Chapter 35 Family Ties

One hot July day, Draco, Harry and Cassius were swimming in the pond. Remus was feeling weak since the full moon had been the night before and was watching from the bank.

"You know, Harry. With all the excitement and preparation of Tabby's wedding and Draco coming to stay…we forgot to observe your anniversary."

"What anniversary?" Harry asked curiously, stopping his wild splashing of Draco.

"The day you came to live here."

"Oh." Harry coughed as Draco splashed him unexpectedly.

"It's been a year and a month now." Remus smiled.

"Really? It seems like longer."

"It seems like eternity to us as well," Cassius laughed, messing up Harry's hair before dunking him.

"I remember when I met you…that was almost two years ago now…you seemed kind of scary."

"Did I?" Cassius seemed proud of the fact.

"And now I know you're just a big pushover." Harry tried to dunk Cassius but only succeeded in being picked up and thrown a few feet away. He resurfaced sputtering and choking on water.

"We're home!" Grams called as she walked across the yard. Gramps followed behind her.

"Welcome home!" A moment later three very wet people were hugging Grams and Gramps. Cassius gave Remus a tight hug so he wouldn't feel left out, or at least that's what he said.

As Grams and Gramps told them all about their honeymoon travels and caught up on what had happened at Windy Corner while they were gone, Harry leaned his head on Remus's shoulder. He looked around at his family. He had always wanted and dreamed about a real family when he had been growing up in the cupboard under the stairs. They weren't exactly what he had dreamed about, not a traditional family, but he had two parents who loved him very much, two grandparents who doted on him and a cousin who had become like a brother.

Harry took a deep breath. He didn't need a spell to know there was love all around him.

The End!

Thank you to all my reviewers for your encouragement and support. I am glad people enjoyed it as much as I did. :-) This was my first fan fiction story and I am rather proud of the way it turned out. I meant for the wedding to be the final chapter but I wanted to come full circle to some extent.