I got a review that said some one wanted a Nick and Sara side from Subtle Clues. Unfortunately I can't write a Catherine/Grissom story with Nick and Sara relationships thrown in for good measure so here's a side story to Subtle Clues for all of the Nick/Sara fans. It starts right after Sara and Nick arrive on the scene for Emily Turner Enjoy!

Summary: When Sara is forced to tell Nick and the others about her past and she needs a friend, Amanda can't be there every single moment. Sara turns to Nick for comfort and their professional relationship blossoms.

Pairing: Self explanatory but Sara/Nick. Catherine/Grissom will make periodic appearances, especially Catherine as she helps Sara.

Distribution: Once again I say ask and ye shall receive.

Rating: Taking a page from Subtle Clues, it will start PG-13 but it is subject to change as it is written. Most is for swearing or mild sexual content.

Disclaimer: If I've said it once, I've said it too many times. I swear to whatever you want that I don't own them. If I did, I'd be off writing the show and not stories about the people involved.


Sara had looked for a half an hour at a dead Emily Turner but nothing was visible. She couldn't think of any theories that would support this, none at all. She took her kit, packed everything back into it and nodded for a medic to take her to the coroner.

"Find anything?" Warrick stood in the doorway. Sara shook her head.

"You'll find that something, Sara, you always do." She felt a sting in the side of her neck and slapped at it.

"What's wrong?" Sara shook her head and instantly regretted it. The world spun for a moment before she caught her bearings again.

"Something bit me," she answered finally. Everything went blurry once again and Sara felt herself slipping into darkness.

"Sara? Are you alright?"

"I can't…" then the world went black.