Nagi's Christmas gift

Warnings/notes : Nagi/Omi, hints at Crawford/Schuldich and Aya/Ken, very slight Neu/Tot, slightly silly, oocness (esp. Schreient)

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 7th december 2003, by Misura


Neu sighed, wondering why she was in a team of shopaholics. She had learned early *never* to go shopping for clothes with Schon, or to agree to assist Hell in buying new office supplies but thus far her expeditions to the mall with Tot had been quite pleasant.

Tot was bouncy and energetic, but she also was quick to find something to her liking. Any plushie she didn't have yet was acceptable for a purchase. As a matter of fact it had often been *Neu* who suggested they might look elsewhere first, before buying anything.

Not so today. Today, Tot was hunting for the perfect Christmas-gift for Nagi Naoe, codenamed Prodigy. A shy but on the whole nice enough boy. Neu had to admit that he probably was the most human member of his team, which didn't say all that much, really.

Anyway, the boy was crazy about computers and thus Tot had gotten it into her head that her gift ought to be findable in the high-tech gameshop. Where they played ugly techno-music on the speakers that gave Neu a headache. Where there were lots of pimpled teenage boys hanging around who eyed the two girls as if they were aliens.

Neu vowed she'd never, ever come back here again. Nagi'd better be very, very happy with whatever Tot decided on in the end, for if he wasn't, Neu would personally stuff the game down his throat. He wasn't good enough for Tot anyway.

"Neu? Which do you think Nagi-kun would like better?" Tot held up two boxes. One of them said to contain 'BloodBath IX', while the other proudly boasted of being 'SlaughterFest VII'. Neu rolled her eyes, glad of her sunglasses which hid the gesture from Tot.

"I don't know, sweetheart. They both look the same to me. Maybe you could simply take the cheapest one." Whomever created games with names like that? And why would anyone want to play them?

The only person that came to mind was that lunatic in Schwarz, Farfarello. Though he'd probably prefer 'the real thing'. Neu threw a suspicious look at the boys again, trying to estimate if there were any potential psycho-killers amongst them.

They looked more like sheep to her, chewing on their bubblegum with that distant expression on their face that indicated a serious lack of intelligent brain-cells.

"Tot wants the best, not the one that costs least money." Tot murmured, checking the rest of the shelves for more potential gifts. She had seen what kind of games Nagi kept in his computer-room, so she thought she had a pretty good idea what he liked.

And then she saw It. Or rather Him. The perfect Christmas-gift for Nagi and getting it would still leave her with more than enough money for a plushie. Perhaps even two. Though of course she also still had to buy gifts for Schon and Hell, so maybe she'd still only buy one.

"Neu! Tot has found the present she wants to buy for Nagi-kun!"

"That's nice, honey. What bloody game did you decide on?" Neu smiled at Tot, just to keep her annoyance from showing too much.

Tot giggled and pointed. "Tot wants to give Nagi *that*."

Neu stared at the blond boy who stood there, holding a box, animatedly talking to a grumpy redhead. There was something very familiar about the two of them, but she couldn't quite figure out what it was.

"You mean the game that's in his hands? Would you like me to get it for you?" Neu offered eagerly. Anything to get out of here. Besides, she didn't like his face. It reminded her of Mr Koala.

"Nooo-ooo." Tot shook her head, still giggling. "I mean the boy!"

"What?!?" Neu didn't quite understand. Why on earth would Tot want to give Nagi ...

"He's Bombay, but his real name is Omi." Tot nodded wisely. "Nagi likes him. More than he likes Tot."

"That little bastard!" Neu hissed. "That sneaky little pervert! Wait till I get my hands on him ... "

Tot blinked. "Neu? Is something wrong? Tot has found she likes someone else more than she likes Nagi too, so she is happy Nagi won't get hurt if she says bye."

"Oh." Neu began to feel a bit dazed. Too much new information, not enough time to adapt.

"But she wants to give Nagi a good present because he promised he'll always be Tot's friend." Tot continued, seemingly oblivious to Neu's somewhat confused state.

"That's nice of you." Neu managed. "But I really think we need Schon and Hell to help us with this gift, Toto."

"As long as Nagi gets his present in time ... " Tot shrugged. "Shall we go ask them then?"

"Yes. Let's ... do that." Neu replied, numbly following Tot as the blue-haired girl bounced out of the gameshop. The subject of their conversation apparently hadn't noticed them, since he was still gesturing at the redhead, pointing at the box in his hands.