Joey. "We're the ghosts of Christmas Past, Joey."
Joey gave them both a flat stare. "You're kidding, right?"
Yugi shook his head feverently. "No Joey we're not."
Joey gave a small laugh. "Oh I get it! Your going to try and give me back my Christmas spirit using the power of your Millennium items to haul me around to different Christmas's.
"Something like that." Yami admitted.