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Chapter4: My Little Secret

Amy sighed contently as she sunk deeply into the water. The calm water felt wonderful after a hard days travel. Sonic had been pushing them non stop and Tails had little improvement. Knuckles would carry him most of the time, Sonic either couldn't handle looking at him for too long or couldn't carry him on his back because of his quills.

He was becoming more tense by the day and was developing a tendency to relive stress on Amy. Verbal and mental assault had been the prime factors, he hadn't lain a hand on her yet, and she prayed he wouldn't become that mad with her.

Most of the time, the pink hedgehog decided to stay out of his way. She always traveled at the back of the troupe and stayed quite. Sonic seemed pleased at the development but she knew Knuckles and Rouge were starting to get worried. Speaking of Rouge, she had been abet distant from her best friend. She wanted to trust her with all her thoughts but she also had her doubts in the bat.

The woman would defend her to the bitter end but if she told Rouge about Sonic now…Well the end result would be in someone's death. She winced at the thought of her friend or love dieing. 'Wait…my love?' Amy pictured the bitter and cruel blue hedgehog. The day previously he had been muttering to himself and looking at Amy evilly. Was it just her or was Sonic loosing her mind? When she asked what was wrong he blew up in her face and didn't speak for the rest of the day.

Another sigh escaped her as she looked up at the moonless sky. Out on this island was beautiful to say the least. The air and stars were so clear. Amy knew she shouldn't put up with Sonic but the truth was, he could kill her. At some points she got her spark back and told him off but she would pay for it after. The only thing keeping her going was her newly acquired friend.

Speaking of witch, his entrance was sounded at a rustle in the bushes. The familiar skull head popped out, followed by the Chaos chubby little body. He hoped into the water with out a second thought and began to swim towards the girl. She smiled happily and opened her arms to him.

"Hey there little guy, I was wondering when you were coming." As usual she plucked him out of the water and hugged him as he gave a gentle coo.

This had become a ritual for the past few weeks. Since the first night, the little Chao would show up. Sometimes she'd see him during the daytime, especially when she was sad. The two had bonded easily. Amy spoke to the Chao, which she hadn't named as of yet. She told him of her family, her life, and sometimes the things that would go through her mind, or what Sonic did to her. A lot of times she'd curl up to the little creature and cry her eyes out.

Wadding to the shore she pulled herself up onto the bank and placed him on the ground next to herself as she began to place her clothes back on. They had been in this jungle for 3 weeks wandering around. It seemed to be totally uninhabited but that was impossible. And her friend was proof.

Chao were not wild creatures by nature. Most of the time they won't even hatch outside a Chao Garden. If they do hatch, they have to have someone to take care of them. A Chao could never survive by itself, especially on a island such as this. This little creature had to have and owner somewhere on the hunk of earth.

Amy was reluctant to tell her friends about him though. She knew that she was pushing her luck here. But the fact of the matter was this was her secret. He was the reason she got up each morning just so at night she could curl up with her darling friend. Really it was absurd to already adore the creature so much, having these thoughts about him. But still, he was her friend. Knowing Sonic he would probably hurt the poor thing into showing him to his master.

Looking back at the unnamed animal she smiled as he danced in the moist ground near the bank. Each night she asked him his name. At first he knew nothing but everyday he came back he would try to write it down. Once again, he turned and squatted down to the ground. He began to draw his hand across the dirt form letters. Amy merely shook her head and watched intently.


He had been watching her each night now.

The silly girl had befriended a Chao, a sad development indeed. He watched the dark little creature squat to the earth to try to write out his name, the pink hedgehog watching with interest. He felt odd, only watching her. This was a duty he placed upon himself though. Several times in these past weeks she could have been killed had he not been here. The darkness of the night brought creatures out, creatures who were always looking for their next meal. Most of the time the settled for fruit, but, the foolish girl made enough noise to bring herself to their attention.

The animals mostly never came about during the day, the light seemed to bother them. Living on this Island for two years made him known to their habits. Damn things had given him trouble time to time, but he mostly dealt with smaller of the species. What was the name he called them? The shadowed form pondered for a moment, reclining back into the tree.

"Shouki!" he said after a moment. The name literally meant a demons energy, or aura. The form slapped his hand over his mouth firmly, realizing he had said the name louder than he had meant to. Amy looked up at the noise, staring straight at him unknowingly before shrugging. "Must have been a bird." she said to the Chao.

Sighing he sat back again, letting his ruby orbs slide closed with relief. Moving slowly, he used his right arm to lift the left into his lap. The limp appendage had been damaged in his fall down to the planet. Yes, for now he would simply watch over her, in due time he would come from hiding. A smirk set into place as he realized the Chao had written his name in the dirt, just as he taught him too.


"You're name is Saber? Awww! That is so cute!" Amy tackled the Chao, now known as Saber, into a bear hug. Though Saber didn't mind the burst of attention. A giggle escaped the girl as the Chao nuzzled into her neck, a purr like noise rising from him.

Amy looked up at the moon for a moment, judging the time she had with her little friend. With a sigh she realized it must be past midnight. Standing up, she brushed off the dirt from her dress before leaning down to pluck Saber from the ground.

"I have to go now buddy." she said, holding the creature an arms length away. "I'll see you tomorrow night okay?" As the nod of consent came, Amy planted a kiss on the bone skull and set Saber down on the ground. She began to move through the trees, headed towards the glow of the campsite.

Amy didn't turn back to see her friend walk towards a nearby tree and begin to climb with ease. She also didn't here the squeak of happiness as he was picked up by his owner.


"Has any one seen Amy? She's been gone for awhile…" Rouge looked around the camp with a worried expression. She and Amy hadn't been talking a lot lately. She seemed quite withdrawn.

Rouge shot Sonic the evil eye as he shrugged unconcerned. He was another part of the problem. He was making Amy feel as if it were her fault that Tails was unconscious. Rouge ran a gloved hand of the fox child's head. He was not getting any better, but not any worse either. The group had to be in the middle of the island by now. They were all tired and sick of eating coconuts.

A moment later Amy walked calmly through the trees. She was cleaner, the dirt and grime from the days' travel removed from her body. The pink hedgehog looked over at Rouge brightly and walked straight for her. This surprised her, but it was not an unwelcome change.

"Had a nice bath Amy?" she said once she was close enough. Amy nodded and beamed in response. The younger girl plopped down next to the bat, completely ignoring Sonic and his never ending annoyance.

"Fantastic! One of these nights you should come with me Rouge!" the hedge hog seemed to be back to her old self. It was usually after her baths in the evenings when she'd be most normal. Talking and moving about. The only thing that didn't seem to be normal was the fact that she wasn't fawning all over Sonic.

Speaking of which, the said hedge hog had stood and begun to walk into the forest. No one asked him where he went on his nightly walks, he seemed to need them as much as Amy needed her bath.

Rouge smiled gently and nodded to her friend. "Sure Ames." she said with a small smirk. "What ever you do at those baths seems to make you feel so much better." Amy's eyes clouded over quickly before going back to normal.

"How about I go with you tomorrow night? Knuckles, do you think that you could take care of Tails tomorrow while I go for a bath?" The Echidna looked up from where he was tending to the fire.

"Yeah, sure Rouge."

"A-alright then Rouge, w-well I'm going to sleep n-now." Amy quickly curled onto a pile of leaves and feigned sleep. Internally she was shaking like a leaf. How would she have time to tell Saber not to come?

With a prayer to the heavens, Amy drifted into a restless slumber. Hope surged through her and she dreamed of everything being normal again.


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