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Chapter 11

The next morning, I went to the castle directly after breakfast. I knew he would not be eating. He greeted me with yet another hug, then had me follow him to his study.

The room was massive. Light poured through the top of the room, giving it a golden tint. Bookshelves lined the circular room. In front of a small window was Aragorn's desk, papers scattered across it.

"Here," he said, and handed me a stack. I rifled through it: maps, charts, and all sorts of scrawled notes.

"What is this?"

"The first draft for the new Gondor."

I sighed and began to read the first of five stacks of parchment.


"My master said three more days, at least," the timid maiden said. I excused her and sat next to Faramir's bed. He was again asleep. I heard a soft sound. He was murmuring something.


"Éowyn, tell Aragorn I'll be there tomorrow."

"No, no. You have some resting to do yet. Now sleep, my love. Sleep."