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Chapter Nine: Past and Present

Kagome sat on the bed waiting for Inuyasha nervously. He'd gone to the store again and was to be back soon. She looked up at the clock. It was almost three. He left an hour ago.

Things were working out just fine at the present moment. Inuyasha had made all the arrangements and Kagome was staying with him. She had a part-time job at the Manga Shop and she was taking writing classes every Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. She had finally come to terms with everything and her feelings for Inuyasha.

She loved him.

Loved him so deeply she wanted to know everything. She wanted to share everything in return. When he got home... she wanted to know about Kikyou. She was sure he would tell her but, it seemed to be a soft spot.

Inuyasha slapped the bags down on the table and looked around the now well kept apartment, "Kagome?"

"In the bedroom, Inuyasha." she called

He smiled and walked over to her, "Hey, beautiful."

"Can I... talk to you?" she smiled weakly.

"Something wrong again?"

"I wanted to ask you, about Kikyou..." she looked away.

"Oh..." his puppy ears fell back.

"I... I love you. I want to know everything about you." she lifted her head, hopefully.

He blushed, but nodded quickly, "Kikyou was my partner way back when. We slowly fell in love. We went on like that for almost a year, loving each other in secret. Nothing ever... happened..." he blushed, "One day... we were on a job. Same guy. Naraku. Kikyou was infiltrating the building. I was down the street, waiting to bust some of his guys. I was hiding behind some crates and suddenly, the building exploded. I screamed and I was ready to run inside, but it caved in... I mourned her for... god, until I found you." he let a small smile show.

Kagome smiled a little too, "Inuyasha... do you really think you can be happy with me? As happy as you were with her? I mean... I know I'm not as witty, or as beautiful. I'm certainly not as mysterious... I know I can't-" she was abruptly cut off as Inuyasha's lips pressed against hers.

He pulled away and looked her dead in the eyes, "Kagome. I know I'm going to be happy with you. I've never had with Kikyou what I had with you. I've never hung on every gesture, every expression Kikyou had, because she didn't have a lot. I couldn't sit and wait to see what she'd say next because I loved hearing her talking, because she would hardly speak to me and I could never trust her, because she never fully trusted me. She didn't love me either. With you, I can be me. I can smile because you smile and the life you bring to a room makes the world worth it's troubles. I love you, Kagome." he said, breathing at last.

"Inuyasha..." her mouth gaped opened, "I've never heard you so open."

"It was hard..." he looked to the side.

She put a hand on his face, "Thank you."

He leaned over and kissed her again, "No talking. It'll spoil the mood."

"There is no mood." she grinned.

"Maybe there will be..." he pulled a bag from the side of the bed and slid out a bottle of wine, "Don't worry, I'm only joking, but I did want to celebrate our new arrangements."

"That's fine with me." she smiled.

He smiled back, "I love you, Kagome."

"I love you too, Inuyasha."

The End.