The Girl Who Didn't Believe

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Chapter 1- Introduction

"Will you stop it already!" Kitten yelled. "I am damned sick and tired of you watching Fushigi Yuugi day in and day out!!! It's driving me fucking nuts!"

"No can do..." Sable muttered distractedly. The curly-haired brunette was currently engrossed in, for the ten thousandth time, the Fushigi Yuugi series.

"Grrrrr... Stop it! I command you to stop it! You baka woman, so obsessed with this anime! What, did you think that if you watch enough of this baka series, you'd get into the baka cartoon and become the baka Suzaku no miko with seven baka seishis? What do you think this is? Snow White and the fucking seven dwarves?"

"Eh..." Sable's bright green eyes were glued to the television.

Encouraged by the murmur, Kitten continued her tirade.

"I don't bloody think so, what is the bloody fuss about anyway? In fact, after watching the entire series, I suspect that it may be a biological war weapon sent by the Iraqis to brainwash all you gullible, baka, fangirls so that they could use us for their diabolical schemes...Sable? Oi, Sab, are you still with me or not?"

"Um hmmm..."

At that Kitten spun around to see that, well, to see that Sable has went off to FY Land and had not been on earth for a long, long time...

"Aw, shit," hissed Kitten, disgusted, "you have not heard me at all haven't you?"

At that sharp remark, Sable snapped out of her stupor and blinked at blue- haired girl.

"What is it, now, Kit? If you are not interested, you can just scat and do what you want! I'm not asking you to accompany me to watch my favorite anime. Besides, Fushigi Yuugi is just a temporary obsession, I will get over it soon..." With that retort, Sable focused her attention back to the television.

Kitten scuffed the floor angrily.

"Temporary obsession...that's what you said five months ago...and I hate it when you talk to me in that kind of tone," muttered Kitten sulkily, "It makes me feel like you think my voice is coming from some irritating cockroach down there, and you are wondering where it is so you can step on it."

Kitten peeked up then, to see Sable's reaction, only to find none other than Sable's eyes glazing over at staring too long at the screen.

"Dammit." With that muted curse, Kitten stomped out of the living room to pout.

Sable didn't even notice her friend's sulky departure.


Kitten was frowning something fierce. She had left the living room in a temper for the comfort of Sable's room and had not come out since.

'I really do not understand what is wrong with Sab. Between us, she, at 23 years old, being 4 years my senior, should be the most logical one, the most sedate and practical one and yet SHE is the one to be so obsessed with an anime, for god's sake! A bloody anime! People would think that I should be the one who is most likely to be fixated, not her...'Kitten thought angrily.

At that, Kitten broke out of her musing.

Sighing, she supposed that there isn't much that she could do until Sable willingly snaps out of her obsession. Smiling, she decided to go to the kitchen to get some 'peace offerings' to appease Sable.


Meanwhile, in an alternate world...

"What is this nonsense that I had heard?" Taitsukun demanded.

"Well..." Suzaku hesitated.

"Did I or did I not just hear your illogical request to transport two girls from the mikos' world to the Universe of the Four Gods?"

"Hai." Suzaku answered bravely, "Hai. Brother and I asked of this because we think that it might be interesting to see how they react with my two remaining shichi seishis, Tasuki and Chichiri."

"HUH! I didn't ask anything. I just come to be entertained by this overgrown, matchmaking chicken over her...OOOMPH...nothing." Seiryu said, holding his side where a certain overgrown, matchmaking chicken had shoved his wings into.

Taitsukun look from one brother to another suspiciously. Seiryu was glaring at Suzaku, most probably plotting his revenge, whereas Suzaku looked as innocent as a newborn lamb. Both the beast gods were in their human form, with Seiryu looking immaculate in his bluish-tinged armor (A/N: Seiryu, is after all the god of war) and Suzaku looking graceful and handsome in his court attire.

Taitsukun sighed.

"Do you know that we only bring in girls from the other world to serve as mikos for you gods, not to serve as your entertainment?"

"Demo...demo..." Suzaku protested.

"No buts." Taitsukun said firmly. "There is no reason to bring in any girls when all of you have been summoned and all your shichi seishis are happy and..."

"That's it!" Suzaku interrupted. "Taitsukun, mine are not! The surviving ones, that is. Tasuki and Chihiri may look contented, but the loss of the other seishis, friends whom they have come to care deeply about, would always weigh heavily on their hearts. The two girls from the mikos' world might be able to divert their grief and make them happy and maybe even fall in love! And then they will live happily ever after! Huh? What say you, Seiryu?"

Seiryu shrugged. "Hey, don't ask me. All of my shichi seishis are dead except one and HE was brainwashed. So don't ask me."

Again, Taitsukun sighed. Suzaku did have a point there. She knew that although the other shichi seishis had helped Chichiri overcome his traumatizing past, the lost of the other seishis had affected her disciple deeply. However, the rule is the rule and it made no sense to utilize so much energy to transport two girls in for such a flimsy reason.

"I see your point...but I still do not see the advantages of bringing two girls here. Any girls in The Universe of the Four Gods would do. There are, after all, so many to choose from." Taitsukun said.

"The old woman is right, brother, of all the girls to pick from, you must choose two foreign ones. You're...ARRRRGH!!"

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING OLD?!!" Taitsukun roared, suddenly appearing to be five times bigger than her original self.

"No! No! I didn't say anything! I swear! I'm sorry! I am! I really am!" stammered a cowed and super deformed Seiryu.

Taitsukun was about to do something else to said god when the Nyan Nyans popped out of nowhere.

"We fix! We fix! We heal! We heal! Taitsukun! Let us fix your anger and heal your face!!"

Taitsukun immediately forgot about her anger towards Seiryu and turned towards the offending Nyan Nyans and booted them into the stratosphere.

"Nyan Nyyyyaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn...!!"

Suzaku sweatdropped.

Seiryu, for once, was extremely relieved. He was certain that had the Nyan Nyans not interfered, he would be the one doing the flying.

Seeing Seiryu obvious relief, Suzaku's sweatdrop grew bigger. Shaking his head, he tried to get back to the topic that they were discussing before the untimely interruption.

"Anou...Taitsukun...the reason why I chose the two girls is because that I think that they are compatible with my two seishis. Another reason I want them to come into our world is because one of the girls, Kitten, she does not believe in our world and worse, she holds contempt for everything related to us."

"He is right, you know. As much as I do not wish to, I have no choice but to agree with Pinky here," Seiryu said, referring to his pinkishly-gowned brother (A/N: is there a word such as pinkishly?), "the girl is annoyingly impertinent and vulgar in her disbelieve in us. In fact, just yesterday, she cursed the four gods. To be precise, she told us to do something anatomically impossible to ourselves." Seiryu wrinkled his nose. "How distasteful."

Taitsukun arched an eyebrow.

"Is that so?"

Suzaku nodded.

"Hai, I'm afraid that it is so."

"How interesting...Now that you mention this, I think I can understand your sentiments, Seiryu. Maybe I can help you out..."

"Sou ka...does it mean that I can summon the girls here?" Suzaku asked hopefully.

"Yes, yes, you can, but you have to be discreet, of course."

Suzaku brightened. Literally. He glowed PINK in his excitement, much to his brother's disgust. He was about to take off when Taitsukun stopped him.

"One thing first, Suzaku, being the god of love (A/N: In the OVA series, I think that there is a part that mentions that the phoenix, Suzaku gets his power from love or something like that.), I take it that you are expecting the girls to fall in love with your seishis and vice versa?"

"Hai. Tasuki and Chichiri have served me well and I'd like think of this as a reward for them."

"So, you are expecting the girls to stay here for life? What about their families? You can't just separate them like that."

"Gomen nasai. I neglect to tell you that both the girls are orphaned since young and have been brought up in a monastery, the Shao Lin temple (A/N: Those who watch Chinese ancient Kung Fu flicks would know, ne?), so they do not really have any family ties."

"I see. How convenient. Since you are being so noble," Seiryu snorted at that. Taitsukun glared at the said dragon.

"You got a problem with that, Seiryu?" Seiryu immediately shook his head in denial.

"Well, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was saying that since Suzaku is being so noble and selfless..."

"Selfless, my ass." Seiryu muttered under his breath.

"Yes, Seiryu, you were saying?" Taitsukun asked coldly.

Seiryu panicked. He had just polished his armor today and did not want to do any aerial stunts. "Nuh-uh. I was just talking to myself."

"That is good," Taitsukun said, "but please keep what you want to say to yourself private first. As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted twice, since Suzaku here was being so noble and selfless, wanting to prove to disbelieving individuals that his world exist and keeping his seishis' happiness in mind, I shall bend the rule a little and allow the girls' entry to this world."

By now, Suzaku's pleasure was so keen that he was blinding everyone in sight. Those who opened their eyes are instantly blinded by a neon pink light and those who keep their eyes closed would see bright pink phoenixes imprinted in the back of their eyelids.

"My thanks, Taitsukun!" Suzaku crowed. Again, he was about to disappear when the Creator stopped him again.

"Wait a minute, Suzaku. What's the big rush? I have not finished. This advantage that I have given to you has strings attached to it. There are rules that you must heed."

"Rules?" Suzaku squeaked. His bright aura of excitement visibly diminished, much to the relief of those around him.

"Yes, rules. Listen and listen well. Rule Number One: Both your seishis will have only half a year to persuade the girls to stay in their world. " Taitsukun instructed.

"NANI?!!!" Byakko, the tiger god roared. He had eavesdropped on the conversation earlier and had decided to join the melee.

"This is so unfair! Why can the girls stay in the Universe of the Four Gods when my own priestess, Suzuno, cannot?" Byakko cried.

Taitsukun stared at Byakko.

"Byakko, kindly remember that the wish for one to stay in the Universe of the Four Gods is the only wish that the four gods cannot grant."

"Yes! Exactly! Then why the girls whom Suzaku is planning to import in can stay if they want to?"

"Byakko, also kindly remember that I am not one of the four gods. I am the Creator, and thus I have the right to say who stays and who goes!"

Everyone facefaulted at that.

"That is the stupidest reason I've ever heard" Seiryu mumbled.


"Uhh...of course not! Where did you get that idea, Taitsukun? You are the most powerful among all of us. can do what you want to do..."

Taitsukun glared daggers at Seiryu. If looks could boot one's body to outer space, Seiryu would be visiting a NASA satellite already.

"For the benefit of your own health, you better not be, Seiryu."

"Taitsukun, please let me clarify my doubts. Are you saying that if my priestess, if Suzuno, used one of her three wishes to ask for you to let her stay in the Universe of the Four Gods, you would be able to grant it?" Byakko persisted.

Taitsukun sighed.

"Yes, that's correct. I would be able to fulfill the wish that you four gods cannot."

Everyone facefaulted again.

"Now, where was I just now? Oh, explaining rule number one. Okay, I will now explain the next rule. Listen well, Suzaku. Rule Number Two: Other than transporting the girls here, you are not allowed to interfere during the six months that the girls are here. Which means that you cannot help them or your seishis. If there is any courtship or danger or any other stuff, they will blunder along themselves. Without your help. Is that clear?"

Suzaku nodded quietly.

Byakko in the meantime was whining in the background about how unfair it was that his priestess didn't get to live happily ever after with the Byakko shichi seishi Tatara and how Taitsukun always favor Suzaku. Genbu had also arrived at the scene, and from the look of his face, he didn't seem too happy about what happened either. Seiryu, on the other hand, just stood there and smirked. After all, why would he care about lovey dovey stuff like this? He is the god of war, not the god of sap. However, Seiryu was quite interested about how things would turn out. Byakko was raging and even Genbu, the mildest-tempered god among all four was riled.

Taitsukun sighed. She could feel a pounding migraine coming up and it wasn't even afternoon!

"Okay, okay, I give. Since you three gods seem so disapproving, why don't you guys come out with something that you deem fair, hmm?"

At that everyone stopped what they were doing. Byakko stopped his whining and stared at Genbu. Genbu stopped frowning and stared back at Byakko. Even Seiryu quit smirking.

"Well, any ideas?" Taitsukun asked.

Suzaku prayed hard. 'Please no, please, please no...'

ndeed there was silence. None of the gods seem to be able to think of something good to suggest.

A few minutes passed.

"No? You guys have no ideas? Then you all will have to quit your moaning and scowling. You cannot say that I am not fair anymore. I have given you all a chance and you all cannot think of anythi..."

"Matte, matte!!" Seiryu yelled. "I've got an idea!"

Everyone looked at Seiryu with interest.

Suzaku glared at him.

Seiryu ignored Suzaku and continued. "You know, the reason why the girls will be sent here is because they might be able to fall in love with the two Suzaku shichi seishis, right?" everyone nodded. "Okay, so if they really fall in love, the girls would want to stay here right?" again, nods from all. "But how do you now that they are really in love? They might want to stay here maybe because uh...they find the atmosphere here great, or that uh...the food here is great! So you never really know." Everyone nodded again.

"Seiryu is correct, you know." Byakko told Taitsukun.

Sensing danger ahead, Suzaku quickly demanded of Seiryu. "And your point is?!!"

Seiryu smirked. This is going to be fun.

"My point is that true love should survive against all odds right? So we can test this giving Tasuki, Chichiri and the girls challenges at every turn! In that way, if they really were in love, the two girls would still want to stay in the Universe of the Four Gods after six months of arduous tribulations! AND...since dear 'ole' Suzaku is out of action, why not let the remaining three of us gods mete the challenges appropriate for the foursome! Huh, Taitsukun, what do you say!"

'It does make sense. If I let the other three do what they want to the foursome, they cannot accuse me of favoritism. Another pro is that if the girls still want to stay after what the other gods had done to them, then, it should prove enough of their love and devotion towards the two shichi seishis. Furthermore, I think that Byakko, Genbu and Seiryu won't be able to say that it isn't fair anymore. After all, it is them who will deal out the challenges...'Taitsukun thought.

Meanwhile Suzaku was looking hunted.

Taitsukun had better not agree to what Seiryu had just proposed. The three of them could and would easily and cheerfully make mince meat out of his seishis and their future intended!

"I have come to a conclusion," Taitsukun boomed. "I find Seiryu's idea intriguing and fair. After all, if the girls still want to remain here after what the three of you have dealt to them, I think that they deserve to stay, agreed?"

Genbu, Byakko and Seiryu nodded, satisfied.

Suzaku shook his head frantically.

"No, Taitsukun! They'd torture them and make their six months stay a living hell!"

"Silence! My decision is final. Besides, I don't think that Seiryu, Genbu and Byakko would do that much to harm the mortals, right?"

The three said gods nodded their heads innocently, much to the chagrin of Suzaku.

"Okay, so this is decided. The third rule would be that the other three animal gods would be allowed to mete out any challenge they deem fit and that you, Suzaku, cannot do anything, not even to move a feather to help. Is that clear?"

"Demo...demo..." Suzaku stuttered.

"No buts! I have to be fair! These are the three rules! Do you accept? If not, this deal is off!"

Suzaku gulped and nodded.

"Arrigato gozaimasu, Taitsukun." Suzaku bowed and poofed before anymore distressing changes can be implemented.


Sable sighed with longing as a certain powdered blue-haired monk with a speech impediment appeared on screen.

'Chichiri. How I wish that he is for real...But he is not. Guess I just have to get over him and continue with my life. It's no use moping after an anime character. Anyway Kit has been rather pissed off at me lately for my FY fixation and if she ever knows the true reason behind my obsession, I'd never hear the end of it.'

Quickly, Sable stopped the DVD player. Suddenly, a plate of cookies appeared before her.

"Do you want cookies and milk? If you do, you must forgive a certain blue- haired amethyst-eyed girl for her insensitive comments on your temporary" Kitten choked on the word, "hobby. So, would you?"

Sable grinned. "Well on account of the cookies, I guess I have to, don't I?"

The girls were about to dig in when a sudden red glow surrounded them. Both gaped in surprise. In a blink of an eye, the red glow disappeared and in its place stood a handsome, red-haired man with a pair of pinkish-white wings.

"Kuso..." Kitten whispered, "Am I dreaming? Who is that kawaii guy?"

"Suzaku..." Sable gasped. She could not believe her eyes.

The man nodded regally.

"Indeed I am the great Suzaku, Guardian of the Southern empire of Konan. The reason I am here is because I have a message for you girls."

"Indeed," Kitten said sarcastically. Sable shushed her.

"Silence!" Suzaku boomed. "I am here because YOU, Kitten Akani chose not to believe in the Universe of the Four Gods. Thus, after a discussion with the Creator and the other three gods, we have decided to send you and your friend, Sable Shinkami, to our world. Both of you will have half a year's time in the alternate world and after that would be given a choice to stay or return to your own world. Thus said, I will now depart; leaving with you two hours to pack the things that you would like to bring to my world. At the end of said time, a flash of red light would teleport you there. Is that clear?"

At that, Suzaku just... disappeared.

Sable stared at Kitten in shock.

"Did I really see what I just saw? And why did I not know of your 'dislike' and 'disbelief' in fushigi yuugi?" Sable asked. "No, wait, no need to answer, I think I already know the answer to the last part."

"Nah-uh. I am not gonna believe that I just saw an anime character, no matter how cute he is. I am not..." Kitten muttered.

"This is so weird. If we did see the phoenix god, what exactly did he mean by... OH MY GOD!! We are going into the Universe of the Four Gods!" Sable squealed with delight

"I still think that we are hallucinating..."

Sable immediately dragged Kitten into her room. Upon reaching, Sab whipped open a small valise and started throwing random things inside it.

Kitten glared at Sable. "Hello? Sable? If you remember, the Universe of the Four Gods does not exist. It is not real!"

"Okay, if it is not real, then who is that guy who just appeared in front of us and then just as quickly disappeared?"

"Well..." Kitten stammered.

"Aw...come on, Kit. Let's just pack some stuff, okay? Even if it is not true, let us be prepared just in case...anyway, we'd know the truth in a couple of hours."

'What Sable said does make sense,' Kitten thought, 'there is no harm in being prepared...the truth will come soon enough.'

Sable stared at Kitten anxiously.

Kitten smiled slowly. "Well... what are you looking at me for? Let's go pack!! Since I do not believe that that nonsense exist, when it does not happen, I 'm gonna have great fun rubbing it in your face! Already, I can't wait!"

Sable smiled.

Two hour later...

"Oi, Sab. Nothing is happening."

Kitten said as she stared at Sable. Sable merely sighed and looked around.

The 'a little bit of stuff' has generated into 'a lot of stuff' as Kitten enthusiastically jumped into the mood of packing. If she was not wrong, Sable counted three large suitcases and a huge backpack that contained Kitten's 'necessary possessions'. She, on the other hand, had managed to stuff everything into her small valise and her lucky shoulder bag.

A few minutes passed by.

"That's it! Ha ha, Sab, we were just hallucinating! Yep, that's what happens when you watch too much FY! No more FY for you, old woman. I'm gonna throw the..."

Suddenly, a red light appeared and swept the two girls away.

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