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Chapter 1

Peach and Samus without her armor is coming home from the groceries.

Peach: We sure bought a lot.

Samus: The prices are getting cheaper all the time.

Peach: It's a great deal to buy one ice-cream and you not only get another ice-cream free but also a ticket to a Winter 2010-2011 Fashion Show.

Samus: They must be surprised that we bought ice-creams during winter.

Peach: I'm sure Roy will go the show that is 2 days from now. It said lower than age 18 isn't allowed.

Samus: Fashions are getting more and more revealing all the time.

They saw some people destroying things.

Samus: They're robbing the jewel shop and destroying cars!

Peach: Those heartless thugs!

Samus: You stop it!

Thug 1: How dare you tell us the Star Gang to stop destroying things?

Thug 2: This is our job.

Thug 3: To be precise, this is our hobby.

Samus: I can beat the crap out of you even without my armor!

Peach: I'll guard the groceries, you do the fighting.

Samus did some acrobatic moves and knocked out the thugs.

Thug 1: You're strong, lady.

Thug 2: But definitely not stronger than our boss.

Thug 3: We Star Gang will someday rule the world!

Police: Hey you! You guys were destroying things! You're under arrest!

Thug 1: Our members will come for more!

Soon afterwards...

Peach: We're home.

Link: You and Zelda were on TV.

DK: It said that you fought members of the Star Gang.

Mewtwo: This Star Gang is getting dangerous as ever.

Yoshi: We need to keep an eye on them.

Phone: ring

Bowser: (Answers) For the 100th time, this is not Caesar's Pizza Palace!!!!!

Samus: You'll be happy about this, Roy.

Roy: Fashion tickets! It 2 days from now. I'll go.

Zelda: Pervert

Roy: You wouldn't call it pervert. Fashion are to be admired by people who view the clothes and bodies as beauty, art, and god-given gifts.

Some times later, in the Smashers' underground lab.

Falco: What's that strange machine the size of a desk?

Fox: My father made it years ago. It's a machine for creating war tools.

Falco: Sounds cool.

Fox: I wouldn't want to make dangerous weapons, we don't need them.

Falco: Looks like it's still working.

Fox: There's someone viewing us from the window near the ceiling!

Falco: There's no one.

Fox: I'm sure I saw it.

Ness and Young Link (YL) were out in the snow.

Ness: Winter made baseball close.

YL: It's funner to play in the snow.

Pokey: NESS!!!!!

Ness: Not again.

Pokey: I'm gonna get you! See my super-duper-ultra-magnificent butt slam! (Jumps at Ness)

Ness used PK Fire to burn Pokey's butt, sending Pokey flying into the distance like a lighted firework.

YL: Poor him.

Ness: Serve him right.

Both of them were being watched from a camera hidden in a tree, which was transmitted to a hidden base.

???: They're one of the 26 Smashers. I've decided to make a deal with them in order to obtain their weapon-making machine.

Thug: What deal will you make, boss?

That night...

Luigi: Saw the TV news? A Star Gang member attacked an old woman. Suddenly, Pokey fell from the sky and landed on the member, thus making Pokey well known.

Ness: They should thanks me instead.

Phone: ring

Bowser: (Answers) You $#&%!@ moron! This is not Caesar's Pizza Palace!!!!!

Captain Falcon (CF): THIEF!!!! STOP!!!!!

Mario: Whatsa wrong?

CF: A Star Gang member came in from the window and stole my best F-Zero vehicle model!!!!! He's still on the street!

Kirby: What are we waiting for? Let's go get him!

The Smashers ran out the house and went after the thief.

Member: I'm chased! I'll never be able to escape!

Jigglypuff rolled after the thief and caught him.

Member: Forgive me! I was following my boss's order!

CF: Who is your boss and why did you stole my toy!

Suddenly, the Star Gang member exploded in bloody pieces.

Popo: Eew...

Nana: How horrible!

CF: Good thing my toy is all right.

In the base...

???: Good thing I attached a remote bomb onto him and detonate it before he tells the truth. My first plan to swap the toy for the weapon-making machine failed!

Back home...

Dr. Mario: Why did the Star Gang stole Falcon's toy.

CF: They're interested in car models?

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