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Chapter 5

Joey awoke with a splitting headache. For a few seconds he couldn't remember what had happened, or where he would be if he opened his eyes. Then all his memories came rushing back to him. The cops were chasing him and he had slipped on the ice outside of a very large mansion. Damn the idiot who lived there anyway! He was rich enough to afford that house, but not so rich he couldn't have someone scrap his ice for him? 'I hope he slips on it himself.' Joey grumbled to himself. 'So, where am I.' There was only one logical answer. He must have been out cold for over two hours all ready. The cops had caught him and taken him to jail.
After a few moments of sickening dread Joey opened his eyes. The light of his cell wasn't on, instead the light of a full moon lit the entire seen for Joey to see. "What?" Joey gasped sitting up.
He was lying in a king sized bed, with satin sheets and warm blankets. He was also wearing pajama's that could have been made of silk from how soft they were. Bandages were wrapped around his head, the back of them and his pillow blushed slightly from his blood. The minor burns he had received had all been taken care of and were all ready beginning to fade.
The room he was in looked like a executive sweet at a five star hotel. Impersonal, but classy. Draped over top of one of the chairs was Joey's own clothes, washed and dried and exceptionally warm because the chair was right beside a vent blowing hot air.
Reluctantly Joey pushed aside the soft covers and stood up. His feet sunk into the thick carpet on the floor. It was heavenly. Hesitantly Joey took of the pajama's lent to him and slipped back into his own clothes, which smelled rather nice after being washed. Then he walked over to the door and, casting the room a longing glance over his shoulder, left.
He was either in a castle, a mansion, or a five star hotel! As Joey wandered around he finally settled on the mansion; though Heaven seemed like a possibility too. He met no one as he wandered the halls. Joey was just about to ask for the Ghost of Christmas-Never-To-Happen to please come out hiding when suddenly he heard a noise. Music. arcade type music. Joey ran towards it, his sock feet making no noise on the thick carpet. At last he turned into a huge living room. There stood the biggest and brightest Christmas tree Joey had ever seen. Beside it, surrounded by toys, his eyes locked on the video game he was playing was Mokuba Kaiba. And sitting on the couch, looking extremely comfortable, was Seto Kaiba.
"It's about time you got up."
Joey gaped at the scene. "What am I doing here?" He asked.
Kaiba glanced edgily at his little brother, who was greeting Joey with a relieved smile.
Joey took the hint. Whatever had happened Mokuba didn't know, and Kaiba preferred to keep it that way. 'S'fine by me. I'd be happier if no body knew.'
"I found you lying on my ice patch with blood dripping from your skull. I always thought your head was empty, but evidently I was wrong."
Joey couldn't even retort. It took everything in him to keep from exploding! But he had to say something. "Merry Christmas." The ghosts might have actually gotten thier message through after all. Suddenly Joey remembered. His future. Serenity's death. Yugi and all his other friends, dead because of him. Hundreds dead because he hated Christmas. Joey felt suddenly sick.
A worried look crossed Kaiba's face. "Sit down, Wheeler." He ordered, mistaking the look on Joey's face for one of physical pain. He was across the room in a few strides, hovering protectively over his supposed arch- enemy, to catch him if he fell.
Joey nodded meekly and made his way over to the couch. "Thanks, rich boy." He sighed, sitting down and resting his weary head in one hand; being careful not to touch any overly sore places.
Are you Ok, Joey?" The worried Mokuba asked.
"Ya," Joey said, with a wobbly smile. "I'm fine. I just had a bad dream while I was knocked out. That's all." That's all? He had seen his past, present, and future. He, Joey Wheeler, a young worthless street kid was one of the very rare people who had for a few moments, viewed himself for what he really was and was becoming.
"Mokuba, why don't you get him something to drink." Kaiba suggested, sitting down the other end of the couch.
"Sure!" Mokuba agreed, eager to help. The young boy paused his game and raced out of the room. "Be right back!" He called.
Joey winced. His achin' head! All those damned memories, and his damned concussion too.
"Headache?" Kaiba guessed.
Joey nodded.
"Well you deserve it you fucking bastard!"
Joey's head snapped up. Kaiba was livid. "What?" "I know what you did, Joey. Burning down the city's Christmas tree. I don't pretend to be all sentimental or anything like that" That was an understatement if there ever was one. "But even I am disgusted."
"But if you -"
"Look Joey. I heard sirens and I looked outside. I saw you running. I saw you fall. And I saw several police cars slide of the road to avoid running you over; though I don't know why they bothered."
"But if the police came then why ain't I in jail." "Because I bailed you out, you idiot. I said I'd take care of you and after a lot of convincing they left you in my charge."
Kaiba had gone out of his way to save him? "Why?"
Thier heads snapped around as Mokuba's voice called from somewhere down the hallway. "I'm almost there! I just don't want to spill."
Kaiba grabbed the front of Joey's shirt and jerked him across the couch to meet his withering stare. "Look. My brother thinks that I just found you on the street and took you in. If you mention a word about the tree or the cops I'll finish the job of cracking your skull open that my ice started." Roughly Kaiba shoved him back across the couch as Mokuba came in carrying a tray with three steaming cups of hot chocolate.
"Here we go!" He beamed, setting the tray down on the coffee table. Creamy puddles of brown appeared on the tray surface and Mokuba licked off the sides of his dripping cup before picking it up. "I made it all by myself! Milk, not water."
"Thanks, kid." Joey said gratefully, taking a drink from his cup.
"Joey wait!"
"ARMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!" HOT!!!!! Joey struggled not to spit the scalding hot liquid out all over Mokuba. Pain! Hot! Pain! His tongue was melting. It took his last ounce of will power to swallow it and then squirm in pain as it went down. "Perfect!" He smiled chokingly once the sweet tasting lava had reached his stomach. Shakily he the cup down back down on the tray. "It's just a little to hot though."
Mokuba rolled his eyes and blew on his drink. "I brought a cup of ice."
Joey looked down at the tray. "So you did." Two ice cubes were immediately plopped into his drink. "Thanks Kaiba." Joey nodded, picking up hid cup and looking at it's contents warily.
Mokuba was the first one done his hot chocolate, kids seem to have a talent for getting down sweet stuff the fastest, even if it's bone chillingly cold or scaldingly hot. The young boy was beginning to look sleepy.
'And no wonder' Joey thought, reading Kaiba's watch upside down. 'If I hadn't just had a nap I'd be exhausted to.'
"All right Mokuba." Kaiba said, consenting to something that made Mokuba leapt to his feet in excitement.
Joey cocked his head and gave Kaiba a curious look. Kaiba just nodded towards Mokuba. 'Watch.' Joey acknowledged. He turned, the young boy was dancing excitedly around the tree.
"Which one should I open, Seto?"
Kaiba got up off the couch and grabbed a present with silver wrapping paper. "This one." He said giving it to Mokuba, then sitting down on the floor to watch his little brother open it.
Mokuba tore of the wrapping paper and flung it recklessly behind him, then gave a shout of joy when he saw his present. IT could have almost been a playstation X(one of the latest gaming systems) except it was far more impressive.
"I thought about buying you the playstation you wanted, but it was pathetically primitive so I made a brand new gaming system. Just for you. It got -" Kaiba's explanation was cut short as Mokuba flung his arms around his big brothers neck.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Mokuba cheered, pulling away and bouncing up and down. "Your the most awesome big brother ever!"
It stung. Serenity had said that to him, several times before. He felt the small slightly crunched package in his pocket. He might never see his little sister again. 'How can I face her after what I've done? After seeing what I might do?' Joey wondered. 'But then; how can I stay away from her forever?' Pushing aside his misery and tried to look happy as Mokuba pranced over to the other side of the tree and brought Seto his present; then stood blushing as Seto unwrapped the shining blue paper and white ribbon. It fell away to reveal a white box. Seto opened that and pushed aside white tissue paper; then took out his present. It was a picture of them, in a silver frame.
Mokuba stared at the floor, his face bright pink. "I - I know it's not all that expensive - but I though that we needed an updated picture of us. The ones we got in our lockets are of us as little kids and I though -" This time Mokuba was cut short as Seto pulled him into a warm hug. Mokuba's smiled and nestled into his brothers sweater.
"It's a perfect gift Mokuba. I'll carry it around with me in my briefcase, so I can see it whenever I want."
In the warm glowing atmosphere that surrounded the two, Joey felt strangely out of place. He was miserable at the fact that even Kaiba had a loved one to share Christmas with. But then, he was fascinated just the same time. Kaiba was human! Joey couldn't see it, but he knew that behind Mokuba's black hair Seto Kaiba was smiling. Joey pictured a grin on Kaiba's face and was surprised to see that it didn't look so bad. 'He should smile more often.' Joey decided.
All right little brother." Seto said, climbing to his feet. "It's time for bed."
"Awwwwwww." The tired Mokuba complained ritualistcally.
"Come on." Seto said, leading his brother out of the room. "I'll tuck you in. Joey, don't get off that couch."
They left, and alone Joey felt more out of place than ever. Sitting on a black leather couch, gazing at the most beautiful Christmas tree he had ever seen, sipping cocoa and eyeing up presents that weren't his. Joey drained his cup and then noticed that Kaiba had left his present on the coffee table. Curiously he reached across and took it. In the picture Mokuba was getting piggy backed by Seto who seemed to have no difficulty with the black haired burden that was clinging to him. Both were smiling brightly; but neither seemed to be aware of the camera that had captured the moment. Joey stared at Kaiba's face. Kaiba was smiling and he wasn't even imagining it!
"What's the matter mutt, never seen a person give his little brother a piggy back ride before?"
Joey looked up, Kaiba was staring down at him coldly; he was holding a first aid kit. Joey dropped Seto's chilly stare. "No." He answered, looking back at the warm picture. "I've just never seen you smile before. Looks good on you, ya should do it more often."
Kaiba was slightly startled and froze in between standing and sitting. After a quick recovered he sat down fully. "Get over here." He ordered.
"Huh?" Joey asked, setting the picture down on the coffee table once more.
"I'm going to change your bandages, I need you over here."
Joey crawled across the couch to Seto; then glancing back hesitantly, once again grabbed the picture to stare at while Kaiba took care of him.
"What is the matter with you mutt? Quit staring at that picture!" Kaiba snapped, unwrapping the bandages from Joey's head and cleaning whatever wound he had in the back of his skull.
Joey sighed miserably. "It reminds me of me and my sister OK. Leave me alone."
"Your sister -" Kaiba repeated slowly. "Serenity?"
Joey nodded and received a sharp, "Don't move!" from Kaiba.
"Don't you have a picture of your little sister you can stare at?"
He did, in his pocket. Joey handed the picture over to Kaiba, but didn't take out his own. He could face Serenity's smile. Lost in thought Joey didn't realize until Kaiba jabbed him in the back that he was being spoken to. "Oh, sorry what?"
"I asked you why."
Kaiba didn't need to explain 'why what'. Joey knew. "Look Kaiba, it's a family thing."
"Well Serenity sure as hell didn't put you up to that!"
Joey clenched his fists. "Serenity doesn't live with me, all right! That's why I did it!"
"So you threw a tempertantrum that everyone had to suffer from? That's disgusting."
Those words coming from him was what was disgusting! Kaiba didn't understand! Of course he didn't. How could he? "Look!" Joey shouted, standing up and whipping around to face Kaiba. "You don't know what I go through every Christmas! You don't know how fuckin' miserable it is! Buying your sister a present she'll never open! Giving presents to a Dad who's soul goal on Christmas is to get so pissed he can't remember it!"
"Joey, sit down." If Kaiba was at all phased by Joey's outbreak he sure didn't show it.
Joey's bandages were falling down in his face. He pushed them back angrily. "How could you know? Even you - the ass hole everyone hates, has a loved one to spend Christmas with! My own Dad wouldn't even spend Christmas Eve with me!" Dammit! He was exploding! Kaiba knew now! Not everything - but to much. Not that Kaiba cared, but it still made Joey want to scream even more.
Kaiba got up and grabbed Joey's shoulder's. "Joey sit down!" He ordered, forcing his patient to obey.
Joey was breathing heavily He was ready to explode! But he allowed Kaiba to guide him down to the couch, and then buried his face in his hands. His headache was slowly moving up to register on to the migraine chart. Explode! Die! Joey just wanted it all to end! The lump in his throat was choking him. Suddenly a hand touched his shoulder gently.
"Joey, sit up." Kaiba told him quietly.
Joey obeyed, and let Kaiba fix his bandages without a fight; he noticed a change this time though. Kaiba's face had an expression. Worry? It was something alone those lines. And his touch, it was lighter. More careful; as though he was afraid he was going to hurt Joey, or set him off again. 'Did I scare him or something?' He wondered.
"Shirt off." Kaiba ordered. Joey hesitantly peeled off his T-shirt. "Turn around."
Ah. The burns on his back. Joey took some of the cream Kaiba was using and began to take care of the ones he could reach.
"Joey, I didn't know. I just thought that you had gotten drunk at some Christmas party and - I saw you lying outside my house in the street . . . ." Whatever he meant to say died on his lips. "I had no idea." He finished lamely.
Joey almost rolled his eyes. Yami had said that too. None of them knew. He had kept everything a secret.
"All most done." Kaiba told him, getting a little more of the cream on his fingers. His hand traveled to Joey's ribs.
"Ouch!" Joey drew in his breath sharply.
Kaiba's voice suddenly grew colder. "That's not a burn." Joey stood up and Kaiba noticed the several other fading bruises Joey had. "Neither are those." He said pointedly.
Joey threw on his shirt. "They're nothing. Days old all ready."
"Joey, who are they from?"
Joey stared at the floor ashamed. "Look, I asked for it. Every year I put up a Christmas tree in reminder of Serenity; m - my Dad, hates Christmas trees."
"That bastard." Kaiba swore. "He did that to you?"
Joey made no attempt to correct him. "Look Kaiba -" He said, dropping down casually on the couch. "it's not like my Dad abuses me or anything. I mean every kid gets knocked to the floor by his parents now and again, right? It's called discipline."
"No." Kaiba snapped. "It called child abuse. And you just take it? Without a fight?"
Joey grabbed at his aching head. "Well what the hell else am I supposed to do?" He demanded. "I can't afford my own place, so if he kicks me out I'm screwed. I don't know where my mother is, and even if I did she'd die before she let me live with her."
"You can't go back to that house."
"No, I can't." Joey answered.
An uncertain pause. Kaiba wasn't sure of what to say.
"I burned it down." For a long time Kaiba didn't move or speak. Then Joey heard him walk over and pick something up. 'What the hell are you doin' Kaiba?' Joey wondered. The couch sunk slightly as Kaiba sat down right beside him. A box was shoved on to his lap and Joey looked down at a gift wrapped in bright red paper. He glanced at the tag: To Joey, From Seto. "S - Seto." Joey looked up at Kaiba. He had bought him a gift? And signed it with his first name too. Yup, it was definitely Christmas, this wouldn't happen any other time of year that was for sure!
"I bought it for you - after we had that run in down town."
Shakily Joey undid the ribbon and then impulsively tore of the wrapping paper. When was the last time he had opened a real Christmas present? 'Who would thought that Kaiba would be the one to give me my first present in five years.' Joey opened the box that he found under all the shiny paper. He recognized the label on the box, it was a clothing store for men. Tipping back the cardboard lid he lifted out a brand new winter jacket. "Th- thank you." Joey stammered, looking over at Kaiba.
Kaiba looked like he wanted to say something, but couldn't find the words he needed so kept his mouth shut.
Joey saved them from a awkward silence by pulling the gift out of pocket. "Uh, here." He said, handing Kaiba the small box. "If you receive ya gotta give right?"
Kaiba unwrapped the present and then held up the diamond necklace dubiously. He turn and gave Joey a flat stare.
Joey winked. "Ain't it pretty? I thought it'd look good on you."
A smile flickered across Kaiba's features and he returned the necklace to it's box. "It's for Serenity?" He guessed, not needing to be told the answer.
Joey shrugged. "You gave me a present, I gotta give you something. An' besides," He sighed and looked away. "she'll never even see it. I don't knew where she is. My mom is hiding her from me an' Dad." The gift was pressed into Joey's hand.
"She'll get your present." Kaiba promised, then grabbed the cordless phone that had been sitting on an end table. "I'll call my work and have them get on finding your sister. You can give it to her tomorrow after lunch. I'll even drive you."
"But Kaiba you can't!"
Kaiba frowned, dialing the phone. "I want to do this for you mutt, so shut up! I can and I will."
"No seriously, Kaiba." Joey took the phone and set it and Serenity's gift on the coffee table. "It's Christmas, Seto you can't ask people to work on Christmas. Serenity's present can be a day late. And besides it's past midnight. We're the only ones still awake."
"All right." Seto agreed. "But tomorrow, after we're all done with Christmas I am going to call them and tell them to get thier butts on that. You should be able to see your sister the next day."
Joey wanted to thank Kaiba. But words didn't seem to be what was required. Kaiba was giving everything he desired - and he couldn't even give the guy a lousy Christmas present! Several times Joey opened his mouth, then shut it.
Kaiba looked down at him expectantly. "Yes?" Kaiba was greatly enjoying this. Joey was writhing with guilt at not being able to match Kaiba's generosity. The jerk always had to make people feel bad didn't he? But the way he was doing was completely new.
Once again Joey tried to speak but couldn't.
"Joey are you OK?"
All right. Deep breaths. Good, now say something! Anything! "What's with the first name thing . . . . Seto?"
Kaiba smirked and looked over at the bright tree. "What's with you running over to my house for protection while the cops were chasing you?"
'I was lost.' Well, now he knew he could speak. Now how to say thank you? "Hey Kaiba."
"What is it mutt?" Kaiba asked, looking down at him.
Joey sat up, his gaze locked with Seto's. "Kaiba .. . ." The words died on his lips. Dammit! Just say thank you!!! But it wasn't enough!"
Kaiba smiled. "I know, Joey. Make it easy for your self and just accept it and move on instead of stumbling over words. Don't you know that dogs can't talk?"
'He smiled! Wow! Christmas really is the season for miracles!' Joey thought, ignoring the canine comment. Good, Kaiba understood that Joey was grateful; but did he really know how important this was to him? Joey barely realized what he was doing. He rose up, just a little to meet Kaiba's lips. Kaiba was shocked, but nothing compared to Joey. 'What am I doing?!' He screamed at himself. 'Kaiba is going to kill me!' But to Joey's surprise the stunned CEO didn't pull away; Kaiba kissed him back. After a few lingering moments they pulled away and Joey was finally able to manage a whispered, "Thank you."
Kaiba answered, but not with words. Joey found that he was feeling slightly dizzy; whether is was from lack of oxygen or his concussion he wasn't sure. It was very difficult to get a word in, but now that he once again had words Joey managed to say, "It's really late."
"So?" Kaiba frowned.
"So are you going to make a wounded man sleep on a couch?" Joey demanded.
Seto's eyes widened slightly. "Your head." He remembered, touching the bandages apologetically.
"It's fine." Joey lied.
"Dumb mutt. If it feels fine it's only because your to stupid to know that your hurt." Kaiba stood up. "Come on. Lets get you to bed. With or without a concussion you are going to be up and in here helping unwrap Christmas presents at six o'clock in the morning."
Joey couldn't wait!

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