Final Chapter

The Smashers in the Star Gang base are losing the fight.

KS: Give up now!

Ganondorf: Never!

KS: You shall be the first to die!

Ganondorf jumped at King and wrestled with him, but got beaten up badly.

Ganondorf: I won't... give up.

KS: Prepare to die!

Ganondorf: This shall not happen...

Luigi shot forward and knocked down King Starman.

Luigi: Run! Ganondorf!

KS: You get out of my way!

Luigi: YAH!!!! (Wets pant)

Mario: You stop-a it! (Gets punched)

King Starman beats up everyone badly.

Link: I can't lose...

Popo: This is it...

Nana: No... I haven't finished the jigsaw yet.

Pichu: Pichu...

KS: I will be laughing when you go to hell! Ha ha ha ha!

Ganondorf: That does it!!!!

With a blinding flash, Ganondorf transformed into...

KS: What the?!

Mario: Mamamia!

Luigi: YA!

Popo: Woo!

Pikachu: Pika!

Nana: Cool!

Link: All right!

Ganondorf transformed into... GANON!!!!!

Ganon: Die, Starman!

KS: You think you can still defeat me? En guard!

The two battled ferociously. Ganon tossed KS around like a rag doll. KS's psychic attacks didn't work so well against Ganon.

Ganon: You're done for!

KS: What a hard opponent!

Ganon: Warthog Punch!*

*Ganon is a pig after all, right?

KS: UWA!!!!!

Link: C'mon! Give him some more!

Mario: Yippee!

Luigi: Fight on!

Pikachu: Get him!

Pichu: Let him get it!

Popo: Fight!

Nana: Go, Ganon!

Ganon: Now to end it! Swine's Leg! (Kicks KS)

KS: NO!!!!

Link: We got him!

KS: Stop... This is enough.

Ganon: You are not fit to live.

KS: I can heal myself with PSI Life-up. I never give up easily. This base shall explode within 5 minutes. See if you can escape in time! I'm off!

KS runs through a hidden door on the wall.

Link: He's getting away!

Luigi: It's gonna blow! Let's run!

Pikachu: We'll never be able to escape!

Ganon: Back to the sub!

But the sub is destroyed.

Luigi: No!!!!!

Mario: Now what?

Link: We may have to swim out.

Nana: But we'll never be able to escape the explosion radius in time!

Ganon: Put on these life vests. I'll cover you from the explosion. Now pray that we can survive it.

Meanwhile, on a boat...

Samus: See anything suspicious?

Marth: Yes! A rock shaped of a star.

Samus: Besides that?

Marth: Guano falling down.

Suddenly, an explosion was heard and water gushed up.

Peach: Whoa!

Yoshi: An underwater volcano is erupting!

Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Link, Ganondorf, Pichu, Nana, and Popo came to the surface.

Mario: We're saved!

Pichu: Fate has allowed us to live!

And so...

Falco: There's something on the radar. It must be a submarine.

Pikachu: That must be King Starman escaping.

Ganondorf: Let's go after him!

Sure enough...

Pid: There's a ship following us!

KS: They escaped the lab! Let's dive deep into the sea so they will lost track of us. And also fire the newly-made drill torpedo at them!

Stu: Fire!

The submarine fired a drill at the Smashers' ship.

Falco: A never-seen before torpedo is coming this way!

Fox: That must be the weapon they created! Dodge it quick!

They dodged the torpedo.

KS: Miss! Let's get away from them. I still have the weapon-machine in my hands!

Mario: I still have da remote control! I press it and da weapon-machine will go boom!

Samus: Great! Press it.

They pressed the button and King Starman's submarine exploded.

Smashers: Hooray!!!!!

But they were wrong, because on the shore...

KS: Curse those Smashers! I never expected them to get us!

Pid: Good thing we survived the explosion...

Stu: Cheer up, we're still together.

KS: I will show them someday, I will!

Back home...

Luigi: The news headline is "Star Gang disbanded. Thanks go to Smashers".

Ness: Yeah! We're heroes!

Bowser: It's great to do something good!

Roy: We're getting famous every time.

Peach: Now that King Starman is gone, why don't we throw a party at Caesar's Pizza Palace?

Smashers: Good idea!

Phone: ring

Bowser: (Answers) It's either you don't know how to dial or your phone is broken. This is not Caesar's Pizza Palace!!!!!


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