Chapter 1

Dear Faramir,
I was wondering when we should get married. I thought in springtime by the white tree would be lovely. That very day, I can start tending my garden and begin training in the Houses of Healing. I can hardly wait. When will you be able to visit? Everything here is perfect, except you are not here. With much love, Éowyn

Chapter 2

My Dear Éowyn, Whatever you want we will have done for the White Lady. I think your idea sounds wonderful. I wish I could come and visit you, but it won't be as soon as I hoped since I am so busy serving King Aragorn. How will we decorate the wedding? I was just wondering.. Dreaming of you, Faramir

I laughed to myself, putting his letter in my box. I could tell through his words he was getting rather excited himself whether or not he chose to. I sat on my bed with a paper and pen, figuring I would send a guest list with my next letter for him to add to.
Guest List Éomer Theoden

I scratched his name out, a tear running down my cheek. Sometimes, it's hard to forget he's really gone. "At least I got to fight with him," I said to the empty air. Then there was a knock at the door. I stood up, lightly smoothing the wrinkles out of my skirt before opening it.
A young frightened maiden clumsily curtsied. I held back giggles and straightened. "Helen. What message do you bring?" She smiled nervously. "King Éomer wishes to speak to you, Princess." She curtsied again, better form this time. "Thank you, dear. You may go." I closed the door and walked over to my armoire. I poured water in to the basin, then washed my face. I tucked my hair back and changed into a nicer dress. Then, I went to see my brother, the king.