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Joe Millionaire

Chapter 3: Crazy Old Lady

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Bina and Françoise quickly chose a small, American-based café, and ordered their drink.

"Miss Arnoul, I guess you would like to hear about the role you could be playing, right?" Bina stirred her mocha with a straw, glancing at the French girl, who, although had looked surprised, was still listening to her.

"Yes, I would, if you don't mind…"

"This movie is expected to be a blockbuster hit, as most of Mr. Shimamura's movies are. You are to play the role of a young woman who loves to dance, and Mr. Shimamura is the man that falls in love with her after he sees her dancing. Soon, they both fall in love, lad-de-la-de-la. However, when he asks her to marry him, she says no, because she's afraid of commitment, and most of all, the fear that she won't be able to dance anymore. It ends by the guy having to prove to her that he is happiest when she dances, and that he doesn't care about anyone's happiness but hers."

Françoise sighed happily. No matter what they said, she was still a true romantic at heart, and the story sounded very sweet. "And they live happily ever after, right?"

"Actually, no. The girl still doesn't believe him, and ends up moving to England."


"What do you think?"

Françoise wanted to say that she did not like the ending, and she didn't think many others would, either. But for the sake of the money, she smiled and responded with a nice, "I'm positive they will!"

"I know this is still very hasty, but would you like to come to the studio and meet up with everyone? I'm sure the director will approve of you!"

"Sure, I don't mind!"

"Well then, let's go!"


"GB, I'm bringing our new Angelina in! Be ready in about 20 minutes, okay?" Bina muttered into her cell phone as Françoise waved her arm out for a taxi.

"Okay, hurry and come in."

"See you in 20."

"Miss Bina, I found us a cab! Hurry up, please!" Françoise called.

Bina smiled and ran up to the yellow car, preparing herself for compliments on a job well done.

She knew it would be easy, but who knew it would have been this easy?

If she wasn't going to get a promotion for this, she didn't know what would.


"Bina, you've done it again! She's perfect!" GB walked all around Françoise and stared at the pretty blonde girl.

Françoise blushed, her rosy cheeks glowing, and thanked him.

"I'm glad you think she's okay!" Bina smiled, looking quite content that she had chosen well. "Did you get my call, GB?"

"You called me? Well, then, no." He grinned cheekily. "On the subject of calls, the strangest thing happened today! I was innocently looking over the screenplay and deciding if I liked it, when suddenly this crazy old lady called and kept saying that she found Angelina! It was the weirdest thing! And I told her, quite professionally of course, that I knew no one by the name of Angelina. Don't you think I did the right thing?"

Bina stopped dead and twitched for a few moments. "Err… Great Britain?"

"Yes, Bina, m'dear?"

"That was me."

"Oh, well… Um… Scratch whatever I just said!"

From the sidelines, Françoise began to laugh as Great Britain started apologizing profusely, grasping Bina's hands as he groveled around. Bina, on the other hand, looked ready to kill.

"What was that about being a senile old fool, GB?"

"Nothing at all, Miss Bina, you beautiful goddess of mercy!"

"Well, it seems I won't be so merciful today, now will I?"

Bina took a sideways glance towards Françoise, who looked very happy. Right now, there wasn't that haunted look in her eyes. It felt as if something was wrong with her…

Suddenly, her phone rang; not a very extraordinary thing. She shot a deadly look towards GB, who held him thumbs up, and answered the phone.

"Bina, I need you over here right now! This is an emergency!"

"Mr. Shimamura, if this is about what color tie you should wear, forget it."

"Tie? What the hell are you smoking? When was the last time I've worn a tie? This is so much more important!"

Bina's nails dug into the phone, her face turning slightly red. "I'm coming over, but if it's about getting you a drink, you're fired!"

"Fired? Now I really want to know what you're smoking."

Bina hung up without another word, and felt an extreme need to throw her phone to the ground and grind it up with her practical heels.

GB rolled his eyes. "That was Mr. Joe, huh? Acting like a brat again?"

"Acting? I don't think so. He is a brat."

"Good point."

Françoise's brows furrowed. "Is he that bad?" she asked tentatively.

"Oh, no!" Bina hurried to comfort her. "He's great on stage. Just a little… pain, at other times."

She glanced down at her watch again. "GB, since you already got Françoise's measurements, start getting her clothes. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss things with you tomorrow. Come on, Françoise! Let's go so you can meet Mr. Shimamura."

"Well, if you say so…"

"Don't be afraid of him! We can always beat him up with brushes and combs if he starts acting up. Let's go!"

Françoise hoped she had a brush with her; it seemed she would need it soon!


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