Nagi's Christmas gift

Warnings/notes : Nagi/Omi, hints at Crawford/Schuldich, Aya/Ken and Yohji/Farfarello (^^;), very slight Neu/Tot and Hell/Schon, slightly silly, oocness (esp. Schreient)

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 25th december 2003, by Misura

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Chapter note : this last chapter turned into one to tie up all kinds of 'loose ends', so it doesn't have as much Nagi/Omi as I'd hoped for. sorry. ;_;


Nagi stared at Omi, ignoring the small part of his mind that suggested he shouldn't be ogling a member of an enemy assassin-team, no matter how cute and sexy said member looked or how often he had had those nice dreams involving Omi, about which Schuldich always made rude comments in the morning, over breakfast.

Omi's eyes were very wide, he noted absently, and very blue too. He liked Omi's eyes. Though of course that wasn't to say the rest of Omi was any less appealing. Unconsciously, he licked his lips.

"Uhm, Nagi?" Omi sounded a little nervous.

"Yes?" Nagi couldn't seem to think of anything more intelligent to say. Everything that came to mind was either too direct ('Can I kiss you?') or too stupid ('Why are you wearing boxers with *bunnies* on it?').

"You know ... I think you're a little over-dressed." Omi blushed a deep crimson, thus proving he could, indeed, do the impossible and raise his cuteness to even greater heights. It took Nagi's brains a few seconds to receive enough oxygen to properly understand what Omi had just said.

Nagi blinked. "Oh. You think so?"

Omi nodded solemnly. "Most definitely. So ... can I help?"

"I ... guess that's okay. I mean, if you want to." Nagi wondered if he looked cuter when he blushed too. He hoped so.

Omi giggled softly as he moved over to Nagi, to softly kiss the tip of his nose. "Merry Christmas, Nagi-chan."



Yohji decided he needed another drink. Walking in on Aya and Ken while they were 'busy' in the backroom had most certainly scarred him for life, but alcohol numbed the trauma a little.

How could they? Sure, he had always had his suspicions about Ken, who was simply too fast to get over that chick he was supposedly in love with before she left for Australia, but Aya ... cold, emotionless Aya who was obsessed with taking a bloody revenge on Takatori ...

He sighed. There simply wasn't anyone you could trust these days. Two of his own teammates getting into a relationship without even telling him. Two of his best friends getting some while he was stuck with nightmares and a big, soft, *cold* bed. The utter injustice of it!

"Tried the irish whiskey yet?" He blinked, turning his head to find a familiar psycho smiling at him in a manner that might have been described as 'friendly' had it been anyone else.

"Get away from me." Yohji muttered, waving at Farfarello as if the man was some annoying insect. Farfarello merely grinned, taking a swig of his own drink. It was green and red. Yohji thought it better not to ask what its ingredients were.

"Only if you come along." Farfarello grinned. Living with Schuldich had polished his vocabulary and social skills quite a lot. He wasn't even wearing more than three knives at the moment.

"Logically, that didn't make any sense." Yohji replied, rising. "But who cares? Let's go."



"Has any of you seen Tot?" Neu inquired, walking into the living-room of Schreient's apartment with a frown on her face. Schon shook her head, while Hell seemed too lost in thoughts to have even heard the question. "She's not in her room."

"Should I give a Christmas-present to Crawford?" Hell asked, looking disturbed. Schon and Neu stared at her. "I mean, because he's on our side and everything. We're kind of colleagues after all. Should you give gifts to your colleagues?"

"Well, I suppose you could give him something a bit more colorful to wear than those eternal white suits. As long as you can send the bill to Takatori-freak, I don't see why not." Schon grinned. "Christmas *is* the season for peace and renewing friendships after all."

Hell frowned. "I was more thinking along the lines of a useful gift. A paperweight or something like that." Neu rolled her eyes, while Schon looked thoughtful.

"He could chuck it at that german whenever he gets annoying again." Schon giggled, either at her idea or at the horrified expression on Hell's face. Neu scowled, deciding she wouldn't find an answer to her question here. As she left, Schon's voice drifted after her. "Did I say something wrong?"

She opened the door to her room, to stare in puzzlement at the heap of wrapping paper on her floor. Tot was sitting in the middle of it, smiling ruefully.

"Tot wanted to wrap herself up, but it's too hard. Sorry for your present not being a surprise anymore now, Neu."

Neu coughed. "I ah really don't mind, Tot. It's a very sweet gift." Tot beamed.



"Whaaaat?!? Why don't we have anything more proper for Christmas-dinner than noodles? I thought Omi was going to make us something really special this year!" Ken scoffed.

Aya shrugged. "Seems he got sidetracked on the way to the shop." Ken stared at him confused.

"What do you mean? Is this about that phone-call you refuse to tell me about?"

"No, that was Yohji." Aya chuckled. "He was just calling to gloat over having found a boyfriend too. It seems he walked in on us this afternoon."

Ken blinked, then started to blush. "Why didn't you tell me?!?"

"You didn't need to know. And you were busy at the moment. I didn't want to risk distracting you." Aya smirked. "Speaking of distractions ... there *is* a lot of ice-cream in the freezer. For dessert."

"All right, I vote we skip the main-course." Ken grinned.

"That sounds like a reasonable idea." Aya agreed.



"Brad? Why didn't *we* buy any ice-cream this morning?"

"Because it makes a mess."

"And why can't I sneak upstairs to make a picture of the chibis?"

"Because that would make a mess too."

".... why?"

"Nagi'd notice you."