Song of Zero's Head

Can you guess who's singing it and why? You'd be surprised...


Zero's head, Zero's head

I've got Zero's head

At first I found it on the body

But I pulled it off, and so now

I've got Zero's head

Zero's head, Zero's head

I pulled it off; it squeaked

Now it's my very own lucky charm

I'm singin' "I've got Zero's head!"

Zero's, Zero's, Zero's head

Wear it round my neck like this

Or stick on the end of a car ANTENNAA!

Cause it's Zero's head, Zero's head

Zero's head, his head

His head, his head, his head, his head, it's his head, not on his body, in my hand, so it's my Zero's head!



Zero hovered above the samurai Gundam, his cape flapping threateningly in the wind. "What is that in your hand?"

Bakunetsumaru turned to Shute, who was sitting behind him, laughing his head off. He turned the other way, to Captain, who was actually beginning to giggle (it didn't count as a laugh, but still). He grudgingly met eyes with Zero. "Uh... I found your head?"

Zero snapped Bakunetsumaru's hand with a stick, and out popped-

A little plastic head. Zero's head, to be specific, and it looked as if it had been snapped off of an action figure.

Zero took the head in one and held out the missing body in the other. "Explain, please?"


Shute just kept laughing and Captain kept trying while Bakunetsumaru tried to think of an excuse as to why he snapped the head off of Zero's Zero action figure. In truth, it was because he was trying to make a Zero voodoo doll with it and a piece of Zero's cape, but the experiment failed (as this was evident).

Bakunetsumaru jumped forward, and with a loud and shouted "YOINK!" he snatched the head and went running off! Zero would not stand for this, of course!

"You ignorant tomnoddy! Get back here with my head!"


Shute looked to Zero's cape and saw the big square chunk cut out of the middle, and burst right out laughing.