Greetings, everyone. Here's a little tidbit I wrote for my
favorite Elves, based mostly on the books. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own the first two movies on VHS and most of the
books dealing with Middle Earth. Am I making money off of any of
Tolkien's property? No. So nobody sue, okay? It's bad enough
that I can't own Legolas.


The Elves of Middle Earth

Moonlit silver traces gold,
Life that skips the growing old,
Steps are limber, lithe, and sure
Words of wisdom beyond mature.
Changing eyes never miss their mark
With bow and arrow pierce the growing Dark.
Offspring of sternest royalty,
Never quailing in your loyalty.
The Sea gains hold in your heart;
Last of the Fellowship, shall you depart.

Soft cascades of raven black,
Traded grace and ne'er looked back;
Gentle is the Evening Star
Watch your love ride off to war.
Beloved by two peoples equally
One under wood, one in enchanted valley.
Smile; upon love's return,
For the Blessed Lands you'll not yet yearn.
Ageless beauty is your doom,
And for Father, left not room.

Tresses of most radiant light,
Mighty mistress in her own right,
A Lady far and wide renowned,
Defiant, pardoned, and self-crowned.
Revered by many, feared by some;
Those wary of what to there minds may come.
Dwelling with Lord in fairest wood,
Passing temptation as only the Wise could.
Middle Earth you chose as home,
Till Evil falls, there shall you roam.

A gilded head amongst the leaves,
Watchful gaze under guarded eaves,
Proud, faithful protector of your land,
Let not arrogance guide your steady hand.
Serving your Wise Lady and your Lord,
Truest warrior and guardian of your own accord.
Rightfully suspicious to befriend,
Lest home be endangered in the end;
Ever steadfast shall you be
Until your time to pass over the Sea.

Wisest and most gifted Healer of all,
Duly revered within your hall.
Battles fought and painfully won,
First to battle temptation of the One.
Loss and worry know you clearly,
Taken two whom you loved dearly;
One you shall one day see again,
The other, to remain in the world of Men.
You are wearied, yet you remain
Till the last, your greatest pain.

Sons of a Lord, carry it high,
Worthy members of Dunedain.
Each ride with honor beside the other,
Brothers who journeyed to rescue Mother.
So like in semblance, serious of face;
Lauded examples of your Fair Race.
Constantly fighting foe after foe,
Keeping peace in lands of those who do not know.
Both brethren shall reside in Father's halls
After the Shadow of the Enemy falls.


I know some are obvious, but can you guess
which Elf/Elves each "stanza" is referring to? I'll find a way
to let everyone know if they're right. Tell me what you think!