Para Para Sakura
by YaoiYaoiYeah

It's almost midnight when Kaiba arrives home.  Once he steps up the door, his young brother runs up to him and says, "Seto, you're finally home!  I was so worried."

"What are you doing up so late?  You should be in bed hours ago."  Kaiba asks.

"I was waiting for you.  I heard you broke up with that guy this afternoon and I'm afraid that you may be depressed or something.  Why are you out so late at night?"

"I was just talking to my business partners oversea.  It's noon over there."

"I thought you went moping somewhere by yourself cause you're heartbroken."

"I don't mope." Kaiba says coldly, "Besides, why would I be heartbroken?  He only date me cause of my money."

Mokuba can sense the bitterness in Kaiba's words.  The young boy knows his brother really wants someone who to him, but every time Kaiba dates it ends the same way.  Those people are only after Kaiba's money. On the outside, Kaiba tries to act like it doesn't bother him; but deep inside, it really pains Kaiba.

"Bro…" Mokuba tries to say something to cheer his brother, but Kaiba's cell phone rings and interrupts the young boy.  Kaiba says to him, "It's late; go to bed and we'll talk tomorrow."

Kaiba takes out his phone to see who is calling.  Mokuba lowers his head and goes back to his bedroom sadly.  The older brother sees the younger one's gesture and feels bad he upsets the boy.

"Hold on one moment."  Kaiba says to the person on the other side of the phone.  He gets into Mokuba's room and says, "Mokuba, let's spend this weekend at the beach.  You always wanted to go see the sea."

"Really?" Mokuba says brightly.

"Really. Now sleep."  Kaiba says.  He puts Mokuba to bed and gets out of the bedroom to take the phone call.

The next morning, Kaiba wakes up and realizes he fell asleep at his desk.  He rubs his sore neck and walks out his office.  Mokuba runs up to him and cheers, "we're going to the beach!"

Kaiba mutters, "Not yet, not until I have my coffee."

"Did you stay up late again?  You'll ruin your body if you keep doing that."  Mokuba says as he gives Kaiba a cup of fresh coffee.

Kaiba drinks the coffee, "I'll be fine.  Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah!  I can't wait!"  Mokuba says.  The driver gets the car ready and soon, the two brothers are on their way to the sea.  Mokuba looks out the window and cries out, "this is going to be so much fun!"

The ocean is as blue as sapphire; its clear water spackles under the sun beautifully.  Mokuba says to Kaiba excitedly, "The ocean is amazing, Bro!"

Kaiba is checking his company's stock via his satellite–linked laptop. He looks out the window and smiles briefly to Mokuba, "yeah, it's amazing." He then looks back at his laptop and starts calling people on his cell phone again.

Mokuba is use to that by now.  He understands that running a multibillion company is a lot of work; and he doesn't mind if Kaiba keeps working even though they're on vacation. The car arrives at the beach and stops at a seashore café.

"Can I have a coffee, please?"  Kaiba says to the waitress.  He doesn't have much sleep last night and he is getting tired.

"Seto, this is your second coffee already.  It's not good to drink so much coffee with an empty stomach. At least eat a sandwiches." Mokuba says.  Kaiba turns on his computer and says to his younger brother, "Don't worry about me.  You go and have fun, just stay where I can see you."

Mokuba gets down to the beach and starts building a sand castle.  A group of bullies go up and kick sand at Mokuba's face.  Mokuba shouts, "hey! Stop it!"

The bullies laugh and kick Mokuba's castle down.  Kaiba tries to go help Mokuba when a teenager gets in front of the bullies and says, "Pick on someone your own side, will ya?"

"We love to."  The bullies say as they attack the teenager.

"Be careful." Mokuba shouts.

The teenager just stands there with a cool grin on his face; he knocks all the bullies out without even moving his legs. Mokuba exclaims, "wow, you're awesome, mister."

"Name's Jonouchi.  No need to call me mister." The teenager says to Mokuba while the bullies try to run away.

"Did you forget something?" Jonouchi grabs the bullies.  They turn around to face Mokuba and say to the boy, "We're sorry."

"Now get lose.  I'll be keeping my eyes on you all so don't bother any kids!" Jonouchi says.  The bullies run away.

"Thanks, Jonouchi."  Mokuba says before he gets back to Kaiba.  Kaiba asks, "Are you hungry?  You can ask your friend to have lunch with us."

Mokuba shouts to his new friend, "Jonouchi, will you like have lunch with me and my brother?"

Jonouchi smiles, "I would love to."

Jonouchi joins the two Kaiba brothers at the seaside hotel for lunch.  The whole time they are eating Mokuba feels weird, as if something is missing.  It takes the young boy a while to figure out what is gone.  It's the sound of Kaiba pushing his cell phone or computer keys.

Kaiba isn't working at the lunch table like he always does.  Mokuba is so accustomed to eat with the sound of his brother working, he feels strange having lunch with those noises.  Kaiba is still looking at the computer screen, but his fingers aren't moving on the keyboard.

The young boy is about to ask his brother if something is wrong when he sees Kaiba steals a glance at Jonouchi.  Mokuba smiles.  So that's why Kaiba invited Jonouchi for lunch.

Mokuba is wondering why Kaiba just stood there when Jonouchi fought the bullies earlier.  (Usually Kaiba jumps to Mokuba's rescue whenever there is trouble.)  Now Mokuba knows why.  Kaiba was too besotted by the sight of Jonouchi to do anything.

"I'll get the check today!   Thanks for inviting me."  Jonouchi says to Kaiba.

Someone walks up to Jonouchi and grabs his hand to take the check, "please, let me take care of the check.  I can't help but notice what an exquisite creature you are and I just have to come over and introduce myself."

"Hmm…thanks?" Jonouchi says, not sure how to respond to that statement.  It's not everyday a complete stranger calls him 'exquisite creature'.

The man gives Jonouchi his name card and says, "I'm Crawford, one of the richest man in the world.  Call me." Crawford winks at Jonouchi and walks out the door.

Mokuba asks Kaiba, "are you alright, bro?"  Kaiba nods, "yes, I'm fine."  But Mokuba can tell Kaiba is not fine.  Kaiba looks like he wants to go and beats Crawford up.  This is too cute—KAIBA IS JEALOUS!