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Chapter 1: Vacation


Amy Rose looked down at the overstuffed suitcase that lay across her bed. Her room was a total and complete mess. Clothes lay strewn across the floor, drapes had fallen from there hangings. Amy looked around making sure she had not forgotten anything and headed out the door. The pink hedgehog dragged the rolling suitcase behind her. She stopped at the elevator and pressed the button with a sigh. All her dreams were coming true and it only happened in a few hours.

*Flash Back*

Amy walked to the train station in Station Square. She wore her normal attire of a red dress, with matching shoes and headband. The hedgehog sat on a bench waiting for the train to pull in, a small lunch pail sitting on her lap. A few chilly dogs that had been made with care for a certain blue hedgehog sat inside. She let out a girly squeal.

"Sonic will love the snack I made for him!" she said out loud with glee.

Finally the train came up and as soon as she boarded it took off. Making sure to smooth out her hair as she rode along, she stood hanging on one of the straps. It had been two years since the ARK incident and most of the world was calm. Not long after Egg Man had been arrested he escaped and made attacks once in awhile on Sonic, all resulting in failure. The years had been good to Amy. She had grown her hair out longer and in now sat a little past her shoulders. She had gained a few curves but hid them in her still little girl outfits.

The train pulled into Mystic Ruins and she got off. Quickly jogging down the steps, she made a dash for Tails workshop, where Sonic was sure to be. Smoothing out the invisible wrinkles on her dress she knocked on the door. Not receiving an answer she knocked again harder shaking the door at the hinges. After being useless and weak she had worked hard to get stronger, though not as strong as Knuckles or Sonic she was pretty close to Tails strength.

Movement was heard along with some mumbling before the door opened, revealing an oily Tails. Literally, he was covered from head to foot in oil.

"Oh hay Amy! Come on in I was just working on the Tornado." He said slightly embarrassed at his appearance.

"Hey Tails is Sonic here?" She asked looking around for the hero. "Ah, yah Sonics watching TV. I gotta get back to work see ya and good luck." he said with a wink and wave of his gloved hand. Amy smiled, Tails new of her feelings for the blue hedgehog ran deeper than being a fan. She walked into the living room to see Sonic draped over the couch, the TV. still on.

Amy squealed and jumped over the back of the sofa, landing on Sonic's chest. He woke with a start looking everywhere for danger "Amy! Wha?" she had shoved the lunch pail into his face, it opened up.

"Look Sonic I made your favorite! Try some!" she said breathless.

Amy forced a Chilly Dog down his throat. Sonic began to chew quickly but then bolted up right. He ran to the bathroom with light speed and gagging noises were heard. After a few moments Sonic came up looking more green then blue. He leaned on the doorframe breathing hard and spoke.

"Geeze Ames, What did ya put in there? Poison?" he said still sputtering. Suddenly his head snapped up realizing what he had said. "I..I mean." but it was too late. Amy's eyes had watered over and she had begun to sniffle. "B-But Sonic I worked s-so h-h-ard on them." she said gasping. She turned and began to walk through the rooms to the door loud sniffles followed her.

"Wait..Amy!" Sonic tried to call after her. At that moment Tails came walking in. The sound of a door opening and closing broke the silence of the room. Amy's voice followed. "Knuckles what are you doing here and Rouge too? What are the suit cases for?" Sonic's quills stood on end as Knuckles responded.

"Sonic invited us on a trip to some tropical island. Didn't he invite you? Amy have you been crying, Amy...Amy wha-." voices of Knuckles and Rouge were cut off by a wail and the slamming of a door. Sonic cringed as Tails looked at him curiously. Knuckles walked in confused and Rouge stood with rage on her face.

The white bat walked over to Sonic and pushed him up against the wall. "I thought you said that she was out of town with her family and friends for vacation." she said with a hiss. Tails eyes flashed with understanding for a moment before turning a glare on Sonic. "You lied. You didn't invite her right Sonic." Rouge continued to speak.

Rouge and Amy had become close friends and only lived a few blocks from one another. After ARK, both girls needed each other for comfort. Sonic had gotten over the death of Shadow in a mere day. " It's his fault." he had said, "He was the one who was going to make ARK crash in the first place. Anyway they would have locked him up even if he did survive."

Rouge had hard time with his death though. He couldn't have been all bad right? He had saved her life, and the lives of millions. Many a night she would be troubled about her partners death and Amy had been there to comfort her. They quickly bonded.

At the moment though, Rouge glared at Sonic with half open eyes. She had a nice loose pair of black shorts and a tight pink tank top.

"You, Sonic, you disgusting piece of shit. I'm not going any where."

with that she turned and began to leave to go after her best friend.

"Sonic!" Tails hissed as Rouge reached the door. "Okay Okay!" he was gone in a flash. He looked around for Amy finding her over by the water fall, loud sobs be drown out by the noise of the waterfall. "Ames I'm sorry, I was going to go get you today to invite you be-because I wanted to invite you personaly." he said thinking quickly.

The pink hedgehog looked up surprised. "R-Really?" she asked through a sniffle. With a small nod she through herself at Sonic. "Oh Sonic! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!" she squealed. suddenly she was up on her feet. "Oh my gosh I have to go home and pack, I'll meet you guys at the airport!" she said running to the train. She boarded and got home to pack, not knowing the little white lie that Sonic had told her.

*End Flashback*

Amy hummed to herself as she went down the elevator. As the door opened up revealing Rouge. "Hey hun you ready?" she asked moving her skirt down slightly. Amy nodded and moved to stand next to her best friend. "This is going to be so much fun!" she said happily as they walked down the street. Amy didn't live in the greatest place. She worked as a waitress at the burger resterant and didn't get paid to much but had a one bedroom apartment with a big living room and a kitchen that led right into it.

Rouge on the other hand had a penthouse apartment. The money came in from the good

hunting days. It left her plenty of cash and the president was constantly paying her for

special missions. She had the best fashions and would always try to get Amy to wear some

of the clothes that she gotten her but had yet to succeed. As they approached the airport

near the train station the buzzing of a plane sounded over head. Tails lowered the Tornado

near the ground. Rouge grabbed Amy by the waist and lifted her as Tails came close to the

ground without touching it.

Sonic sat on his usual spot on the plane leaving a spot for Amy. Knuckles hung on the tail

of the plane. Rouge moved after setting Amy down next to Tails to stand next to

Knuckles. The rest of the flight was spent talking and cracking jokes. Every once in

awhile Knuckles or Rouge would jump off to glide of fly on the side of the plane. Night

had fallen and Sonic had drifted off to sleep as well as Amy. Knuckles gazed down at the

Vast amount of water beneath them. Suddenly the plane gave a jerk. Sonic and Amy as the

plane jerked again.

"Tails what's going on?" Sonic called but there was no answer. Amy leaned forward to

se what was wrong and let out a scream. Tails sat unconscious a trail of blood seeping from

his head and mouth. She grabbed onto the controls and tried to steer as the plane jerked

again. Suddenly the started in a nosedive towards the water. Knuckles reached out and

grabbed Sonic and Rouge tried to grab Amy but was pulled away from the plane as the

wind increased during the freefall.

Amy grabbed Tails and cradled the young boy to her preparing for the worst. There was

An explosion and a horrible crunching of metal. Amy rolled across the ground protecting

Tails the best she could. She looked up finally seeing the plane in ruins and Knuckles

Rouge and Sonic diving to the ground to see if they were all right. Amy looked around

wondering how she was still alive. The girl looked down at her bruised body and closed

her eyes in pain. Suddenly the flash of black and red blinked in her minds eye before she

passed out.


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