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Chapter One: Change of Style

Kagome walked from Ayumi's house, idly chewing her gum, thoroughly enjoying the night breeze. It was a nice night after all, it'd been nice all day, rather warm and then gradually becoming a little cooler, but not too cold. She had her homework done and she was relaxed. Her head shot up as she heard a faint yell.

"P-Please! For the love of God! Don't pull that trigger! I'll get the money! Just don't!"

Kagome gasped and ducked behind a dumpster, "Oh my God." she whispered.

From where she crouched she could see a man with long black, wavy hair walking with a gun in hand pointing at a demon, looking very much like a wolf, who was sitting on the ground. Then the taller man spoke up, "I gave you what you needed and you decide to lie to me? How much of a fool do you take me for?" the man's eyes glowed an unnatural red.

"You're n-not a fool at all, Master Naraku!" the demon cowered.

"There are no negotiations." he said and pulled the trigger. There was a loud shot and the man's blood spilled onto the building behind him, "Good-bye, Royukan."

Kagome screamed and immediately shut her mouth, "Oh no..."

"Who goes there? Who?!" the man began quickly walking towards the dumpster.

Kagome jumped up and made a run for it, "He's going to kill me!" she cried to herself.

In an instant her foot was caught and she fell face forward, taking the full brunt of the fall. Her eyes skimmed up to the woman smiling up at her, "I'm here to make sure this goes through without any intrusions."

The woman was dressed in tight leather pants and a jacket. Her eyes were red and her pointed ears signified to Kagome she was a demon. Her hair was jet black, pulled into a ponytail.

"I didn't mean to-I'm leaving!" Kagome stood.

"No, miss. You wont be." a male voice said behind her.

She turned sharply as she felt her body get brutally get thrown against the wall of a building nearby, "Let me go!" she yelled.

"I can't do that, not anymore." he smiled reaching his right hand against her throat.

She let one of her eyes open, "You know... people as cold as you... always get what they deserve... no matter when it is... and it's never pretty..."

With his free hand he pistol-whipped her in the other side of the face, "Quiet..." he said pressing the barrel to her forehead.

She figured he was distracted at this point so she took what courage she had left and gave him a nice swift kick to his happy place, "Scum!" she yelled.

"Ow! You little wench!" he cried and fell to his knees, holding his pelvic area securely.

She took this opening and grabbed his gun, holding it to the young woman, "You'd better be leaving before I shoot you!" she ground out.

The woman glared unable to call her bluff, and so she took off.

She threw the gun in a random direction and took off running. She heard a few gunshots recherché off the building behind her, but as her adrenaline rushed through her, her legs picked up speed and she managed to make it to the police station. She burst through the doors, shaking violently, tears streaking her pale cheeks, "Please! Help me!" she sobbed falling to her knees in the lobby.

"What's the matter, girl?" an officer came out from behind the counter.

"I just saw someone murder a guy!" she cried, "He ch-chased me! I made it here, I'm safe here aren't I? He can't h-hurt me here can he?" she bawled.

The man put his hands on her shoulders, "You're okay here. You're safe" he said, "Where did you see this take place?"

"A f-few blocks away..." she pointed, "An alley..."

That was what happened that night. Kagome looked back at her reflection from the bridge. Was this bruised and battered girl really her? Before yesterday she'd been a normal woman. Then again, before yesterday she'd never witnessed a murder nor had she almost been the victim of one, so, in reality everything had already changed. She glanced back at her watch, "The guy was supposed to be here a while ago..." suddenly she felt cold metal pressed against the back of her head.

"You should be more wary of what's going on around you, Miss Higurashi." said a low voice.

"Give it up already, I know you're not one of those guys. You'd be dead already, there are snipers on the roof you know. So you're the agent they handed me over to, hmm? My security?" she turned around, "Demon?"

"Half-demon." he corrected her, "You're lucky there are snipers on the roof, you'd have been a goner otherwise." he pulled his gun away. Now being able to see the full damage she'd been inflicted he approached her and cupped her face between his clawed fingers, "Damn, they got you good, hmm?"

She snorted, "Well, getting pistol-whipped isn't an everyday occurrence you know..."

"Ouch..." he winced.

"You know, you scared the wits out of me." she said coolly.

He gave the agents on the roof a thumbs up and looked back at her, "Glad to hear I didn't do much damage. Now listen, Miss Higurashi, you're under my surveillance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week until this whole thing blows over. Stay with me at all times and don't ever leave my side, is that clear?"

"Yes, but call me Kagome. I hate formalities." she said.

"Inuyasha Tetsusaiga, but Inuyasha will do." he smirked.

She noted that he was pretty cute. His flowing white hair, the cute doggy ears atop his head, the was he could have passed as a J-rocker with his black sleeveless t-shirt and snug leather pants, "So, where are we going? What's the plan?"

"The plan is, you're posing as my wife. We're newly weds in this apartment." he showed her a written address.

"Newly weds?" she blushed.

"Yep, let's go, girl." he nudged her a bit.



"My name is Kagome..." she turned to face him.

"Okay, whatever, let's get going."

"Not until you call me by my name."

"Fine, Kagome, let's go." he snorted.

She nodded and walked alongside him, "So, what are we doing first?"

"I was thinking we should get you some contacts." he said pointing to her eyes.

"For what"

"To change your eye color." he reasoned.

"But I don't want them." she explained.

"You two do not look like a happy couple." said a woman with long dark brown hair and glasses, sporting black pants and a black shirt with the word, 'Taijiya' written in hot pink across the stomach.

"Out of my business. We just started out." he growled.

"Well, look like it."

"Who are you?" Kagome blinked. His girlfriend or what?

"My name is Sango Hiraikotsu." she smiled charmingly.

"You look about as old me." Kagome observed.

"I am. I just got into the force really early." Sango said, "You're...eighteen?"

Kagome nodded, "Yeah."

"Yeah, I figured. Well, I have to be going. Inuyasha has my cell number if you need anything. Here, Inuyasha, this'll be your weekly payment for food and clothing. The boss has the rent covered." she handed him some credit cards, "And Kagome, here are some new ID cards. Social Security, Driver's License, Birth Certificate and whatnot." Sango handed a bag to Kagome.

"Thank you." Kagome smiled.

She nodded, "See you later." she smiled, "And Inuyasha?"


"Don't be a jerk." she smiled and walked away.

"Let's be on our way, honey." he pushed her along.

She nodded and walked with him as they came up to an old Chevy Nova, "Is this your car?" she marveled.

"Yeah..." he stared for a minute, "Why...?"

"No reason, I just really like those American muscle cars." she smoothed her hand over the red surface.

"If you say so..." he half grinned, popping the trunk.

"Uhm, Inuyasha?" she asked.

"Yeah?" he turned to her as he started the engine.

"Can we go out to eat? I haven't eaten since well...since I saw that guy get killed."

"That was four days ago!" he snapped, merely out of shock and a bit of concern. Who wouldn't be concerned if anyone hadn't eaten in that amount of time? "Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt."

"So where's the new apartment, darling?" she threw her things in the back and made sure to stress the last word. She had a feeling he didn't like her already. That was okay, it usually took people ages to hate her, he was off to a good start, she figured.

"You'll see. First off let's get something in you before you wither away." he grinned.

"Okay." she smiled

First they could eat, then they could go to the new apartment. It only seemed right. The poor girl hadn't eaten in four days after all. Inuyasha could see this case might take longer than he thought.

"Sorry about this... I thought I had enough cash to-"

"Don't remind me." he sighed, "You're just like all women... money suckers..."

"If it'll make you feel better, I'll pay you back when we get to the damned apartment!" she hissed.

Inuyasha stood a little and put his hand up, "Okay, okay, just shut up. People are staring."

"Does it look like I care right now?" she snapped.

"I do!" he growled, his ears twitching.

She couldn't contain herself as she burst into laughter at witnessing this freakishly adorable but hilarious reflex he seemed to have. The look on his face was even more pricless: embarrassment and fear, "That... was... so.." she said between fits of laughter, "...so cute!" she exclaimed.

"Quit!" he said snippily and grabbed the bowler type hat he'd brought along.

"No don't!" she pouted, still chuckling, "They're so cute!"

"Like I give a damn if they're cute! Just shut the hell up!" he snarled, crossing his arms across his chest tightly.

She sighed and calmed down a bit, "You're an ass."

"You're a bitch."

"Go to hell." she said slamming her hand down on the table and shoving her chair violently into the table as she left.

"Kagome, get your ass back here!"

"Screw off!" she bellowed, shutting the restaurant doors.

"Jeez, pal, you really pissed of your girl." another customer said.

"Shut the hell up!" he snapped and walked up to the front to pay the bill.

Kagome huffed and puffed as she walked down through the polluted city. He was so aggravating, already he managed to get under her skin, why was her patience so thin with him? It was his attitude, his entire personality. He was the embodiment of frustration. How could one person annoy her so much?! She was having a long game of chess in her mind just figuring it out. A good player thinks five steps ahead, right? Then why was she only two? He was impossible. She stopped in mid walk as her eyes caught a figure in the display glass that was all too familiar, annoyingly enough he'd had the nerve to follow her. She growled and entered the store. Luckily enough, it was a book store. Now she knew he was too stupid to read. He wouldn't come in and humiliate himself like that.

She browsed the shelves until she caught sight of a title she so desperately had been looking for a few months back. Her breath stuck in her throat as she pulled it off the shelf and sat down on the floor, flipping the pages. It looked really good. It was a hard book for her to find and now it was finally in her hands. Her eyes glimmered as she read the title, "Merrick. Oh...I worship you Anne Rice..." she said cradling the book.

"I don't blame you. The Vampire Lestat was a good one. So were the prequels and the sequels." a voice above her said.

She snorted, "Why did you follow me in here? To make me angry again?"

"No... I think we should call a truce."

She glared up at him and stood, "Do you mean that?"

"Well, duh." he said, extending his hand.

She shook it firmly, "Okay, truce... for right now anyways."

He nodded as he watched her put the book back and start for the door. He looked back at the shelf and pulled an item from the rack. What kindness he had had possessed him to this, or so was his thought, "I'd like to purchase this." he said and waited for the cashier to ring the item up. It was okay to do good once in a while.

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