Hello, minna! I know some of you may accuse me of getting side-tracked yet again, but it's not so! I wrote this a very long while ago, so enjoy! It's for Sesshoumaru-sama, of course!

Disclaimer: I don't own Inu Yasha. It's painfully obvious by now, isn't it?


Cold Assassin

Flying by, on wings of air,

With all the world about him

He tucks his speed into the night

And finds a place to land in.

His feet touch the gentle earth

That shivers underfoot,

And he pulls on indifference.

The forest pulses steadily;

He takes a step, without a sound

And the world skips a beat.

-Cold, cold assassin-

The woods seem to whisper,

Branches nodding at each other;

And silence stretches to greet him.

His eyes change-

Light is strangled out in them.

He remembers again why

He feels no compassion.


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