Para Para Sakura
Part 3

by YaoiYaoiYeah

Kaiba walks away.  Jonouchi runs after him, "Seto, wait!  Where are you going?"

"Nowhere.  Go back to Crawford, don't you want his money?"

There is a long silence.  Then Jonouchi opens his mouth, "What if I want to stay with you?"

Kaiba wants Jonouchi more than anything in the world.  But how can he want someone who will sell himself for money?  Jonouchi will just go after his money and break his heart like all the others.

"Crawford is waiting for you."  Kaiba says and walks away.  Jonouchi lower his head and walks back.

"Crawford, can I go to Paris with you?"  Jonouchi asks.

Kaiba goes back to his hotel room and tries to work on his computer, but Jonouchi keeps coming up in his head.  Kaiba finally falls asleep at the table without getting anything done.  The next morning, Kaiba wakes up with the worst neck pain in his entire life.

Mokuba is packing cause it's Sunday and they have to go home.  He sees Kaiba walking stiffly and he gives Kaiba a neck massager.  "Here, bro.  You look like you're going to need it." Mokuba says.

"Thanks.   When did you get this?"  asks Kaiba as he uses the massager to rub his neck.

"Jonouchi brought it over just now. He said he always sees you rubbing your neck so he got this for you."  Mokuba says.  Kaiba sighs; he is so upset at Jonouchi that he forgets how kind and caring the blonde is.  Kaiba decides to go and talk to Jonouchi.

When Kaiba and Mokuba arrive at Jonouchi's room, the blonde already checked out.  Mokuba shouts, "Jonouchi is gone!"

"He can't be gone!" A girl shouts.  Kaiba turns around and sees a girl standing at the door.

"We're too late!  Jonouchi went with Crawford to Paris already!"  say the two guys behind the girl.

"Who are you?"  Mokuba asks.

One of the guys says, "We're Jonouchi's friends, Yugi and Honda; and she is Jonouchi's sister Shizuka."

Shizuka knees to the floor crying, "It's all my fault, if it weren't for my stupid operation!"

"What operation?" Kaiba knees down next to Shizuka and asks her.

"I'm going blind but my mom doesn't have the thirty thousand dollars for my operation.  My brother call me last night and said Pegasus J. Crawford promised to give him the money if he models for Crawford Corps."  Shizuka cries.

"The money is for you?"  Kaiba asks.

"Yeah.  Jonouchi never care about money.  He just wants me to be able to see again." Shizuka sobs.

"It's not your fault.  It's all because of that Tsubasa jerk!  If he didn't hurt Jonouchi so bad…" Honda says.

Kaiba watches the three of them confused.  Yugi sees Kaiba's expression and says, "Jonouchi comes to the beach because he just broke up with his boyfriend Tsubasa and wants some time off.  He really loved that guy and the broke-up was hurting him really bad.  Jonouchi got so traumatized he doesn't even believe anyone will love him again."

Honda shakes his head and says, "Jonouchi thought if no one will love him, he might as well sell himself out to someone who is rich enough to pay for his sister operation."

Shizuka weeps, "Jonouchi is going to be miserable!  I could tell how pushy Crawford is!  That guy won't let Jonouchi talk to me!  He made Jonouchi hung up the phone!"

Honda hits the wall frustrated, "I shouldn't have let him come to the beach alone. He's too lost to be by himself."

"I'm the one to blame.  I told him to go."  Kaiba says.  Everyone looks at him surprised.  Kaiba continues, "he asked me to let him stay with me, but I thought he was after my money."

Mokuba shouts, "Just because your ex was after your money doesn't mean Jonouchi is the same!  Jonouchi doesn't even know you're rich.  He really cares about you! You have to get him back!"

Kaiba picks up the phone and calls the airport.  He then tells everyone, "the plane leaves in 30 minutes.  Come on, my driver is waiting for us downstairs."

The driver tries to get to the airport as fast as he could. But when they arrive at the airport, the plane is already gone.  Kaiba is getting ready to get on his plane and fly to Paris when he sees Jonouchi sitting at the corner of the airport alone and dejected.

"Jonouchi, what're you doing here?" Kaiba walks up to Jonouchi.

"Seto!  I thought I would never see you again!  I tried to call you but the hotel said you were gone."  Jonouchi says.

"Why aren't you on the plane?"

"I couldn't do it.  I told Pegasus I can't be with him.  He is not the one I love."

Kaiba tries to say sorry to Jonouchi, but the blonde speaks first, "I'm sorry, Seto.  I shouldn't have asked Crawford for the money, I don't mean to get you upset.  I just broke up with a guy that messed my head up really bad and I wasn't thinking straight."

"I was the same way.  I just broke up with a jerk that made me really mad and I took it out on you, I'm sorry.  I don't know you want the money for your sister."

"How did you know about my sister?"

"I told him!" Shizuka walks up and hugs Jonouchi, "I come here to stop you!  I will rather go blind than make you miserable!"

A man walks up to Kaiba and says, "sir, your private plane is waiting."

"You have a private plane?"  Jonouchi asks Kaiba.

Kaiba nods and says, "I was going to go get you at Paris.  Listen, how about we fly to Kyoto?  My doctors can operate on you.  Kaiba Research center is the best medical facility in the world."

"You're Seto Kaiba, the president of Kaiba Corps?  No wonder you're afraid Jonouchi is after your money!"  Yugi says.

"But I can't accept this. This is too much!" Jonouchi says.

"Nothing is too much when it comes to you."  Kaiba smiles to Jonouchi.

"Come on!  We got a TV on the plane!  I'll show you!"  Mokuba pulls Shizuka onto Kaiba's plane.

"Hey, Seto.  Nice meeting you, take good care of Jonouchi, will you?"  Honda shakes Kaiba's hand.

"Call us when you get there."  Yugi says to Jonouchi.

"Thanks for coming for me, guys.  I'm sorry I'm such a bother."  Jonouchi says.

"Don't ever say that."   Yugi says.  Kaiba and Jonouchi get on the plane, "bye!"

"You want to pilot the plane?  I'll let you sit on my lap."  Kaiba says to Jonouchi.  Jonouchi blushes a crimson red.  Kaiba laughs.

Shizuka's operation turns out very well, but she has to stay in the hospital for a week before the bandages come off. Jonouchi decides to show Kaiba and Mokuba around Kyoto in order to thank them for saving her sister eyesight.

Mokuba is so happy, not because he gets to visit Kyoto, but because Kaiba is finally taking a vacation without his computer and his cell phone.  Jonouchi has managed to do what no one else can do before: get Kaiba away from his work.

What's more, Jonouchi makes Kaiba laughs his heart out all the time.  Kaiba never looks so content and blissful.

 "I'm stuffed!" Kaiba says when they get back to the hotel.  Jonouchi lies down on the bed and says, "I can't believe you actually ordered the grilled alligator fillet."

"Taste just like Chicken." Kaiba laughs and lies down next to Jonouchi.  He gives the blonde's golden locks a light blush and closes his eyes.

Mokuba comes in and says, "Seto, I can't sleep."

Jonouchi smiles to Mokuba, "Hey, big guy.  I'll stay with you. Let your brother sleep."

Mokuba looks at the sleeping Seto and says, "wow, you're amazing!  You actually put my brother to bed!  My brother never sleeps, not on the bed at least.  He is always working."

"And now I need to put you to bed."  Says the blonde as he gets Mokuba back to his bed and tugs the young boy in.  He sits down next to the young boy and says, "I'll wait here until you fall asleep."

"Thanks, Jonouchi."  Mokuba closes his eyes.  Jonouchi is so wonderful; Mokuba is very thankful Kaiba finds Jonouchi. He hopes Jonouchi and his brother can live happily ever after.